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1. Expenses policy for engagement PowerPoint Presentation
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1. Expenses policy for engagement

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1. Expenses policy for engagement
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1. Expenses policy for engagement

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  1. 1. Expenses policy for engagement There has been inconsistency in the way in which service users and carers have their expenses covered for engagement in health and social care issues. This policy addresses that inconsistency for DCC and NHS Devon.

  2. 2. Expenses policy for engagement This policy clarifies: how much we will pay what we define as voluntary roles ie giving your views at meetings what we define as “paid work” which parts of our organisations pay. what DCC and NHS Devon will pay for

  3. 3. Expenses policy for engagement DCC and NHS Devon will pay expenses for service users and carers to attend: Board meetings Reference groups Monitoring groups Project Task Groups

  4. 4. Expenses policy for engagement Attendance at all of the mentioned meetings is by VOLUNTEERS who are giving up their time to share their experience of using our services with us. EXPENSES will be paid to ensure Service User & Carers are not out of pocket when giving their views.

  5. 5. Expenses policy for engagement Expenses payments will cover: Travel costs Carer Replacement costs Costs of any facilitator/supporter required for effective participation. Cost of supportive resources i.e. WASP, BSL interpreter etc

  6. 6. Expenses policy for engagement Travel costs means: - Mileage paid at 45p/mile (national Inland Revenue rate). Rail/Bus fares. Taxi/dial-a-ride fares if required.

  7. 7. Expenses policy for engagement Carer replacement costs will be agreed in advance of any engagement meeting. No fixed price has been set, but it is assumed the charges will be reasonable.

  8. 8. Expenses policy for engagement Some involvement roles can reasonably be defined as ‘work’ rather than engagement and therefore appropriate payment should be made. This will be made at £10 an hour and will be paid by the part of DCC or NHS Devon which requires the work to be done.

  9. 9. Expenses policy for engagement The definition of ‘work’ covers: Service monitoring/inspection roles, such as using a set checklist when visiting a care home. Production of reports by service users / carers rather than by paid staff i.e. DCC, NHS or Fusion. Participation in interviews for staff appointments.

  10. 10. Expenses policy for engagement In order for volunteers to be paid they must be recruited in a fair, transparent and open way. Agreements will be made between Fusion, commissioners and the relevant project/service before any work starts.

  11. 11. Expenses policy for engagement The part of DCC or NHS Devon which requires any “paid work” to be done must budget for this activity. e.g.1- if a Service User/Carer is required for an interview panel, their payments will come from the relevant recruitment budget. e.g.2 - the Quality Improvement Board has a dedicated budget to pay for residential care home quality inspections.

  12. 12. Expenses policy for engagement • All expenses and payments for work done must be declared for benefit claims and tax purposes. • Responsibility for this rests with the individual service user or carer, and this must be communicated to them by Fusion.

  13. 13. Payments • All expenses will be claimed through Fusion. • Fusion will develop a set of guidelines to outline how expenses can be claimed.