2011 12 student athlete meeting
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2011-12 STUDENT-ATHLETE MEETING. Department Communications. The official form of communication for the department is E-MAIL. Please read it!. Compliance. Why Compliance

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Department communications
Department Communications

The official form of communication for the department isE-MAIL.

Please read it!


Why Compliance

  • This department operates with integrity and seeks to be the model for other Athletic Departments. As such, we have a moral obligation to follow the rules.

    Likelihood of us getting caught

    Only takes one disgruntled player or parent to make a call to another school or PSUAC

  • Inadvertent admission on Facebook

    • Do not say you are going to practice if you are going to play pick-up games at an open gym. There is a difference!


What happens if we commit violations?

  • A member institution that is found to have violated any provision of the USCAA, PSUAC and/or NCAA Division III rules are subject to sanctions:

    • Probation

    • Double Secret Probation

    • Loss of eligibility

    • Vacating wins/Championships

    • Reduction in games for the following season

    • Ban from post-season play in the PSUAC and/or USCAA


Representative of Athletic Interests

A representative of athletic interests is a person or organization that has a direct connection with our program

  • Your Parents

  • Booster Groups

  • Alumni

  • Staff


Representative of Athletic Interests

Why are they important?

  • We are responsible for their actions.

  • Without realizing it, they can create violations.

    • Recruiting on our behalf outside of the permitted rules and regulations

    • Providing improper benefits



NCAA Rule 16.01

Any benefit that is given to you that is not generally available to the average student.

Effects on eligibility

  • Immediately ineligible

  • If less than $100, eligibility restored if make restitution to charity

  • If more than $100, risk longer-term eligibility

  • Examples

    • Money

    • Loans

    • Awards or gifts

      • Free Pizza

    • Promotional appearance fee

    • Selling of equipment for cash or services

      • Ohio State

    • Meals

      • Once or twice permitted



A wager is any agreement in which an individual or entity agrees to give up an item of value in exchange for the possibility of gaining another item of value.

  • Examples

    • Parlay Cards

    • Bets with bookmakers

    • Internet wagering

    • Casinos

    • NCAA Basketball Pools

    • Football betting grids

    • Fantasy leagues where you pay a fee/win money.




A wager is any agreement in which an individual or entity agrees to give up an item of value in exchange for the possibility of gaining another item of value.

  • Permissible

    • ESPN Bracket Challenge

    • Online fantasy leagues where you do not pay an entry fee

      Rule of thumb:

      If you must pay to enter or give up something of value if you lose, it is probably not permissible




Not receiving any benefits for athletic participation except those permitted under NCAA rules.

  • Can’t

    • Use overall athletic skill for pay

      • Accept a promise of pay

        • Even if after graduate

      • Receive cash award for participation

      • Sponsorship money



  • Must pass 24 credits in the previous two terms




  • Must have valid physical (within one year)

  • Participation Agreement

  • Emergency Contact Information Sheet

  • Affidavit of No Insurance

    • Complete only if you have NO insurance

    • Must be notarized

  • Completed player information sheet

    NOTE: All forms must be complete and submitted before your eligibility will be certified.


  • Eligibility is determined at the beginning of each semester

    • Can’t use short term classes to restore eligibility.

  • Summer classes attach to spring term

  • Inter-term classes attached to the fall term

  • If you need to improve your GPA to become eligible, you must take Penn State classes.

  • If you need credits, and take them at another school, make sure that they will transfer to PSU.

  • Academic progress attendance forms
    Academic Progress/Attendance Forms

    • Required weekly beginning the third week of the semester

    • Due 4 p.m. on Friday

    • Anyone sophomore, junior or senior with a GPA of 3.0 or greater may apply for a waiver.

    • Forms must be completed fully

    Academic progress attendance forms1
    Academic Progress/Attendance Forms

    • What is a completed form?

      • All classes are listed

      • Instructor has competed all information blocks

      • Instructor has signed form


      • Did I mention that the INSTRUCTOR MUST SIGN?

    Academic progress attendance forms2
    Academic Progress/Attendance Forms

    • If you forge a signature you will miss at least ¼ of your season!

      • If you have a problem, come see us. Don’t just assume something!

    Academic progress attendance forms3
    Academic Progress/Attendance Forms

    • Missed Submissions

      • First time: 2 hours study hall over next two weeks

      • Second time: 4 hours study hall over next two weeks

      • Third time: Eligibility will be pulled for one week.

      • Four or more: Eligibility pulled for as many weeks as missed submissions.

    Unsatisfactory academic progress
    Unsatisfactory Academic Progress

    • If you are making unsatisfactory academic progress we will:

      • Notify you and your coach and offer help

      • On second notice, you will be asked to attend mandatory study halls and set up tutoring sessions at the learning center.

      • Third time: Pulled from participation until grades improve

    Academic progress attendance forms4
    Academic Progress/Attendance Forms

    • We are here to HELP you.

    Representing us
    Representing Us

    Our Athletes Are Not More Important Than Others

    • But you are different


  • You wear Fayette on your jersey

  • You are in the public eye

  • People identify you with Penn State Fayette

  • Don’t disgrace the team and campus

    • Be careful about social media and twitter

      • Words are like bullets, you can’t ever get them back

  • Website

    New and amazing site.

    • www.goroaringlions.com

  • Physical Forms

  • Participation Agreement

  • Student-Athlete Handbook

  • News

  • Features

  • Game results

  • Live Stats

  • 2011 12 student athlete meeting

    Student Athletic Advisory Committee

    • Each team will have a representative

      • Coaches or teams can decide

  • Fundraising MUST go through proper channels

    • Talk with Vince or Ryan, then to Chad for approval

  • Roaring Lion fund???

  • Community Service arm

    • Can build identity in community

  • Input from athletes

  • Encourage all to join

  • Director of athletics cup
    Director of Athletics Cup

    • Year-long competition between teams

    • Points awarded for various activities/honors

      • 3.0 student-athletes each semester

      • PSUAC/USCAA Academic Honors

      • Conference winning percentage/Top 10 finishes

      • Community Service

      • Fundraising

      • Athletic Event Attendance

    2011 2012

    It will be a very good year!

    WE ARE