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Niko Shefer - Being a Student and a Teacher

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Niko Shefer - Being a Student and a Teacher - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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niko shefer has been a teacher and a student

Niko Shefer has been a teacher and a student of English Literature for many years over his career. After he first discovered William Shakespeare in grade school in South Africa, Shefer was hooked on the written word, poetry, and English Literature.

He continued his passionate study of the greatest British authors through his undergraduate years and after earning his Bachelor’s degree in English, he left his native country, Africa to continue his study of English Literature in the United States.

There he found many other students and teachers as passionate about the great English authors as he was. He learned as much from his peers as the professors while at New York University earning his Master’s degree there.

niko shefer as a professor now at the university

Niko Shefer, as a professor now at the University in South Africa, learns from his students and colleagues.

He sees his role as both a student and a teacher in this context, teaching others as much as he learns from others to form a dialogue and discussion about the great English writers so that everyone involved can learn a little about the place that these writers came from to help us learn a little bit more about our current situation and culture.

Shefer believes that the authors he has studied throughout his career still have things to say about the current state of literature and modern British culture.

niko shefer found in other places in the world

Niko Shefer found in other places in the world where he has studied English Literature that his favorite authors he has spent years studying still have words that ring true. He also found many people who think like him. Shefer has found that the creative power in the stories that the great English writers can still bring people together and foster creative discussions and works by his students.

Shefer is still learning from his counterparts in the classroom every day. He considers his job a privilege to teach and learn from his students at the University of Africa and sees his role as both student and teacher. Student of the words and works of the many great authors that came before him, and a teacher of their lessons to the next generation of academics.

niko shefer is still learning from the words

Niko Shefer is still learning from the words of Shelley, Chaucer, and Dickens.

Niko Shefer is also learning from the analysis and work of his students, who bring forth new insights and discussions every day that inform the words of the great authors in his mind.

He has created many new opportunities for people new to the studies of English Literature.

Niko Sheferis happy to give back to his community with good works and donations to worthy causes throughout Africa, where he has lived for the past ten years.

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