Transforming into a regional IT leader
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Transforming into a regional IT leader. Three well established I.T. companies join forces to create the new I.T. leader. SingularLogic (ex LogicDIS). SingularLogic Software. SingularLogic Integrator.

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Presentation Transcript

Transforming into a regional it leader

Three well established I.T. companies join forces to create the new I.T. leader


(ex LogicDIS)

SingularLogic Software

SingularLogic Integrator

Leading position in the design and development of business software applications and provision of integrated IT solutions for Large Enterprises

Leader in the development and marketing business application products for Small-Medium Enterprises

Well established player in the designing, developing and implementing integrated IT solutions for the Public Sector

SingularLogic is a leading player in the Greek Business Software market

SingularLogic employs a total of 730 skilled professionals of which 300 certified IT consultants, and 140 are top class developers. The implementation capacity of the company is complemented by 450 additional consultants employed by SingularLogic’s business partners

The creation of singularlogic

CONSOLIDATION the new I.T. leader



Creation of largest software vendor & IT services company in Greece.




Leader in business software for accountants and smallmedium enterprises and advanced IT Solutions Integrator

The creation of SingularLogic




Leader in business software and solution integration for large enterprises.

APR 2006

JAN 2006

NOV 2004

The creation of singularlogic1

SHARECAPITAL the new I.T. leader



BY 56 m €


Singular & LogicDIS move at common premises

The creation of SingularLogic




LogicDIS Changes name to SingularLogic and acquires 100% of Singular Software & Singular Integrator

OCT 2006

SEP 2006

JUL 2006

Our vision
Our Vision the new I.T. leader

To be the Premier technology company wherever and with whoever we compete, and leader in South East Europe by building and sustaining a people driven competitive advantage

Mission statement
Mission statement the new I.T. leader

To substantially grow our customer's’ competitiveness and effectiveness through the best application of technology

Our new values
Our new Values the new I.T. leader

  • Lead

    • Imaginative

    • Passionate

    • Engaged

    • Energizing

    • Inclusive

  • … and Deliver

    • Customer oriented

    • Performance oriented

    • Accountable

  • …with character

    • Meritocratic

    • Evolving

    • Honest

    • Professional

Transforming into a regional it leader

Our wealth the new I.T. leader

A history of success
A history of success the new I.T. leader



  • Computer Logic is established in 1980 as the 1st Greek Software House, while DIS is established in 1982 as the 1st Greek IT Solution Provider for large enterprises

  • ORIZONTES product suite by Computer Logic becomes best seller in France

  • DIS also launches COMPAK 400, the 1st Greek ERP

  • Singular is established in 1984

  • Singular launches commercial package PRAXIS PLUS with record sales

1980-1989 Birth

  • Singular lists on the ATHEX

  • Singular launches Singular Enterprise ERP and the Singular Business Centre for branded partners network

  • Singular establishes two subsidiaries in Romania and Bulgaria and undertakes an aggressive acquisition strategy

  • DIS and Computer Logic list on the ATHEX

  • DIS dominates the ERP market for large enterprises with the newly launched Compak WIN

  • DIS and Computer Logic undertake an aggressive acquisition strategy

1990-1999 Growth

  • DeltaSingular created from Delta Pliroforiki

  • Award to Singular of a significant project for Lockheed Martin (€12.5m)

  • Launch of Singular Accountant-the best selling software for accountants in Greece

  • Acquisition of Singular companies by GIT Holdings

  • Restructuring commences Acquisition of S&T Hellas

  • LogicDIS is created from the merger between Computer Logic and DIS

  • LogicDIS reaches the 1,000 ERP installations threshold

  • LogicDIS is awarded a project for EFG Eurobank (€9m)

  • Acquisition of a 42% stake in LogicDIS by GIT Holdings

2000-2005 Maturity

2006- A new era

  • LogicDIS and the 2 Singular companies are combined to form SingularLogic

Transforming into a regional it leader

Leadership market position the new I.T. leader

Who is using SingularLogic’s solutions today in Greece?

