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Leadership Update July 11, 2008 PowerPoint Presentation
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Leadership Update July 11, 2008

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Leadership Update July 11, 2008 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Leadership Update July 11, 2008
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  1. Leadership UpdateJuly 11, 2008

  2. Today’s topics • Pillar Planning and Moving out of Chaos: Lynne • Facility and relocation updates: Dave and Steve T • Information Services update: Steve B • Advertising Campaign update: Lynne • Here’s where you get to see the t-shirt design • Project update: Kathy and LDI Steering Committee • HR and Payroll update: Larry, Marlene, Joe • Flood Recovery Fund update: Julie • Announcements: Lynne 2

  3. CRH – One month ago June 7, 2008 3

  4. Employee pay decision Cooperation from other hospitals Employee registry MD credentialing FEMA and insurance adjustors Employee project teams BSA planning Relocation of outpatient services Paul Davis efforts Community space planning Med-1 Mobile ED Master Facility Plan Mobile Radiology Relocation of inpatient services to other facilities Interim ED prep Moving out of Chaos: The Stacy DiagramAlternative Strategic Planning Tools in use every day at CRH! No Agreement Zone of Chaos Flood of June 7th Zone of Simplicity Full Agreement Normal operations Low degree of Certainty High degree ofCertainty 4

  5. Pillar team strategic planning meeting next week • Thursday, July 17th, 10-noon, Grace Lutheran Church • Purpose: Begin 2009 Strategic Planning • Major revisions and learning from our flood experience • Focus on: Overarching pillar goals • These haven’t been changed since they were first developed about ten years ago. • Pre-work: None for you. • Planning & marketing will take care of advance preparation and any materials needed. • Invited: All pillar leads, co-leads and team members • Pillar leads may invite additional managers at their discretion • P&M will make assignments for those that are on 2 pillar teams 5

  6. Facility and relocation updates Dave and Steve

  7. Most Recent Facility Plans • Relocation of Pharmacy, Lab, IS from basement to first floor and tech center • Modify the Loading Dock • Basement services to include Central processing, purchasing, materials management, food services, classrooms and innovation center 7

  8. Duke Customer Service Center Auxiliary CRH Registry Clinical Quality Management Medical Staff Recruitment Medical Staff Services Tumor Board Registrar Arvin-Meritor Hangar Lab-Clerical Operations Pharmacy Radiology? Off-Site Moves Irwin Union Bank – State St. • EAP Copiers to be delivered Monday 7/14 or Tuesday 7/15 Phones and computer connectivity being coordinated with I.S. Attempting to maintain old phone numbers. All moves to be completed by July 18th. 8

  9. Other locations • Until trailers are ready on campus (mid-Aug) • Command Center: Administration • Until Lincoln Park Facility is ready (mid-Aug) • Current EAP House: Planning & Marketing • Medical Office Building: Human Resources • Columbus Learning Center: Healthy Communities • CRH Foundation: The Republic • Lean Sigma: First Christian Church • We know we still have some departments and leaders that will need space and are continuing to work on it. 9

  10. Advertising Campaign Update

  11. Advertising Objectives • Motivate employees, volunteers and physicians during this stressful time • Reassure our community that our recovery is underway and we will be back better than ever • Communicate some of the spirit of CRH that we feel every day during our flood recovery and that so many outside visitors find remarkable • Set the stage for 2009 advertising focusing on the overall quality of our patient experience 11

  12. Advertising Campaign • “We Are Columbus Regional Hospital” • Will Feature Various Employees, Volunteers and Physicians In their usual jobs and in their new roles in our flood recovery work • Print, Cable TV, Outdoor & Radio • T-Shirt For All Employees • Distributed at HR Office, Tech Center, Food Tent • Physician Support Advertisement • Reinforcing that our physicians are fully ready and able to serve their patients • Sorted by Specialty • Includes physician names and contact information 12

  13. Key Messages 13

  14. Print Ad: Physician Listing 14

  15. Project Update from LDI Steering Committee

  16. 16

  17. Project List 17

  18. Project Results • Results of completed Level 1 and Level 2 teams will be shared at upcoming leadership meetings beginning July 18th. 18

  19. LDI Facilitator Responsibilities • Provide support to Team Leader before, during, and after project. This includes calling them prior to kick-off, after first day, during project, and after project ends, as appropriate. • Review/recommend team selection with Team Leader. • Responsible for assuring completion of charter and other project documentation. • Assist in removing barriers identified by Team Leader. • Report results to LDI Steering Committee. 19

  20. Champion Responsibilities • Approve project charter ensuring linkage to strategic plan/ organizational priority. • Be accessible to LDI Facilitator and Team Leader. • Assist in removing barriers identified by the Team. • Coach Team Leader. • Provide organizational perspective. • Review written results of project and assess need for additional projects or communication/education not otherwise identified. 20

  21. Team Leader Responsibilities • Communicate with LDI Facilitator before, during, and after project. This includes calling them prior to kick-off, after first day, during project, and after project ends. • Review/recommend team selection with LDI Facilitator. • Communicate team members to HR by calling 376-5420. • Responsible for completing charter and other project documentation. Charter should be completed and sent to Katie in HR (katie.benson8@gmail.com)prior to first team meeting. Project documentation should be finalized and sent to HR within one week after completion of project. • Identify barriers to completion of team work and share with LDI Facilitator/Champion. • Report written results to LDI Facilitator and ET champion. 21

  22. Team Leader Responsibilities • All Team Leaders need to complete charter and recruit/identify team members by July 25, 2008. • Charter template can be found at k/av public/2008 LDI projects/templates. • Charters should be reviewed with champion and LDI Facilitator and then either placed on the k drive at k/av public/2008 LDI projects/project charters here folder or e-mail to katie.benson08@gmail.com 22

