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Annual Report 2011/12 October 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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Annual Report 2011/12 October 2012

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Annual Report 2011/12 October 2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Our Wadden Sea World Heritage. Annual Report 2011/12 October 2012. Wadden Sea World Heritage. Three years on the World Heritage List:. Strengthened stakeholder cooperation Increased awareness of World Heritage status More offers and products related to World Heritage High media attention.

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Presentation Transcript

Our Wadden Sea World Heritage

Annual Report 2011/12

October 2012


Wadden Sea World Heritage

Three years on the World Heritage List:

  • Strengthened stakeholder cooperation
  • Increased awareness of World Heritage status
  • More offers and products related to World Heritage
  • High media attention

Extension Wadden Sea World Heritage

  • May 2012: Process to extend the World Heritage with the Danish Wadden Sea Conservation Area (about 1,000 km²).
  • Incudes also extension with offshore areas of Lower Saxon National Park (400 km²)
  • July 2012: Consultation version of the nomination dossier.
  • Regional consultations in August and September 2012.
  • Final draftin November forapprovalbytheState Parties
  • Submission to UNESCO 1 February 2012

The Wadden Sea World Heritage

propertyandthenominatedproperty (fromConsultationversionJuly 2012)


World Heritage Communication and Marketing Plan 2010 – 2013

A jointcommunciationandmarketing plan was launched in 2010 whichdefinesobjectives, workthemes, prioritiesandactivitiesincludingfinances.

  • Objectives
  • Safeguard the protection, management and awareness of the property
  • Strengthen the common responsibility for the site and support regional sustainable development
  • To promote, support and benefit of national and international cooperation and awareness on World Heritage
  • Work Priorities
  • Nature Conservation/International Cooperation
  • Information and Awareness
  • Environmental Education and Cooperation Information Centres
  • Tourism and Recreation

1. Nature/International Cooperation

Responsibilitytoprotectandmaintainthe World Heritagepropertyandactivelycontributeto international cooperation.

  • 1.1 Trilateral Nature Conservation Task
  • Wadden Sea Plan and Ministerial Declaration 2010
  • Trilateral Task Groups (Management, Climate, Shipping),
  • Trilateral Monitoring (TMAP), TMAG, Expert Groups
  • Alien Species Strategy (preparation LIFE+ application)

1. Nature/International Cooperation

  • 1.2 UNESCO World Heritage Marine Programme(
  • First Meeting of Site Managers, Hawaii, December 2011,
  • Guideline for Site Managers of Marine WHS (OUV criteria, reporting), workshop in Vilm (Feb & May 3012), guidelines in preparation for 2013.
  • 1.3 Wadden Sea Flyway Initiative (WFI)
  • German R&D project “International co-operation for protection of waterbirds along their flyways” 2011 2013, lead Tim Dodman,
  • Dutch Flyway project “Wadden Sea – West Africa: International monitoring framework”, lead SOVON,
  • Cooperation with AEWA & West Africa Cooperation PRCM.
2.1 Stakeholder Workshop, Hamburg, January 2012

Over 40 participants from all sectors (GO, NGOs, Science, TMOs)

Evaluated current program and discussed themes for future WH cooperation:

Strategic objectives for cooperation arrangements which fully considers the integrity and ecological requirements,

Enhanced WH visibility and branding through awareness, information and education,

WH as place-making catalyst for regional socio-economic developments.

2. Information and Awareness

Awarenessofstakeholdersaboutthe OUV Wadden Seaandisneccessarysafeguardingintegrationof World Heritage in theircommunicationandmarketing

  • 2.2 Preparation WH Campaign 2013
  • Goal: Enhance visibility of WH brand in the region
  • Continuation of the 2010/2011 concept
  • Involvement of nature conservation and marketing organizations
2.3 Product Catalogue

About 16 joint WH products

Print (flyer, poster, flags)

Exhibition (WH exhibition, info modules)

Give-aways (pins, sticker, notepad)

Pre-Merchandising (shirts, windbreaker)

2. Information and Awareness

Enhancingvisibilityof World Heritage in theregionsamongstlocalcommunities, stakeholdersandbusinesssectors

WH road sign posts

2.4 Website

Restructuring and technical adaptation of website with regular news (in English, Dutch and German),

Monthly newsletter (all themes) since Feb 2012,

New themes: sustainable tourism (PROWAD), Flyway Initiative projects, integration IWSS website

2.5 Print

WH advertisement “DIE ZEIT” supplement with link to websitewith sustainable tourism offers (PROWAD)

UNESCO Magazine No. 64 “World Heritage Review” Back Cover.

