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Housekeeping and procedures. Eagle Tardy Policy. Procedures: Eagle Tardy System will begin the 2 nd week of school on Tuesday, September 4, 2013. Each teacher will take attendance each class period.

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Eagle tardy policy
Eagle Tardy Policy


  • Eagle Tardy System will begin the 2nd week of school on Tuesday, September 4, 2013.

  • Each teacher will take attendance each class period.

  • Any changes from absences to tardy must be emailed to Mr. Ibarra ([email protected]) or Ms. Arcos ( [email protected] ) in the Attendance Office by the end of each school day, 4:15 p.m.

  • After 3 classroom tardies, teachers will contact parents; call logs will need to be turned in by lunch on Monday for the previous week.

  • During 7th period daily, teachers will remind students of any assigned detentions.

Eagle tardy policy1
Eagle Tardy Policy

  • Students must carry their school ID’s and present it when requested at all times.

    Consequence System:

    3rd tardy = Teacher-Parent contact with call log

    4th tardy = Warning of detention5th tardy = 1 hour detention6th tardy = Mandatory Parent Conference, detention and attendance contract7th + tardy = Saturday school, ISS, or Suspension


  • Do not admit students into your class if they are late unless they have:

    • A PLASCO issued ticket that either gives them a tardy/pass (excused or unexcused)

      We must be consistent with the procedures for PLASCO to work


  • PLASCO will not only track tardies but will also:

  • Track dress code violations and issue consequences

  • Track positive behavior in support of PBIS and issue rewards

Rewards for plasco
Rewards for Plasco

  • Free Dress Bracelet

  • Fast Pass to front of lunch line

  • Get out of detention free ticket

  • Football tickets

  • If you have any ideas that are of no or minimal monetary cost, let us know!

Safe orderly environment
Safe & orderly Environment

  • All teachers MUST BE at their doors to greet students while actively monitoring the hallways during each passing period

    • WALK AND TALK (encourage students to keep moving)

  • Classroom Management Plans must

    • Be Utilized and Clearly Outlined to Students

    • Include Parent/Guardian Contact Log

    • Follow correct discipline process by sending discipline referrals to the appropriate grade level administrator

Chart for disciplinary action
Chart for disciplinary action

  • Step 1Teacher Management Techniques

  • Step 2 Teacher/Student Documented Conference

  • Step 3 Parent Contact (phone log)

  • Step 4 Teacher/Student Conference with a plan of action and parent contact

  • Step 5 Counselor/Student Conference

  • Step 6 Teacher/Student/Parent Conference

  • Step 7 Teacher/Student/Parent/Administrator Conference

Chart for disciplinary action1
Chart for disciplinary action

Serious offenses which should be directed immediately to administration:

  • Fighting

  • Profanity or verbal abuse towards staff

  • Threatening staff and/or a blatant confrontation with staff

  • Possession of a weapon, drugs and/or paraphernalia

  • Theft/vandalism of school property

In school susupension iss on campus intervention oci
IN SCHOOL SUSUPENSION (iss)On Campus intervention (OCI)

  • ISS is a short term placement for dress code violations or disruptive conduct in the classroom

  • OCI is a long term placement for repeated violations of the student code of conduct

    • Only an administrator may assign a students to ISS OR OCI

Referrals to administrators
Referrals to administrators

  • School district policy F-11


  • Teachers and other staff when applicable shall keep written documentation of students' failure to comply with the SAISD Student Code of Conduct as required by law and Board Policy FO (LEGAL).

  • Staff members shall document student violation of the SAISD Student Code of Conduct by filing a written report with the principal or other appropriate administrator not to exceed one page. The Discipline Referral [FORM F11-B] serves this purpose and shall be completed by staff members. Asterisks on the form [FORM F11-B] indicate that information which must be completed by the staff member before it is submitted to the administrator. It is imperative that the employee identify and describe the specific behavior in factual, non-judgmental terminology.A copy of the discipline referral will be provided to parent.

  • Staff members may provide the principal or other appropriate administrator information regarding previous actions by the teacher or appropriate staff in the identified section on the Discipline Referral [FORM F11-B] and are designated as T1 – T 6. This information provides the administrator with a more clear understanding of appropriate actions to take and consequences to access in a given situation. This section is not required for a referral to be accepted by a principal or other appropriate administrator.

  • The principal or other appropriate administrator, based on the description provided, shall identify the specific code and level of violation the action warrants as described in the SAISD Student Code of Conduct. The principal or other appropriate administrator shall send a copy of this report to the parents or guardians of the student and shall also provide a copy to the submitting teacher or staff member within 5 school days. If a conference with the parent/guardian is held on the day of the incident, the administrator may deliver the copy of the referral at that time. Otherwise, the administrator shall mail a copy to the parent.

Referrals to administrators1
Referrals to administrators

  • Student referral must be submitted electronically through Outlook to the appropriate grade level administrator (Form F11-B)

  • Referral form is available on our website:

Hall passes school policy
Hall Passes – School Policy

  • For school safety, hall passes are NOT to be issued the first 10minutes of class and the last 10 minutes of class!

  • Students must have a completed hall pass with a teacher’s signature before leaving class to go to the restroom, the counselor’s office, or any location designated by the teacher.

  • Hall passes must have the date, time, class period, room number, destination, and proper signatures.

Hall pass procedures
Hall Pass procedures

  • When issued a hall pass, students are expected to report directly to the designated location only and to return promptly.

  • A student found without a hall pass will be sent to an administrator.

Student dress code
Student dress code

  • Official Spirit T-shirts may be used in lieu of White or Purple polo style shirts/blouses (under shirts must be school colors)

  • Khaki pants and shorts (no oversized t-shirts or micro shorts will be allowed)

  • Hair color must be natural

  • Foot ware – No flip flops or Slip on sliders

  • Caps, visors or other head apparel are not allowed in the building

  • Spike belts, collars or bracelets; heavy link chains, or wallet chains on belt loops will not be allowed

  • Mesh Back Packs are encouraged

Student food drinks
Student Food & Drinks

  • Please no food, drinks, or big Styrofoam cups in the classrooms during instructional time.

    • Food in classrooms before or after school must be monitored and supervised by a teacher. (Students must have an official pass to carry)

  • We must model this behavior.

  • Outlook email etiquette
    Outlook email etiquette

    • Emails intended for “001” distribution must be official school business. (ex. Clubs and organization advertisements, game schedules and events)

    • All other emails for 001 distribution should be sent to an administrator for approval and will be forwarded to 001.

      • If an email is forwarded to 001 by an administrator, please respond to the originator of the email.

  • Please remember outlook email is school district property and not intended for personal use.

  • Signing in and out school procedures
    Signing in and out - school procedures

    Faculty and staff must:

    • Receive prior administrative approval to leave campus during the school day(except during the 30 minute duty free lunch)

    • Fill out the appropriate form. The Green Form is for school business and Pink Form is for leaving campus during the school day. (The sign-in and out binder will be kept by Ms. Vargas)

    • Sign-in and out for the school day in the main office

    Have a great year

    • We are here to support you!

    • Please email or text us if you have any questions or concerns!

      Mobile phone numbers:

    • Ms. Lynch (210) 863-3636 – 9th grade

    • Mr. Flores (210) 861-0998 – 10th grade

    • Mr. Harrell (210) 885-1203 – 11th grade

    • Ms. Vasquez (210) 273-5868 – 12th grade

    • Mr. Ortiz (210) 286-8531 - Principal