coaches meeting 2011 12 n.
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Coaches Meeting: 2011-12 PowerPoint Presentation
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Coaches Meeting: 2011-12

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Coaches Meeting: 2011-12 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Coaches Meeting: 2011-12. Application forms for MN High School Coaches Association Forms must be completed on-line at /.

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Coaches Meeting: 2011-12

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coaches meeting 2011 12
Coaches Meeting: 2011-12
  • Application forms for MN High School Coaches Association Forms must be completed on-line at
  • Travel Waiver: Make sure parents sign the travel waiver to take their child home from an event. The green form is if they need to drive to and from the event.
  • Vehicles: 1. Please sign up for the vehicles once you have your schedule.
  • 2. Use of school vehicles are for school sponsored activities or workshops.
  • 3. They are not to be used for camps or leagues in the summer.
  • Camp/After school programs: Money needs to be turned into Steph and she will pay the bills and workers.
  • Before coaches get paid, they need to have all uniforms turned in and all equipment needs to be put away. Head coaches need to have inventory sheet completed, a roster and list of letter winners, and MN Dept of Education form completed. Barb pays after each season is over.

iPads: 1. iPads must be collected and locked up at all away games.

  • 2. iPads are not allowed in the locker rooms during home games.
  • 3.WiFi will be available on activity buses.
  • Early Release: If your team needs to get out of school early, please send Carrie the time they will need to get out and the list of students. She will send out weekly Student Dismissal Schedules to the High School Staff.
  • Power Hour Meetings
    • Short meetings should begin at 3:45.
    • If a longer meeting is needed students should be kept until the end of the hour.
    • Students should report to their Power Hour Class for attendance before the meeting.

Visiting volleyball teams will dress downstairs in the visiting locker room and visiting football teams will dress in girls locker room. Visiting teams will arrive between 4:30-5:00.

  • Football games on Chauncey Martin Field-if it rains, Trevor makes the call if we play on it or not for JH-JV levels.
  • All practices/events will be on the facility use schedule on the school website.
  • Emergency Action Plans should be gone over with your team at the beginning of your season.
  • Rschool today: NOTIFY ME
  • A. Coaches should sign up for your activity that you coach.
  • B. Coaches/Players/Parents can sign up to be notified of any changes in the schedule. PLEASE COMMUNICATE THIS WITH PLAYERS AND PARENTS.

Fundraising: respect other programs

  • 3 Sport Athlete Program @ PRHS
  • -Decrease in number of students who are in 3 sports
  • -Proven that students who are in 3 sports have higher GPA &
  • better attendance
  • -Banner
  • -Al Siegle Award to 3 sport athletes in grades 9-12
  • -Scholarship for Senior 3 sport athletes
four day week practice schedule
Four-Day Week Practice Schedule


  • Practice Times on Mondays for all levels (non school days):

Option 1-6:00am-10:00am

Option 2-3:00pm-9:00pm

  • Practices held on school days will be held after school except if there is a conflict with events held in the facility they need to practice. If there is a conflict, then the team may practice during period 8. Any practices held during period 8, need administration approval. It is very unlikely any JH practices will be held during period 8.
  • JH practices on Mondays are optional for kids if you hold practice.


  • JH games will try to start at 4:30 and away games will try to start at 5:00.
  • Games will be held on Mondays too.
  • There will be a custodian on duty during the times of practices and games.
band choir dates
Band/Choir Dates


November 17 Band Concert 7:30pm

December 1 Elementary Band Concert 7:30pm

February 23 Band Concert 7:30pm

April 26 Elementary Band Concert 7:30 pm

May 12 Band Concert 7:30pm


December 8 Choir Concert 7:30pm

March 29 Choir Concert 7:30pm

May 1 Recital at Fair Hills 7:30pm

May 10 Pops Concert 7:30pm

*Please try to work around band/choir concerts for practices/events.


FAMILY FIRST!-If you have children in other activities, try to find time to see them

Good Luck and Go Vikings!!