  23. Team Leader Training • Purpose: Develop skills of new leaders and provide a methodology to guide through a project. • Date: July 18th and subsequent Fridays • Time: 12:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. • Location: Sandy Hook Unit Methodist Church • RSVP: KatieBenson 23

  24. Education Days • Identifying education days in August and September for staff. • Need to understand education requirements currently identified by teams or anticipated after team completion. • Consider and turn in to Katie Benson (katie.benson8@gmail.com)tentative plans: # hours, target (all, clinical, leadership, etc.), anticipated date 24

  25. August LDI • When: August 19th and 20th • Place: Holiday Inn • Agenda: Finalizing in the next one to two weeks • RSVP: On the 18th, sign-up sheet by department of # who will be attending 25

  26. Disaster Safety Update • Disaster Site, construction site, hospital with inherent risks (campsite?) • Multiple hazards • Appropriate footwear and dress necessary – be prepared (closed toes shoes, jackets, umbrellas, etc.) • Service Vehicles should use 17th Street entrance to follow traffic pattern. • safecrh@gmail.com • Any employee injuries should have a completed employee incident report and inform HR. 26

  27. Gas reimbursement • For those employees in the registry only • Effective 7/6/08 • Paid on 7/24/08 • Amount will be $30 per pay • Employee must be traveling further to registry site than the distance from their home to CRH to be eligible. For example. Living in North Vernon and traveling to Seymour would not be eligible because the distance is about the same as traveling to Columbus. Finance and Registry staff will determine who is eligible. • This process will not require receipts or mileage to be maintained by staff 27

  28. Pay check reconciliation • Deposit made prior to 7 am yesterday to reconcile pay 12 with actual hours worked for employees that were owed money by CRH. • Regular pay deposit made after 7 am yesterday. • About 750 employees, as a result, will see 2 separate deposits this week. • Payroll and HR will continue to check the accuracy of these deposits and further adjustments may need to be made. • For employees that owe CRH money: more information to come later but we will work with employees individually to make deductions over several pay periods 28

  29. Fundraising Update CRH Foundation

  30. CRH Department-Organized Fundraiser Guidelines • Raise funds only for the CRH Flood Recovery Fund • Do not solicit corporate monetary donations or sponsorships • Credit your department for organizing the event • Please let your Hospital Foundation know about your fundraiser • Assign two people to be responsible for handling the money • Make checks payable to: CRH Foundation, Flood Recovery Fund • Most importantly, have fun and know you are making a real difference in bringing CRH back to life! 30

  31. Payroll Deduction for the Flood Recovery Fund • Employee Payroll Deduction • Employees who wish to begin making contributions to CRH Flood Recovery Fund through payroll deduction may do. The guidelines are: • If an employee currently gives to Foundation through payroll deduction, but they have designated a fund other than “Where the Need is Greatest,” they can change their designation to Flood Recovery Fund. To do this, the employee will need to call Foundation at 376-5100 and let us know. Then they will need to sign a new pledge card. • If an employee currently has payroll deduction to Foundation for “Where the Need is Greatest” and simply wants to change the amount of their deduction, they simply need to call Human Resources at 376-5420. • If an employee does not currently give to Foundation through payroll deduction but would like to begin, call Human Resources at 376-5420. • Thank you for your support! • Together, we will recover. Together, we are CRH. 31

  32. Flood Recovery Fund Status • Total to date: $580,000 We’ll keep going until ED is opened 32

  33. Quotes from Flood Recovery Fund Contributors “I have been so sad about this terrible flooding. After having major heart surgery and rehab, [your hospital] made me better and stronger and your letter to me gave me my answer as to where I needed to help out on the flooding recovery. So thanks for sending me the pictures and asking for help!!!” “Thank you for all the good things your people do for your patients. My care there was not only excellent but very caring. I’m happy to be able to help in this small way.” From a person who donated $30, “I wish it could be $30,000. But every little bit helps.” “My husband and I are so pleased at your decision to choose people over buildings. Your decision to pay your employees for 3 months is a very old standard in a new world.” “We salute an heroic staff for their devotion to a worthy enterprise.” “I was forced to use your new [ED] system on July 7. It was friendly, efficient---more so than I thought possible in such cramped quarters.” “God bless Jim and everyone who has worked so hard to put our hospital back together.” “God bless you all and my precious hometown.” 33

  34. Announcements

  35. Share Your Stories • Collecting Extraordinary Stories – please share any of your stories about flood evacuation to all the recovery efforts • Forms and drop boxes are available at the Food Tent, HR and CRH Technology Center • Submit stories via e-mail – access at www.crh.org home page 35

  36. Community Thank You Notes In order to thank all businesses and vendors who have provided support during our recovery efforts – We need your help! • Please pick up a form and list any donations, support or gifts given to CRH. • Return the form to Planning & Marketing in the Command Center by Wed. July 16th • Marketing will coordinate writing and sending the thank you notes. 36

  37. CRH Family Pool Party • Pool Party at Donner Center – Sunday, July 27 from 7 p.m. – 9 p.m. • Open to all CRH employees, doctors, and volunteers plus family members • Night donated to hospital by Parks & Rec / Donner • Opportunity to celebrate great progress and reconnect with CRH family 37

  38. Channel 13 Block Party at CRH • For CRH employees, affiliates, volunteers and their families who were directly affected by the flood at their homes • Thursday, July 17th • Location: Grassy area by Medical Office Buildings • Time: 4:30-6:30 pm • EAP will contact employees and let them know • Please encourage any employees that you know that are eligible to attend 38

  39. Next Leadership Meeting Same time, Same Place Friday, July 18, 8am Sandy Hook United Methodist