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Zero Button Mouse

Zero Button Mouse. Chris Sinco , Justin Wilbourne , Ken Wong, Rishi Talwar. (not really… jk ). Fudge-Striped Cookie. Nudge Targets/Widgets. Letter-Gesture. Initial Sketches. Goal-push Activation. Mouse Area. Fan. ?. Flipbooks. Letter Gesture. Tunnel. Play. Play. Play. Play.

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Zero Button Mouse

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Zero Button Mouse Chris Sinco, Justin Wilbourne, Ken Wong, RishiTalwar (not really…jk)

  2. Fudge-Striped Cookie Nudge Targets/Widgets Letter-Gesture Initial Sketches Goal-push Activation

  3. Mouse Area Fan

  4. ?

  5. Flipbooks

  6. Letter Gesture

  7. Tunnel

  8. Play

  9. Play

  10. Play

  11. Play

  12. Play

  13. Play

  14. Play

  15. Play

  16. Play

  17. Play

  18. Play

  19. The Casual Fan

  20. Meet the target. Sup.

  21. The mouse makes its entrance.

  22. Activate the target! 45° arch to commit to selection Ignore the target! 90° arch for escape selection 45° arch to commit to selection Activate the target!

  23. Ignore the target!

  24. Activate the target!

  25. Activate the target!

  26. Target activated!

  27. Target activated!

  28. Target activated!

  29. Target activated!

  30. Target activated!

  31. When not activated, the mouse cursor can backtrack, also. Oops, oh fudge!

  32. Oops, oh fudge!

  33. Oops, oh fudge!

  34. Phew!

  35. Simply moving forward will also ignore the target.

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