50%of Top 100 Enterprises

26%of Top 1000 Enterprises

40%of Small-Medium Enterprises

60%of Accountants

Unmatchable people skills
Unmatchable people skills the new I.T. leader

  • Retail Solutions

  • Voice Based Solutions

  • Content & Document Management

  • Security

  • Storage & Data Management

  • Financial Sector Solutions

  • Telcos Solutions

  • Packaged Business Software For SME

  • Accountants Software

  • ERP Systems

  • CRM

  • Business Performance Management

  • HR & Payroll Systems

  • Data Cleansing

  • Application Integration

  • Internet/Intranet

  • Mobile/Wireless Applications

  • Warehouse Management

  • Network Technology & Security

More than 40product lines and significant know-how covering all business needs

Significant know how in the implementation of large skale it projects
Significant Know how in the implementation of large skale IT projects

Air battle control system for Lockheed Martin, 12.5m €

Booking & ticketingsystem for Greek Railways Organization, 8.8 m €

CRM system, 1.3 m €

ERP & Retail system, 1.5m €

CRM System-Siebel, 2.1m €

ERP System, 1.5 εκ €

Well established product technology partners
Well established Product & Technology Partners projects



A portfolio of leading product and technology partners

The largest distribution channel in greece
The largest Distribution Channel in Greece projects

With a distribution channel of more than 500Business Partners we guarantee effective implementation and support of our products all over Greece, and Cyprus

Transforming into a regional it leader

Our clients is our most important asset projects

  • 40.000 Small-Medium Enterprises

  • 500 Large Enterprises

  • 100 multinationals

Transforming into a regional it leader

Our setup towards projectsour goals

Transforming into a regional it leader

New organization structure projects

for large Enterprises

Small Medium Enterprises

Public Sector


Delivery teams


Strat. Product


Project mgmt



Delivery teams


Strat. Product


Project mgmt

Commercial Packages



Accounting Packages



Payroll / HR


ERP / Supply Chain



Regional government




Finance HR Strategy & Corporate Marketing IT

A new, more efficient business structure focused on customer needs

Market coverage

Large projects








Companies & freelancers

Market Coverage

Private Sector

  • Banking

  • Telcos

  • Retail

  • ERP

Market coverage1

e-government projects




Regional government

Market Coverage

Market coverage2
Market Coverage projects

Enterprise Solution provider for the Private Sector using both own brand and 3rd party SW



Leading Software Vendor for SME

Service provider for system & SW integration projects for the Public sector


€70 m total revenue 2005

Large enterprises organizations product portfolio

Large Enterprises & Organizations projectsProduct Portfolio

Software vendor
Software Vendor projects

ERP for large companies

ERPfor securities companies

ERPfor leasing companies

Human Capital Management System

Business Intelligence System

Software vendor1

Voice Solutions projects

powered by

Software Vendor

Integrated Retail System

Mobile sales automation system

Partners data collection system

Voice, Speech Processing Platform

Software implementor
Software Implementor projects


eBusiness Application Infrastructure

Business Performance Management

Service & Business Partner

Software implementor1
Software Implementor projects

Document & Content Management

Data Quality

Network & Systems Management

Software system integrator
Software & System Integrator projects

  • System Integration

  • Project Management

  • Business & Application Consulting

  • Software Engineering

  • Technical Services

Mid sized small medium and small enterprises product portfolio

Mid-sized, Small Medium, projectsand small EnterprisesProduct Portfolio

Software vendor2
Software Vendor projects

ERPfor mid-sized enterprises

Commercial software packages for small medium enterprises

Commercial software packages for small enterprises

Software vendor3
Software Vendor projects

Human Capital Management System

Customer Relationship Management

Payroll for small, medium enterprises

Software for accountants

Software vendor4
Software Vendor projects

Hotel management system

Fuel Station Manager System for small, medium enterprises

Business Intelligence System

Software implementor2
Software Implementor projects

ERPfor mid-sized enterprises

(Through Computer Project)

Public sector advanced it solutions services

Public Sector projectsAdvanced IT Solutions & Services

Software system integrator1
Software & System Integrator projects

  • System Integration

  • Project Management

  • Business & Application Consulting

  • Software Engineering

  • Technical Services

Transforming into a regional it leader

Business Know How! projects

Technology Know how!

Transforming into a regional IT leader


Complete product offering!