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Design – investigation – solutions – working drawings

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Design – investigation – solutions – working drawings - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Design – investigation – solutions – working drawings. Theme. At first I decided to stick with a sports theme but as I started my frame I realised I need to change this theme so I decided I would go with a chopper theme to suit the frame and suspension. Standard frame.

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  • At first I decided to stick with a sports theme but as I started my frame I realised I need to change this theme so I decided I would go with a chopper theme to suit the frame and suspension.
standard frame
Standard frame
  • As I had chose to use the standard frame and suspension I had a lot of drawings and designs which I did not need to complete, however deciding on the standard frame has limited me in small design details.
  • The main areas in which I was left to design was: - handlebars – wheel bushings – stand to stop the bike from falling – engine supports – exhaust pipe – seat – tank – mud guard.
  • Some pictures are shown of how I want to design my handlebars. This can be achieved by using some of the tubing available in the store. I also have to consider how I will get this steering to work. I think the best and simplest way to do this would be to bring one bar directly down from the handle bars and join it to the suspension mount with TIG welding. The handle bars would also be TIG welded as it would b the neatest job.
design on handlebars
Design on handlebars
  • As this is a miniature size motorbike bike I feel it would be too time consuming and all the material is not available, to go to full detail in the handlebars, however I had to careful consider what design I would put on the handlebars, I chose to go with a simple turned piece that can slot into the actual handlebars and the ends of these pieces will be knurled.
tank seat back mudguard
Tank/Seat/Back mudguard
  • For this I decided to make one solid piece out of tan cast, as there was little tan cast available I know it will be a struggle to get all the tan cast I require. However if there isn't enough tan cast available I will use a different foam as I feel this is one part of my bike I do not want to change
tank seat back mudguard1
Tank/Seat/ Back mudguard

As I was incorporating the three into one I came up wit possible solutions and the one which I thought was most suitable is shown below, this incorporates an even slope and slopes up underneath for the back wheel

front muck guard
Front muck guard
  • Again there were many options available but I decided I would make it out of tan cast rather than the sheet metal I had previously planned. This would have been joined with brackets to the underneath of the bottom suspension mount.
  • For this I will bring a pipe out of the actual exhaust position in the engine. This will be 16mm diameter tubing with 25mm piece on the end that is tapered down, all this will be sprayed to make it look chrome.
  • There was many methods of creating a stand to stop the bike from falling these included using springs, etc. but because of the time and material restraints in the workshop I felt there was only one real option available and that was to put a piece of flat piece on a swivel with washers and attach it to the main frame.
wheel bushings
Wheel Bushings
  • Two different designs needed to be created for the back wheel and for the front wheel, as the space for the back wheel was tight there was little I could do wit the bushing.

Front wheel bushing

Back wheel bushing

supporting the engine
Supporting the engine
  • I had a wide variety of options available for this such as bringing supports up from the bottom of the frame or down from the top of the frame, however I was quite lucky in that my engine suited my frame ideally, there where two holes that were for supporting other parts before it was stripped an these lines up nicely with the crossbar on my frame so it was just a matter of making two bushings and letting a threaded bar run straight through to keep the engine central and thus it would be supported from the top.