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Norse mythology

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Norse mythology - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Norse mythology. Norse mythology. Hel.

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  • Hel is in Norsemythologyboth the name of the undergroundkingdom of death and itsmistress. Unlike Valhalla washelloriginallya joint residence for all dead. It is far to the north and separated from the land of the living by a river thatGjallarbridge head over.
  • Hel, daughter of loki and the giantessAngerboda, looks terrifying out, halfblue-blacklike a corpse, half of color as a living person. Life in Hel’skingdom of death is sad and joyless, but the idea of a criminalplace is Christian times to seeHell.


  • Loki appears in Norse mythology as one of the Aesir, although he is descendent of the Jotuns. He lives in Asgard and respected by the gods because he has mixed blood with the king of the gods Odin. Loki'srelation to the gods vary from myth to myth: in some he helps those in the other he appears as their opponent. His mythological function normally described as tricksterens . Loki is the father of giantess Angerbodas three monsters: the Midgard Serpent , Fenris and Hel. The threeplayprominent roles at Ragnarok and beats herearesome of the most powerful gods of death.


Loki had three children, the first I will tell you about is midgard serpent. Midgard serpent: the midgard serpent live in the sea and if you are too close on the midgard´s serpent head will the midgard serpent eat you. Now will I tell you about fenrirFenrir: is a really big wolf and the Norse mythology say if ragnarok comes will fenrir eat Odin so giantscantake over the word. The last child I willtellyouabout is hel. Hel: she is the ruler of the hell and half of she’sbody is rotten and the otherhalfbody is normal



  • Thor is one of the most prominent figures in the Norse mythology. He was a major god of all branches of Germanic peoples before their conversion to Christianity, althrough he reached the height of his popularity among the Scandinavians of the late Viking age.


  • Odin is a major god in the Nordic Mythology, the father of all gods, and the ruler of Asgard. Odin is associatedwithwar, battle, victory and death, but alsowisdom, Shamanism, magic, poetry, prophecy, and the hunt. Odin has manysons. The most famous of them is Thor the thunder god. Odin is a shape changer, and has a lot of disguises. In mythshe is described as obsessedwithfinding new knowledge, and healsotravelled the world to find more wisdomeither as a bird, orridingon the horse Sleipner.

Huginn and Muninn

  • Odin has tworavenscalledHuginn and Muninn, whoflies over the world, and bring information to Odin. Odin sends the ravens out at dawn and theyreturn by dinner-time. As a result, Odin is keptinformed of many events.

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