epa s diesel emissions changes n.
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EPA’s Diesel Emissions changes PowerPoint Presentation
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EPA’s Diesel Emissions changes

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EPA’s Diesel Emissions changes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EPA’s Diesel Emissions changes . By: Matthew Fackrell. Pros to having diesel engines . Better fuel economy than normal gas motors. Up to 30% better. More power for pulling purposes

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pros to having diesel engines
Pros to having diesel engines
  • Better fuel economy than normal gas motors. Up to 30% better.
  • More power for pulling purposes
    • Which reduces costs on shipments because large freight haulers have the ability to haul over whelming amounts of weight.

They throw smog and soot all over the road. Most people really don't like that to happen when your window is rolled down as it throws it in your face.

They are very loud, especially with an engine break on or Jake brake.

The smell is awful.

what s in diesel fuel
What's in diesel fuel

NOx (oxides of nitrogen) is a key ingredient in the formation of urban smog, and also can contribute to the formation of acid rain.

Soot and smog


New diesel

Old diesel

diesel emission problems
Diesel emission problems
  • Smog and Soot
  • Health hazards such as: chronic bronchitis, asthma, and problematic for people with preexisting heath problems.
  • Foggy roads
  • Poor air in major cities
    • Even worse for other countries such as India and china.
diesels fix it company
Diesels “fix it company”

Bluetec: The name BLUETEC covers diesel engines with exhaust emission treatment systems which meet even the strictest emission regulations on the US market. The systems employed by BLUETEC serve in particular to reduce nitrogen oxides (NOx) - the only constituent part of the exhaust gases which, due to the design of the diesel, inherently lies above the value for petrol engines.

advantages to clean diesel
Advantages to clean diesel

Cleans up the air.

More fuel efficient.

Better smell because of the new (ULSD) ultra low sulfur diesel fuel.

less NOx emissions put out.

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