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The definition of fast food: PowerPoint Presentation
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The definition of fast food:

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The definition of fast food:
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The definition of fast food:

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  1. The definition of fast food: Learn a quick meal as a meal that contains the Fast-Food preparation such as sandwiches recipe, burgers and falafel, pies, pizza and chicken pieces deep fried, with a soft drink or a glass of juice, French fries, and most important characteristic of fast food they do not contain fruit and salads, and they are eaten in a hurry. It is noticeable that more people are turning to fast food are children and adolescents, which has become the fast food part of the daily routines

  2. Fast food recipes - Fast preparation, the consumer does not need to wait for the meal a great eye - Contain large amounts of fat, calories and therefore high - Poor in nutrients, such as vitamins, salts and essential minerals calcium and iron - Rich in sodium in the salt - With a distinctive taste attracts young people and adolescents as well as advertising and gifts that are included with it in many cases - Provide a lot of fast food restaurants home delivery service - Represents a change from the monotony of normal life and food

  3. How can I minimize the problems of junk food - Health education for children and adolescents in schools and in the media and in the media and explain the types of food and the number of shares to be taken from each type - Controls for licensing restaurants include the addition of fresh food, fruits, and the authorities and prevent the sale of soft drinks and sweetened juices and bottled - Prevention of advertising unhealthy food or that do not conform to the standard health - Preferably at the request of the pizza selection of species that contain greater amounts of vegetables and less meat and cheese and to be the rule to reduce high-calorie - In the case of eating in restaurants burgers, preferably request sized sapphires, preferably grilled instead of fried, and avoid French fries, soft drinks and replace a piece of fruit and a glass of fresh juice unsweetened - Choosing the authorities that contain fresh vegetables and away from fatty additions such as mayonnaise and toasted bread, legumes - Selection of desserts based on fruits such as fresh fruit salad or desserts with a selection of small size to reduce the amount of calories in

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