2. Information and Awareness

Information about OUV to the public via World Heritage Website, Facebook and print adverts.

2.6 World Heritage Logo

Registered as trade mark in the EU states (Jan. 2012)

1) “WeltnaturerbeWattenmeer”

2) “Werelderfgoed Waddenzee”

3) German, Dutch and English Logo

Logo usage by third parties (e.g. Wadden Sea books, Büsum anniversary, TMO websites), commercial use to be regulated by TG-WH.

Preparation of a Wadden Sea World Heritage Brand Strategy

2. Information and Awareness

A strong World Heritage Brand contributes to conservation and communication of the property and adds value to the efforts of the partners.


3. World Heritage Education & Info Center

Education material for info centers and schools contributes to the understanding of OUV and global dimension of the Wadden Sea World Heritage.

  • Trilateral Network Group Education (NG-E) coordinates all information centers (about 50) in the Wadden Sea
  • International Wadden Sea School (, “Teacher’s lounge” (WWF, CWSS)
  • WH Poster (WWF, IWSS, PROWAD) in four languages, 5000 copies for info centers (give-away)
  • World Heritage Kids’ booklet (15,000 in German, 4000 in Dutch, Danish in prep.) shop price 1.50 €

4. Tourism and Recreation

The tourism sector contributes to the conservation of the OUV and at the same can also profit from the World Heritage status through sustainable development.

  • Interreg IVB project PROWAD – Protect and Prosper (budget 1.3 Mio Euro, 2011 - 2014),
  • Development of a consistent sustainable tourism strategy for the entire Wadden Sea in a participatory approach (2012/2013),
  • Regional workshops, over 220participants:13.2. Leeuwarden, 21.3. Wilhelmshaven, 22.3. Husum, 16.5. Römö,
  • Workshop Reports and English summary (,
  • Online survey in D (124), and NL (33) shows potential and opportunities of WH status.

4. Tourism and Recreation

A consistent strategy for sustainable tourism defines a joint work programme which supports transnational cooperation and creates synergies.

  • Draft sustainable tourism strategy 2012
  • Input from baseline study, online survey and regional workshops
    • TG-STS to deliver input in further elaboration
    • Overview of first ideas for an action plan
  • 1st draft discussed at TG-STS on 20 September 2012
  • Preparation of a 2nd draft until December 2012 for consultation in the regions (in January - March 2013).
  • Final draft and action plan for approval by April 2013
  • Implementation of the Action Plan (2013 – 2014) (by PROWAD)

4. Tourism and Recreation

PROWAD implements the strategy by development sustainable tourism offers and joint marketing and promotion.

  • PROWAD WP 4 Development of sustainable tourism offers (WWF, CWSS)
  • Study on “climate friendly tourism” (draft October 2012)
  • Inventory and analysis of existing nature experience offers (ongoing)
  • Development of WH offers / guidance for inclusion of sustainability offers
  • World Heritage Nature Travel Guide
  • PROWAD WP 5 Marketing and Promotion (2013 – 2014)
  • WH Merchandising concept PR and marketing of World Heritage offers (print, online, other)
  • WH information and education material

Outlook Wadden Sea World Heritage

  • Bundle WH activities in the regions and strengthen joint communication and marketing to use the true potential of the Wadden Sea World Heritage brand for nature conservation and sustainable development.
  • PROWAD project to actively communicate and promote sustainable nature experience with fully considers the integrity and ecological requirements of the property.
  • Feasibility study for a Wadden Sea World Heritage Foundation which promotes and contributes to the conservation and promotes the brand Wadden Sea World Heritage.
  • Extending international cooperation underlining the global dimension of the Wadden Sea.
  • All stakeholders acknowledges their common responsibility for the World Heritage property and to protect it for the benefit of present and future generations.