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Everything You Need to Know About Gemstone Cuts PowerPoint Presentation
Everything You Need to Know About Gemstone Cuts

Everything You Need to Know About Gemstone Cuts

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  1. Article 2: Everything You Need to Know About Gemstone Cuts Colored and clear gemstones are typically cut into various shapes based on their size, durability and hardness factors. Just like diamonds, gemstones such as emeralds, garnets, sapphire and rubies are cut into a huge variety of shapes to create unique and beautiful jewelry pieces. Each cut gives the gemstone a distinct and unique look. Based on the cut and gemstone, the prices of jewelry pieces may vary. Here are some popular yet different gemstone cuts that people can try for diamond or emerald engagement rings. •Single Cut: It is considered as the oldest gemstone cut. You will often see this on diamonds, aquamarine, topaz, rubies, emeralds and garnet gemstones that are set on platinum and gold ring bands. This cut is mainly characterized by a pointed or flat cutlet with total 18 facets. For medium- sized stones, this cut is perfect. • Asscher Cut:This cut is also called ‘Square Emerald Cut’. To maximize the shine and clarity, the gemstone cutters usually follow the ‘step-cut’ pattern instead of faceted pattern. This cut is highly popular among the celebrities as well as common people. In 20th century’s ancient jewelry, you can easily find this cut. You can also buy ancient jewelry online with this cut from a reliable store. • Cushion Cut: A cross between oval and rectangle, the cushion cut is also recognized as Old European cut. The inventively rounded corners and classic square shape make this cut look like a cushion. This cut has gone through a transformation and now has 64 facets while previously the number of facets was 58. More facets mean more depth to the design. It renders a romantic and classic look to jewelry pieces which makes this cut an evergreen choice. • Emerald Cut: When you view this cut from the top, it looks a bit rectangular with finely trimmed corners. Usually, the number of facets is 50, but this number is not constant as it may decrease or increase as per the type of gemstone and design. The main objective of this cut is to enhance the shine, color and clarity of the gemstone. This particular cut is highly preferred by the people for rings because it looks appealing on a finger. • Oval Cut: This is another popular cut preferred by people for rings. This cut is a perfect choice for people looking for something that has the beauty of emerald cut and the strength of cushion cut. Vibrant and unique, this fascinating cut creates an illusion of heaviness when viewed from the top. Any gemstone with thin girdle is suitable for this cut. • Marquise Cut:This cut is also called ‘Navette’. With 57 facets, this cut gives a football-like shape to the gemstones. This unique cut offers best shine and color to the gemstone. Additionally, due to a substantial surface, this cut offers more weight to the gemstone. This stylish cut can be tried for wedding or engagement rings. Author Bio Suzie Lee is an expert designer of jewelry for both men and women. She also likes to write many interesting articles and blogs, helping people in picking out the best jewelry for their requirements and attire. When it comes to buying antique jewelry online, she recommends as the best name to trust for all kinds of purchases.