Department of chinese language and literature
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Department of Chinese Language and Literature. My feeling about NUU

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Department of chinese language and literature
Department of Chinese Language and Literature

My feeling about NUU

  • It’s really great can be a part of this University. The people are very nice and friendly. When first time I came here, the people in Chinese Language and Literature Department are really welcomed us, and they’re also gave me a letter that said, “welcome to this department, all the members here are the most friendly people in Taiwan, we are your family”. Hmm, you know, it sounds really sweet.

  • But, I am a foreigner, and it isn’t easy to be it. Furthermore if physically you look different from the native people. That’s what I feel. When I take a walk in this campus, there must be some people who starring at me or look at me with different way ( I guess, or that’s the way they look at another people ).I don’t know what they’re thinking, but that’s really unpleasant to being looked like that. But I don’t judge all the Taiwanese are like that. Some people who I have ever met are very friendly, and entice me to talk, and even open minded.

Department of chinese language and literature1
Department of Chinese Language and Literature

My study feeling

  • Blessed me, my classmates are awesome, they’re regardful, always open their hand to help and they’re very smart too. And the teachers are really kind, attentive and really support me to improve my Mandarin. One of the nicest part in NUU; the great teachers!

Department of chinese language and literature2
Department of Chinese Language and Literature

  • My feeling about NUU :

  • The quality in this University is good. The teachers has experienced which masterful. They give guidance to their students to be a good person. If the students make mistake in their study, the teachers correction of mistake.The teachers help me to learn Chinese language and another studies too. Because the currently, extant the lessons I understand not yet. And the teachers comprehend our situation.

  • My friends are friendly. They are want to help me if I have a problem and help to learn Chinese language. Because I can’t speak Chinese language and I don’t understand what the teacher teach. I just know a little sentences in Chinese language.And my expectation to the future, I can speak Chinese language and can understand in learning the lessons.

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