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Cyprus. COME TO PARADISE!!. Most Commonly visited regions of Cyprus. Aphrodite’s Rock. The Birthplace of Aphrodite.

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Most Commonly visited regions of Cyprus


Aphrodite’s Rock


The Birthplace of Aphrodite

About 15 miles south along the coast from Pafos is Petra Tou Romiou, the mythical birthplace of Aphrodite, Goddess of Love (hence Aphrodisiac).  Legend has it that Aphrodite rose here from the white sea-foam, and floated on a seashell to nearby Paleapaphos.


Archaeological discoveries in the Pafos region are continual, making it a highlight for those tracing civilization’s roots in Cyprus. For a glimpse of the artifacts and masterworks found in the area, visit the District Archeological Museum.

Returning to the 20th century, enjoy a cool drink, a steaming Cypriot coffee, or a meal of just-caught seafood in one of the taverns that dot the scenic harbor side in the town of Pafos. Hotels for every taste and budget can be found in town and the surrounding area. Use them as your home base for discovering this rich region.


The ancient site of Amathous


Kolossi Castle

At 14 km west of Limassol lies Kolossi Castle, a medieval fortress whose walls contain not only an imposing tower and surrounding living quarters but also an ancient sugar factory


The magnificent Theatre at Kourion, 2nd century B.C.



Directions:WatermaniaP.O Box 56958, 3311 Limassol, Cyprus

Phone:Tel +357 5 714235


Comments from a tourist:

This is a fantastic day out at watermania and there's so much here. Just remember to keep applying your sun cream so you don't burn while your having fun....!At the waterpark you can get yourself a locker to put your things in.


Most travelers first see Cyprus at Larnaka, which is the second port and the site of an international airport. No welcome could be sunnier: at Larnaka, deep blue seas meet bright sand beaches under incomparably brilliant skies.


Many ancient churches can be found in Larnaka.

The beautiful interior of the Church of St. Lazarus

Angeloktisti Church, 11th century


The Aphrodite Trail

View down onto the tip of the Akamas peninsula from the Aphrodite Trail

Close to the tip of the peninsula is The Aphrodite Trail, a four-mile walk up into the mountains overlooking the sea with fantastic views from the top. Along the trail lizards and wild flowers abound, and the going is steep in parts but manageable. Worth the trek!


The Ammochostos region has many luxurious resorts which offer modern conveniences, complete with ocean views. In this area you’ll find three wonderful beaches, Nissi Beach and Makronissos beach in Agia Napa, and Fig Tree Bay in Paralim


While in the Ammochostos region be sure to visit….

Explore the rugged coast toward Cape Greko, with its string of calm sandy coves, and stay for the indescribably beautiful sunset.


Shepherd in the Troodos Mountains

The thick cedar and pine forests and sun-soaked slopes of the Troodos region offer an unexpected contrast to the Mediterranean coast, less than an hour away. Halfway between the busy towns of Nicosia and Limassol, halfway between sea and sky, rising to 1,950 meters (6,500 feet), Troodos is a counterpoint to the rest of the island.


The Famagusta Gate was designed to protect the ancient city. Today it beckons people in.

“The island has in its midst a fair city called Nicosia, which is the capital of the kingdom, well walled, with its fine gates, which are three, to wit the gate of Paffo, of Famagusta, and Cirina. That of Famagusta, is the most beautiful, and in my judgment the city of Barcelona has none to match it”~ P. Joan Lopez, 1770