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MISSION:. S m a l l - B u s i n e s s. BROADBAND. In a connected world would you rather be a service provider , a small-business , or an enduser ?.

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S m a l l - B u s i n e s s


what are the impacts of broadband speed and price on small business
Key Observations Regarding the U.S. Broadband Market and the Broadband markets of our neighbouring countries in the Caribbean & Latin American Communities.What are the Impacts of Broadband Speed and Price on Small Business
Small business broadband adoption rate has increased to over 90%, compared to 74% of adults with broadband access in their homes and just 65% of adults who use their home broadband connections, according to a 2010 Federal Communications Commission (FCC) report. The percentage of small businesses using the Internet is considerably higher than the percentage of residential users.

A 1989 Caribbean Broadband Review presented by the then Secretary General of the Caribbean Telecommunications Union called for connecting the next ten billion users.

A 23 Year old Challenge calling for Caribbean National Telecom Operators to:The Caribbean markets once lead the way in Government Monopolies. I am happy to observe this not the case today.
We have gone from the Legal freamworkof government Monopolies to the unlawful existence of thriving "Duopolies" in our media and telecommunications industries.The Caribbean markets once lead the way in Government Monopolies. I am happy to observe this not the case today.
To Accelerate the Broadband Experience in the Caribbean ..and to Transform the way we live ECBINET will be seeking the blessings of the CSG and the delegates of this conference in our effort to:Lead a coalition of small-businesses in aggressive legal action to rid the Caribbean of existing duopolies.

My company support The Rt. Hon. Perry Gladstone Christie, Prime Minister of the Bahamas in any effort which will lead to once again legally expeling the Pirates ...and restoring commerce -throug the proper deployment of broadband technology.

if we do not accelerate now
We will find ourselves and our region doing too little, too late –as it stands right now –we are a already a day late and a dollar short!If we do not accelerate NOW!