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ConnecTech HR Update August 11, 2008 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ConnecTech HR Update August 11, 2008. The road ahead is changing…. Nonexempts paid for time worked – comp time ends. Pay Periods Change for Nonexempts 1-15 & 16-end of month. Exempts enter leave via WLR monthly, even when no leave was taken. Pay Days Change for Nonexempts 10 th & 25 th.

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Connectech hr update august 11 2008

ConnecTech HR UpdateAugust 11, 2008

Connectech hr update august 11 2008

The road ahead is changing….

Nonexempts paid for time worked – comp time ends

Pay Periods Change for Nonexempts1-15 & 16-end of month

Exempts enter leave via WLR monthly, even when no leave was taken

Pay Days Change for Nonexempts10th & 25th

ePAF replaces HR PAF

Nonexempts enter time/leave via WTE semimonthly

Several HR, Budget, & Payroll processes & procedures

Your department’s processes & procedures

Web time entry wte
Web Time Entry (WTE)

Instead of 2000 nonexempt employees starting WTE for the 1st time during one pay period (Dec 1 – 15 of 2008), we want to pull some employees into WTE early:

  • Monthly nonexempts of selected departments will begin WTE through different phases in October and November of 2008

  • Biweekly nonexempts will begin WTE by reporting time/leave for the pay period 12/07 – 12/15

  • Exempts will begin Web Leave Reporting (WLR) by reporting leave for the pay period 12/01 – 12/31

F a update in august
F & A - Update in August

Prepare for Marathon Day(s)*

  • Don’t do anything new.

  • Eat first thing.

  • Don’t overdress.

  • Prevent chafing.

  • Wear sunscreen.

  • Pin your race number on your shorts.

  • Go for the jolt.

  • Top off your tank.

  • Keep your warmup short.

  • Run even pace.

  • Fix it sooner, not later.

  • Drink early – and late.

  • Use some gel.

  • Draft off someone.

  • Don’t charge the hills.

* Pulled from MSNBC online “Race day: How to Prepare for a Marathon” by Amby Burfoot

Don t do anything new
Don’t Do Anything New

On December 1, 2008

  • new HR, Budget, & Payroll processes/procedures,

  • nonexempts entering time/leave via WTE

  • exempts entering leave via WLR

  • PAF preparers begin using ePAF

    Carefully, consider anything new your department takes on during this time. Perhaps postpone things, bring them forward, or plan how to approach during this time of change.

Eat first thing
Eat First Thing

Nourish your primary business, while accounting for changes in your environment:

  • Ensure staff has frequent access to computers and eRaider system / develop internal process to support

  • Anticipate need for extra time to learn new systems

  • Review new processes and redesign internal processes as necessary

Don t overdress
Don’t Overdress

Keep things as simple as possible and focus on the important aspects of business, while striving to comprehend and anticipate how new processes will impact your department.

Prevent chafing
Prevent Chafing

Change is stressful; plan how to help your department cope:

  • Enable staff to attend informational and training sessions

  • Discuss with your staff how your department will adjust to process changes

  • Expect some mistakes (not perfect)

  • Anticipate additional time needed to complete even basic tasks

  • Select an employee(s) to target a process to champion as an internal subject matter expert

Wear sunscreen
Wear Sunscreen

Anticipate ways to reasonably protect your department during these changes. Find ways to rejuvenate and motivate your staff.

Pin your race on your shorts
Pin Your Race # on Your Shorts

Document important contacts within your department. Identify your internal subject matter experts and ensure team members know who is targeting what.

Go for the jolt
Go for the Jolt

Plan and provide resources to rejuvenate and energize your staff.

Top off your tank
Top Off Your Tank

Anticipate and creatively adjust resources to keep your department resources as full as possible.

Keep your warm up short
Keep Your Warm-up Short

Creatively avoid over-extending your staff and prioritize resources where they will be most impactful.

Run even pace
Run Even Pace

Envision how process changes will impact your department, prepare your team members via informational and training opportunities, and plan ahead to minimize disruptions and barriers.

Fix it sooner not later
Fix It Sooner, Not Later

Time is evaporative; late reactions and adjustments may hurt your department and staff more than proactive and early adjustments would have.

Drink early late
Drink Early & Late

Take opportunities to rehydrate yourself and your staff.

Use some gel
Use Some Gel

Identify opportunities to take quality short-cuts or ways to directly target your core business.

Draft off someone
Draft Off Someone

Identify, communicate, and post internal and external subject matter experts and resources to support your department.

Don t charge the hills
Don’t Charge the Hills

Don’t over-exhaust yourself by fretting all of the exception cases (yet). Focus on comprehending the general cases and processes; try and keep even pace. Help your staff positively anticipate go-live and first real experiences.

Connectech hr update august 11 2008


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