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Attitude: Radiating Possibility

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Attitude: Radiating Possibility - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Attitude: Radiating Possibility . The Purpose. To broaden your perception/focus to allow you to see things a new way – a more positive way Provide “tools” and concepts to help you take actions that support your new attitude

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the purpose
The Purpose
  • To broaden your perception/focus to allow you to see things a new way – a more positive way
  • Provide “tools” and concepts to help you take actions that support your new attitude
  • Even if we are “positive” people, we can always learn from other or more positive ideas
  • Encourage deeper and more productive engagement in life activities
  • Name
  • Work unit
  • What do you hope to gain from this session?
what affects our attitude
What Affects Our Attitude?
  • Attitude:
    • A state of mind or a feeling; outlook
    • Disposition or manner
    • A mental construct many times displayed in behavioral expression
circle of influence1
Circle of Influence
  • Focus on what you can control or influence, not what is out of your control
    • Focus on the actions that you can take to move toward the result you want
    • Given this state of affairs, what can I do?
  • Choose your response
    • Understand (and use) the power of being able to choose your response in any given circumstance
      • Avoid “mindless” responses
  • Circle of Influence
can we change our attitude
Can We Change Our Attitude?
  • Choose your response
    • “We who lived in concentration camps can remember the men who walked throughout the huts comforting others, giving away their last piece of bread. They may have been few in number, but they offer sufficient proof that everything can be taken away from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms – to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's own way.”– Victor Frankl
our focus today
Our Focus Today…

4 keys to a great attitude

video presentation

Video Presentation

Attitude: Radiating Possibility

a key to happiness
A Key to Happiness…
  • What has the single greatest impact on your happiness at this moment…?


a key to happiness1
A Key to Happiness…
  • In 2010, researchers at Harvard tracked over 2,000 volunteers at various times throughout the day and found that people are happier when they are fully engaged in a task (whatever the task) and unhappier when their minds are wandering (even if they are thinking about pleasant things)
a key to happiness2
A Key to Happiness…
  • Mind wandering and happiness
    • Even pleasant mind-wandering is actually still not quite as good as just being focused on what you're doing!
    • Our minds wander a lot…average for the study was 47% of the time
    • People whose minds wander more, tend to be unhappier overall
    • Mind wandering seems to cause unhappiness, and not vice-versa
a key to happiness3
A Key to Happiness…
  • Psychologist Ellen Langer’s research over decades has made a similar point…
    • Simply paying attention to our everyday lives, which she calls “mindfulness”, can make us happier and healthier
    • Mindfulness, for Langer, is simply paying attention to life itself, to what is new and different in each moment
a key to happiness4
A Key to Happiness…









a key to happiness5
A Key to Happiness…
  • Mindfulness in action – ways of paying attention, avoiding “mindlessness” and sitting on the front row
    • Focus on what is new and different in a situation
    • “Try on” multiple perspectives
    • Focus on the process - the doing, not just the goal
participate action plan
Participate! Action Plan
  • Indicate 2 areas of your life where you have been “sitting in the back row”.
  • What outcomes would you like to see in these areas?
  • What is the first step you’ll take to move toward that outcome?
pop quiz
Pop Quiz!
  • Agree or disagree with the following 4 statements
what s your mindset
What’s Your Mindset?
  • Psychologists studying failure discovered that people view failure very differently
  • What was the difference?
    • Their mindsets!
what s your mindset1
What’s Your Mindset?
  • Some people have a fixedmindset about their capabilities
    • You are born with a certain amount of intelligence (some people are smart and others aren’t; some people have a high IQ and others don’t), a certain personality, a certain moral character, etc. – and that doesn’t change much over the course of your life
    • They believe that achievementresults from abilities we are born with
what s your mindset2
What’s Your Mindset?
  • Some people have a growthmindset about their capabilities
    • Your basic qualities are things you can cultivate through your efforts
    • Although people may differ in all kinds of ways, everyone can change and grow in significant ways
what s your mindset3
What’s Your Mindset?
  • What difference does a mindset make anyway?
    • With a fixed mindset, life is about proving yourself…which means avoiding failures
      • If I do well, that proves that I’m smart (which is a fixed trait)
      • If I fail, that proves that I’m not smart (which is a fixed trait)
    • With a growth mindset, life is about growing, stretching, finding new challenges…which means less fear of mistakes
what s your mindset4
What’s Your Mindset?

