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Electronic Portfolios. Dan Craig GED 550 – Seminar in Curriculum and Assessment Strategies Final Project. Portfolios – Common Practices. A collection of “dead letters”.

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Electronic portfolios

Electronic Portfolios

Dan Craig

GED 550 – Seminar in Curriculum and Assessment Strategies

Final Project

Portfolios common practices
Portfolios – Common Practices

A collection of “dead letters”.

“The portfolio is essentially a collection of dead letters; once the writing is in the portfolio, the reality is that these essays and poems and persuasive essays are most likely never seen again. Perhaps if the teacher has a spare twenty minutes or has finished a unit early, the portfolio may be dug out for a standard assessment: a “Which Piece is Your Favorite?” handout that the students dutifully complete, staple to that particular essay, and file back away for next year’s teacher to ideally peruse and analyze and therefore receive an understanding of that student’s writing prowess.”

Portfolios common practices1
Portfolios – Common Practices

Portfolio assessment has quickly become the first casualty of the push for higher standardized test scores.

Electronic portfolios what are they
Electronic Portfolios – What Are They?

A digital archive of a student’s work.

Typically used in an English classroom, but is not limited to writing.

Electronic portfolios what are they1
Electronic Portfolios – What Are They?

“I propose that there are really two different types of e-portfolios: the working portfolio which documents the learning process, and which is really an "electronic documentation of learning," organized in reverse chronological order. This working portfolio also includes the collection of the learner's artifacts. This working portfolio focuses on the portfolio as a process and emphasizes reflection, which is what I call the "heart and soul" of the portfolio.

the formal or presentation portfolio that is organized around a set of learning outcomes, goals or standards, where a learner organizes the results of their learning process. This is really looking at the portfolio as a product” (Barrett 1).

Why use electronic portfolios
Why Use Electronic Portfolios?

Allows the students to reflect on ANY piece at ANY time…this is the key to any successful electronic portfolio program.

Allows other students to comment on any other student’s piece via a blog or a wiki

Now the writing is no longer limited to just that manila folder…that writing can now go global.

What is the assessment practice for portfolios
What is the Assessment Practice for Portfolios?


How do i get started
How Do I Get Started?


What s the down side
What’s the Down Side?

Cost of web-based e-portfolio providers



A concern
A Concern?

More and more colleges are making the jump to e-portfolios…is there more of a sense of urgency among high schools to begin this?

Schools in Oregon, Hawaii, California, and Rhode Island have subscribed to the e-portfolios and are considering going statewide as a replacement for standardized testing.

How is it assessed
How is it Assessed?

“How does one assess a student's portfolio? In a classroom, how is student work assessed? Usually with a rubric? Or is the question really, how do we "grade" a portfolio? Philosophically, I believe that teachers grade the individual artifacts that represent student learning that are placed in a portfolio, but the overall portfolio is simply assessed as "pass" or "not yet" (more work needed). How do we grade student reflections? Grading involves teacher value judgments and reduces student portfolios to just another assignment, when it should be learner-owned and learner-centered” (Barrett 1).

Sample portfolios
Sample Portfolios