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Cyprus NGDO Platform

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Cyprus NGDO Platform. Charalambos Vrasidas Emete Imge Avgie Savvidou 2006. Overview . The uniqueness of the Cyprus case NGOs and NGDOs in Cyprus NGDO platform efforts

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Cyprus NGDO Platform

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Presentation Transcript
cyprus ngdo platform

Cyprus NGDO Platform

Charalambos Vrasidas

Emete Imge

Avgie Savvidou


  • The uniqueness of the Cyprus case
  • NGOs and NGDOs in Cyprus
  • NGDO platform efforts
  • Seminar and conference on international development
  • Issues and challenges
ngos in cyprus
NGOs in Cyprus
  • There are over a 100 active NGOs in Cyprus
  • The majority of NGOs have as primary activity work within Cyprus and neighboring countries
trialog training
TRIALOG training
  • November 2005, TRIALOG study visit
  • NGOs from Cyprus
    • Doctors of the world
    • The Management Centre of the Mediterranean
    • C.N.T.I.
    • CARDET
  • The study visit led to first efforts for establishing an island wide NGDO platform in Cyprus
seminar on building an ngdo platform 23 february 2006
Seminar on Building an NGDO Platform23 February, 2006

Island-Wide Participation from the following Organization:

  • Management Centre of the Mediterranean
  • C.N.T.I.
  • Green Action Group
  • Cyprus Family Planning Association
  • Doctors of the World
  • Unit of Environmental Studies, RDC-I, Ecognosia
  • GÜKAT (Güzelyurt District Development Association)
  • EC (EuropAid)
  • KTDD (= CTDA) Cyprus Turkish Diabetes Association
  • Kemal Saraçoğlu Foundation for Children with Leukemia and Fight Against Cancer
  • Malta NGDO platform
  • EC (EuropeAid)
ngdo mission
NGDO Mission
  • To bring together NGOs/NGDOs working on international development, development education, and development cooperation to improve the effectiveness of their work and advocacy
  • Raise awareness among Cypriots on issues related to international development, poverty, development education, development cooperation, health, human rights, and the UN Millennium Development Goals.
  • Promote the development of projects in developing countries
  • Support the distribution of information to all NGOs and NGDOs
  • Promote advocacy and lobbying with relevant authorities in Cyprus, EU, and internationally
  • Engage in capacity building activities for its members and affiliates
  • Promote the information and knowledge exchange via internships and other means.
  • The platform will be open to all Cypriot NGOs/ NGDOs regardless of their community or geographical location.
  • Full members must currently be NGDOs and meet the following criteria:
    • Qualify for NGDO based on CONCORD’s definition
    • Existence for more than one year
    • Apply rules of transparency with regard to their decision making procedures and budget management
affiliate members
Affiliate Members
  • Affiliate members: All NGOs who are interested to become NGDOs can join the platform as affiliates.
  • They will submit a proposal /plan on the kinds of activities they plan to engage in over a period of 1.5 years, with concrete deliverables, targets, and timeframe.
  • That plan will be approved by the Steering Committee and the NGDO platform will provide support to the NGO to meet its targets and become a full member of the NGDO.
  • Affiliate members qualify for all access to information, training opportunities, and the like.
issues challenges
Issues & Challenges
  • Steering committee elections
  • Representation and authorities of the committee
  • Ensuring equality and fairness
  • Defining Development
  • Ensure that affiliates meet development goals
  • Links with MFA and access to ODA
  • Need samples of MOU, statutes, lessons learned, etc. from other NGDO platforms