hydroelectricity a drop to the future n.
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Hydroelectricity “a drop to the future ” PowerPoint Presentation
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Hydroelectricity “a drop to the future ”

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Hydroelectricity “a drop to the future ” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hydroelectricity “a drop to the future ” . Felipe Serrano and Roberto Beneras. What I s I t ?. Hydropower is making electricity from water thet is moving . It mainly comes from rivers and it produces one fifth of the worlds electricity . It is actually used in 150 countries .

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hydroelectricity a drop to the future

Hydroelectricity“a droptothefuture”

Felipe Serrano and Roberto Beneras

what i s i t
  • Hydropowerismakingelectricityfromwaterthetismoving. Itmainly comes fromrivers and it produces onefifth of theworldselectricity. Itisactuallyused in 150 countries.
is it r enewable
  • Hydroelectricityistheworldslargestform of renewableenergygeneration. Itisconstantlyrenewedbytheriversthatflow.
worlds consumption
  • Canadaisthemainuser of thisform of electricity. Itsmainsource of energyishydropowersincethe 60% of theirenergy comes fromit.
ecuador s c onsumption
  • HydropowerisEcuador’ssecondlargestenergysourcewith a 19% of energycommingfromit.
how i t w orks
  • Hydroelectricity goes through a process to make electricity. For this process huge dams are constructed in big and flowing rivers. First the water gets stored behind the dam and it stores gravitational potential energy, then doors open and water flows through them rapidly because of all of the energy it stored and makes kinetic energy that crushes with a big turbine that rotates really fast and with the help of a generator converts that motion energy into electrical energy.
a drop to the future
A DropToTheFuture
  • Ourprojectwilltake place in Rio Putumayo, sinceitisthelargerriverwith 1,575 km. Aprox. Itisalso in a privilaged position becauseitis a easy place toreach and build so we can buildourhydropowerplantthere.
contribution to ecuador
Contributionto Ecuador
  • Thisrenewableenergybeenused as mainsource of power in Ecuador willhave a significantcontributionsinceweonly use 19% of thispowerfullsource of energy and ifweincreasethatpercentagethenqwewontwastetoomuchpetrolium and non-renewablefossilfuels. This can make Ecuador have a permanent, ecological and renewablesouce of energy.
energy source positive effects
EnergySource Positive Effects
  • Hydroelectricalpoweriscompletelyindependentfromfossilfuels and otherperishableresources.
  • Itscostis quite low and itisalso a cleanway of producingenergy.
  • Hydroelectricityiswayahead of otherforms os energy in allaspects.
energy source negative effects
  • Constructing a largewaterretainerischallenging in matters of time and money.
  • Thereservoir can cause torrentialrains.
  • It has fewecologicaleffects in itssurroundings.
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