what you want to know about what you want to know n.
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What You Want To Know About Black spinel gemstone PowerPoint Presentation
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What You Want To Know About Black spinel gemstone

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What You Want To Know About Black spinel gemstone - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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what you want to know about what you want to know

What You Want To Know About

What You Want To Know About Black

spinel gemstone

spinel gemstone


There will be no one on earth find natural gems most beautiful and

elegant than any other thing. No wonder the beautiful reflection and

brilliantly sparkled gems increase the beauty of ladies all the time. Rare,

mysterious and opaque, black spinel is also the beautiful gemstone that

you can use. However, it is not much popular and known because of the

fact it is very exceptional. As compared to other precious and beautifully

colored gemstones this black jet beauty is quite uncommon.

What is black spinel?

Black spinel is made of magnesium aluminate or magnesium aluminate

oxide. It holds 8 Mohs rating on the scale of hardness and sometimes

hardest with 10. It is most durable gem also carried property to resist

scratches and chips. The origin or primary source of spinel is Thailand

while it is known as nin there. Even though, some other types of deposits

were found in Sri Lanka, Africa,andMyanmar. Most of the time spinel

and loose rubies for sale found together spinel

and loose rubies for sale found together. Spinel occurs in a variety of

colors like red, purple, blue, pink, colorless, black, orange and brown.

Black spinel mostly cut into round, oval and cushion cut, durability and

hardness make it perfect for jewelry. It is also best for fine jewelry and

moderately price jewelry. There are several quality stores offer

gemstones for sale online, you can find black spinel there.

Legends related to black spinel

It is thought to restart or re-establishrelation, also it is famously thought

to protect the wearer.

Natural gemstone

Black spinel is also known as black diamond. Even though it is not true

there is alot of difference between black spinel and black diamond.

People confused at it because of diamond ‘like’ shape and almost same

black color.

Dazzling beauty black spinel gems are often mistaken with ruby, lab

created gems or sapphire. This black beauty has earned agreat

reputation and known as amaster of disguise gem. This pointed shape

crystal is the real fortunate to have.

metaphysical importance of black spinel

Metaphysical importance of black spinel

This gemstone works great with any other crystals, such as tanzanite

loose stones; it holds acomplementary relationship with all minerals and

crystals. So you can easily pair it up with any other crystal. It helps, go

and find the source of illness in you and seemingly help you to fight

with it. It carried smart healing abilities as well as works well with many

different levels.

It digs out toxins and poison from the deepest level of your body.

Moreover, black spinel kills cancer cells. It also helps to clear up leg

issues, while clear prostate, bladder and kill infection in the body. This

super energetic gemstone is on the top of three most protective crystals.

It is very useful to heal and clear female organs. It also balances the pH

level in the body and effectively working on white blood cells lymph

notes. This crystal kills infection within lymphatic system and provides a

natural defense to the whole body against infection.