TYPE III School Bus

(Revised 7/08)

Driver training including pre-trip procedures

type iii training
Type III Training
  • You are about to receive information that is important for the safe operation of Type lll school buses. In some instances individual district or contractors policy will exceed State of Minnesota requirements.
  • Be advised this is a model program for Type III training, you should check with your District or Company for specific policies and procedures you should follow regarding Type III school bus training.
type iii school bus driver evaluations required
Type III School Bus Driver Evaluations Required
  • Annually the driver of a Type III school bus must receive training and certification to operate a Type III school bus.
  • The certifications are;
    • Type III school bus driver behind the wheel evaluation
    • Type III school bus driver pre-trip evaluation
    • Type III school bus driver evaluator certification
what are some types of school buses
What are some types of school buses?
  • Type A, involves gross weight of vehicle, many type A are special education buses
  • Type C, most common
type iii vehicles
Type III Vehicles
  • If a Type III vehicle is to be used for transporting students to and from school or school related activities, a pre-trip must be performed before the vehicle starts the pick-ups.
  • (Pre-trip = check of vehicle components for safety and RECORD ON OFFICIAL FORM THAT STAYS WITH THE VEHICLE YOU ARE DRIVING)
  • A Type III vehicle pre-trip will differ from a regular school bus
  • But, many of the items checked will be the same or similar
  • We will cover these items in detail to ensure a safe ride for you and your passenger(s).
  • A copy of your driving record with no more than three moving violations in three years, (fourth one disqualifies you)
  • Your driving record will be reviewed periodically in order for you to drive a Type III vehicle
  • Any moving violations resulting in conviction must be reported for review to your employer
  • Understand Type III school bus specific Pre-trip
  • Understanding of student behavioral issue and ability to handle student misconduct on a Type III vehicle
  • Safe loading and unloading in prescribed areas, don’t allow students to cross streets when loading or unloading
  • Always place vehicle in park to load or unload
new legislation type iii school bus ms 171 02 sub 2b
New Legislation(Type III School Bus)MS 171.02 sub 2b
  • Employee notification requirements
    • DWI
    • Disqualifying offenses
    • Moving violations
  • The employee is required to disclose in writing within ten (10) days of conviction any of the above violations to the employer. This applies to personal and District/Company vehicles.
new legislation type iii school bus ms 169 443 sub 9
New Legislation(Type III School Bus)MS 169.443 sub 9

Personal cellular phone call prohibited

  • A school bus driver may not operate a school bus or Type III while communicating over, or otherwise operating, a cellular phone for personal reasons, whether hand-held or hands free, when in motion.
  • Effective for Type III school bus on 08-01-08
understanding student conduct
Understanding Student Conduct
  • Control behavior by communicating the rules
    • Stay seated
    • Stay buckled up
    • Face forward
    • Do not distract the driver
    • Deal with misconduct by

pulling over if necessary,

control the behavior, then


    • Contact supervisor if


    • Do not allow bad behavior to go unchecked, know your district/company policy and ask for help if necessary
    • Always put safety first for all students that ride your Type III school bus
loading and unloading of students mn rule 7470 1500
Loading and Unloading of Students(MN Rule 7470.1500)
  • The driver of a Type III school bus shall not load or unload in a vehicular traffic lane, or on the shoulder, but is restricted to curb, non-traffic side (normal parking lane), off street loading areas, driveways, yard service, and other areas to avoid any hazardous conditions…
safety equipment every type iii vehicle must include
Safety EquipmentEvery Type III Vehicle Must Include:
  • First Aid Kit – synthetic vinyl gloves (No Latex)
  • Body Fluid Clean up/Spill Kit
  • Fire Extinguisher, charged and in the green zone on the indicator
  • Triangles-safety warning to other traffic
  • Seat Belt Cutter – while optional, it is a good practice to carry one and know how it is used
  • Ensure that if you use any safety equipment you replace it or notify a supervisor to have it replaced.
Know where the safety equipment is stored in your Type III School Bus. In many cases it will be contained in a bag within the vehicle.

Triangles, to be placed on roadway to warn other traffic if you break down.

Body fluid clean up

First Aid Kit

Fire extinguisher must be fully charged. Verify this by checking the charge indication arrow is in the green zone.


This presentation provided a basic understanding of the requirements for a Type III School Bus driver. Please remember the regulations, rules and laws governing school bus operations are subject to change which will require continuing education and updates.