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Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA) PowerPoint Presentation
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Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA)

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Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA). Training for Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) PALA Coordinators February 3, 2011. Message from the Director.

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Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA)

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    1. Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA) Training for Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) PALA Coordinators February 3, 2011

    2. Message from the Director I want to challenge every BIE school to join President Obama in combating childhood obesity through the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA) program. I believe that physical fitness is a key component to a happy and successful life. It is known that sound physical fitness lends itself to better physical, mental and emotional health. I am deeply concerned about the statistics facing our children today when it comes to obesity and other health related illnesses. I believe that through Learning, Leadership and Service, we can combat obesity and other related health disparities to provide a better way of life for the future of our youth. It is my hope, that the BIE schools and especially the PALA Coordinators will lead the way in Indian Country to provide an example for all of our communities to follow.

    3. Objectives of Training • Educate PALA Coordinators on the BIE PALA Challenge • Equip PALA Coordinators with tools, support, and resources to be successful • Get motivated

    4. Learning Outcomes • Obtain understanding of the PALA challenge • Obtain understanding the BIE PALA challenge goal • Understand PALA Coordinator Roles and Responsibilities • Learn how to use PALA resources and tools • Develop a school PALA work plan

    5. The President’s Challenge What is the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award Challenge (PALA)? How can PALA helps students? • Six week individual fitness challenge • For everyone (all ages) • Commit to daily physical activity-and stick with it • Set realistic goals to encourage fitness for a lifetime • Establishing an active lifestyle received direct recognition through this award

    6. What is the goal? What type of activity counts? • 1 Million PALA Challenge • Develop lifelong habits • Any activity that causes all or most of the body to move, resulting in increased heart rate and breathing, can be chosen. Activities can be done alone, in physical education classes, on a team, or with friends or family.

    7. Amount of Activity Frequency Number of Weeks • Accumulate a minimum of 60 minutes of physical activity (children)/30 minutes (adults). This can be done at all at one time or in shorter segments throughout the day. • Five days a week is the minimum standard for the award. • Six weeks of eight weeks, five days per week is the standard for the award.

    8. The Award Earning Additional PALA’s • E-certificate signed by the co-chairs of the President’s Council on Health and Fitness, Drew Bress and Dominique Dawes. Coordinators will type in student names and information. Other certificates may be ordered at an additional cost to the school (optional). Certificates and awards can be ordered at • Participants are encouraged to continue earning additional awards by tracking their physical activity throughout the year

    9. Other Incentives • Any BIE schools participating in the General Mills "Box Top for Schools" program, may contact General Mills and request a Family Fitness Night kit including posters, info, soft soccer ball, jump ropes, etc. When the school completes the family fitness night, General Mills will send them around 125 certificates, patches, and seal stickers. The Family Fitness night is a great idea to start the PALA kick-off event at your school • BTFE_FFN_Guide201011.pdf

    10. The BIE Challenge What is the goal? • 25,000 PALA champions across Indian Country When does the PALA challenge start for BIE? • Special BIE Challenge: Starts February 14, 2011 and Ends April 11, 2011 (8 weeks to complete 6 weeks of activity) • Anytime Challenge: Can be started any time on any day and schools can have as many PALA challenges as they want • Note: In order to support the 1 million challenge, must complete PALA by June 17, 2011

    11. BIE schools will compete with each other to see who can get the most individuals to complete the PALA. In addition to the President’s Award, schools have the chance to receive a number of other honor’s, including a school site visit by a professional athlete. Other than the Presidential Award, will participating BIE schools win anything else?

    12. Roles & Responsibilities PALA Coordinator Participant • Organize enrollment • Coordinate special PALA physical activity events (example: Host a PALA walk for everyone at your school) • Distribute and collect paper activity tracking logs • Tally results for school • Submit completed tracking logs to • Notify of any best practices, or newsworthy stories that might be press related material • Individual participants are responsible for tracking their daily individual activity using the paper tracking log provided by their PALA coordinator and handing in the completed form after 6 weeks to the PALA coordinator

    13. Getting Started Step 1: Register your school using the provided form BIE Registration Form 2.2.11.pdf Step 2: Help ensure that your school participates in the BIE PALA launch live via ElkNET on Feb. 10th Step 3: Plan a PALA Kick-Off event at your school to get staff, teachers, administrators, students and the community involved Step 4: Provide all participants with the tracking log and devise a schedule during the school day (in partnership with teachers) to spend time completing the log every day PALA Info w Log LM Indian Country DRAFTv5AR.pdf

    14. Keeping it Going • Step 1: Provide your school with a weekly progress report (highlight best practices, share ideas for new activities, be a motivator and example for all) • Step 2: Help ensure that your school participates by ElkNET in other PALA related announcements (Dates TBA) • Step 3: Participate in weekly BIE PALA conference calls (Dates TBA) to ensure you receive all of the important updates and support you need to be successful

    15. Wrapping it Up Step 1: Collect, tally, and submit final results to the email address using the final tracking form provided Step 2: Organize a PALA Awards ceremony Step 3: Report your school’s success, stories, highlights to

    16. Let’s Move!