dewblam pilot projects introduction and general overview l.
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DEWBLAM Pilot Projects Introduction and General Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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DEWBLAM Pilot Projects Introduction and General Overview

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DEWBLAM Pilot Projects Introduction and General Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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DEWBLAM Pilot Projects Introduction and General Overview. 10 different Pilot Projects. Common Points : These projects develop a WBL approach HET and/or VET Collaboration between University and Organisations Negociated Partnership between key skateholders Use the plateform and guidelines.

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DEWBLAM Pilot Projects Introduction and General Overview

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10 different pilot projects
10 different Pilot Projects

Common Points :

  • These projects develop a WBL approach
  • HET and/or VET
  • Collaboration between University and Organisations
  • Negociated Partnership between key skateholders
  • Use the plateform and guidelines


10 different pilot projects3
10 different Pilot Projects
  • 9 Countries ( Belgium, Czech Republic, Italy, Finland, France, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom and Switzerland)
  • Partnerships
  • Different levels of degree
  • Different work sectors and activities
  • Different target groups of learners


overview of pilot projects
Overview of Pilot Projects

STUWER (Studeren and Werker) from the Katholiecken Hogeschool Limburg (Belgium)

Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education based in WBL from Charles University of Prague (Czech Republic)

Diploma in Work Based Studies from Quantum Partnership (United Kingdom)


entrepreneurship academy
Entrepreneurship Academy
  • Partners : European Social Fund and SMEs
  • Keys employees or employers in SMEs
  • Seminars and workplace
  • Analyse their activities, Time to think, Develop the compagnies
  • 30 ECTS in 14 months


training of civil engineers wbl
Training of Civil Engineers (WBL)
  • Partnership : Professionnal Federations and Regional Council
  • Young workers
  • 3 years – third time in class, 2 third in firm
  • Double tutoring (firm and school), learner’s portfolio, collaborative distance work and pedagody by project, pedagody by problem
  • 180 ECTS


part time wbl bachelor study programme process technology
Part time WBL-Bachelor study programme Process Technology
  • Partnership : Rhein-Erft Akademie and chemical industry
  • 8 semesters (part-time, parallel to work)
  • Chemistry foreman, chemist, laboratory chemist, chemical engineer
  • Recognition of competences in the workplace, learning aggreement, tutoring
  • 180 ECTS


wbl approach to a learning module on geographic information systems
WBL approach to a learning module on Geographic Information Systems
  • For employees in public administrations
  • Partnership : Formez association and 3 University Calabria, Basilicata, Molise
  • Analysis of competences acquired befor, 5 full-days sessions, « tailor-made » learning programme, tutoring, e-learning and learning projects,monitoring of learner’satisfaction,
  • 12 ECTS


pilot course in subtitling for the deaf and audiodescription for the blind
Pilot Course in Subtitling for the Deaf and Audiodescription for the Blind
  • Partnership : 2 Government entities, 6 Professional Associations and 4 Companies
  • Spain’s Law of Accessibility
  • Learners : with bachelor degree and prior experience
  • 459h – 34,5 ECTS + 21 ECTS (experto)
  • APEL review of Portfolio, project analyzing, final work based project


doctorate in professionnal studies by public works

Doctorate in Professionnal Studies by Public Works

Candidates with hight level, experienced practitioners in their field

Its focus is on work based and professional knowledge and learning

2 semesters – 360 ECTS (doctorate)

Candidates present a range of their public work around a self selected theme

15 000-30 000 words context statement


diploma of specialist in apel
Diploma of Specialist in APEL
  • Education Institution : Instituto Svizzero di Pedagogia per la Formazione Professionale
  • A new 2004 Federal Law on Vacational Training
  • Learners : people with a background in pedagogy or counselling or tutoring
  • Programme : WBL model, supported by target guidance, intervision and supervision strategies.
  • Learner is able to :Inform and Consult, Coach people in developpement of a dossier, Asses
  • 20 ECTS



Co-ordinating institution

Consorzio E-Form, Italy

University partners

Åbo Akademi University, Finland

Fachhochschule Aachen, Germany

Katholieke Hogeschool Limburg, Belgium

Universidad de Granada, Spain

Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille, France

Middlesex University, London, United Kingdom

Universita Karlova v Praze, Czech Republic

Non-university partners

Consorzio Servizi Formativi alle Imprese, Florence, Italy

Quantum Learning Partnerships, London, United Kingdom

VIA, Diepenbeek, Belgium

Silent partner

Federazione Svizzera per l’Educazione degli Adulti, Lugano, Switzerland