Recognize this guy?

  • Former Navy SEAL
  • Current college football coach
  • 2011 Season 3 Top Shot competitor
  • Excellent marksman

Jake Zweig

growth mindset
Growth Mindset
  • Who is Jim Marshall?
    • Played for the Minnesota Vikings; one of the “Purple People Eaters,” record 302 consecutive starts, 2 pro bowls
    • Also involved in “one of the most embarrassing moments in sports history”
growth mindset2
Growth Mindset
  • Who is Jim Marshall?

­ Recovered a fumble and scored…but he had gone the wrong way!

­ At halftime, he made a choice – I can go down in humiliation…or, I can make this right

­ Helped win the game, played best football of his life

growth and failure an example
Growth and Failure: An Example
  • Failed in Business 22
  • Ran for Legislature—Defeated 23
  • Again Failed in Business 24
  • Elected to Legislature 25
  • Sweetheart Died 26
  • Had a Nervous Breakdown 27
  • Defeated for Speaker 29
  • Defeated for Elector 31
  • Defeated for Congress 34
  • Elected to Congress 37
  • Defeated for Congress 39
  • Defeated for Senate 46
  • Defeated for Vice President 47
  • Defeated for Senate 49
  • Elected President of the United States 51

Abraham Lincoln

choose your mindset
Choose Your Mindset
  • “You have a choice. Mindsets are just beliefs. They’re powerful beliefs, but they’re just something in your mind, and you can change your mind.”

– Carol Dweck, psychologist

choose your mindset1
Choose Your Mindset
  • Just learning about the growth mindset can help people make a shift in how they think about themselves
  • Catch yourself in the fixed mindset….
    • “I can’t believe I was so stupid”
    • “I am technology challenged”
    • “I couldn’t possibly do that”

and make the shift

  • Focus on learning, effort, strategies to overcome obstacles
mistakes and failure
Mistakes and Failure
  • Quiet the voice in the headand downward spiral conversations
    • How fascinating!
    • Thank you for sharing, I’m busy right now…
  • Shifting Focus
voice in the head exercise
Voice in the Head Exercise
  • Work with a partner
  • What are the voices that cause fear or self-doubt?
  • What are the trigger situations that start these voices?
  • What should you focus on when the voices start?
practice your focus exercise
Practice Your Focus! Exercise

Directions: You will be observing two basketball teams – one in white shirts and one in black shirts – passing a basketball. Your task is to count the number of times the team in white shirts passes the basketball.

power of focus
Power of Focus
  • Do I have a habit of focusing on positive things or negative things?
  • Do I spend a lot of time worrying about things outside of my control?
  • Do I spend a lot of time criticizing and complaining?
  • Do I look for opportunities? Exciting possibilities? Challenges? Ways that I can help?
  • Am I grateful?
3 good things exercise
3 Good Things Exercise
  • According to the psychologist Martin Seligman, doing the exercise for just a week led to an increase in happiness and a decrease of “depressive symptoms” for up to 6 months
    • Every night before you go to sleep, think of 3 good things that happened during the day and why (what enabled them to happen)
to have a positive day
To Have a Positive Day…
  • Every problem has a solution
  • Failures always lead to learning something that you can use later
  • Many times you must take a step back before you take two steps forward
  • After a crisis is always an opportunity
  • You control your thoughts and feelings
  • You make the choices that affectyour fate
each morning as you arise
Each Morning As You Arise…

Eat a balanced breakfast

Exercise for a half hour to an hour at least three mornings a week

Tell your significant other that you love him/her

Plan your day and set your daily goals

Listen to music that makes you feel energized

20 5 attitude gems exercise
20.5 Attitude Gems Exercise

What are your top 3?


  • Sit in the front row of your life
    • Pay attention to what you’re doing!
    • Be mindful
    • Participate!
  • Cultivate growth
    • Adopt a “growth mindset”
    • Re-frame failure and mistakes
  • Shift your focus
    • See possibilities, opportunities
    • Be grateful
  • Invent a new game
    • Find and live your contribution
attitude radiating possibility1

Attitude: Radiating Possibility

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