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The Cross

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The Cross.

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the cross
The Cross
  • The first time I noticed redeemed and cross together is here in Isaiah 51:10. Notice how when GOD freed the slaves from Egypt that HE made it possible for them to cross through the waters because they were HIS redeemed. In Psalms 136:14 we are shown that it’s GOD’s Grace which is eternal at the cross. HIS grace was given to us so that we do not have to stand in judgment and suffer the penalty that we so rightly deserve eternally.
  • The cross is the place; the location where we go and find redemption; mercy; grace; healing and forgiveness. This is the place where we have been purchased back from the hand of satan; from sin; from the curse; emotionally; mentally and physically.

The sin: disobedience to adhere to what the LORD GOD had charged Adam with. ADONAI GOD gave Adam this order “You may freely eat from every tree in the gardenexcept the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. You are not to eat from it, Gen. 2:15-16.

  • The warning: Lack of faith to what the LORD GOD had said to Adam. On the day that you eat from it, it will become certain that you will die.” Gen. 2:17
  • The curse: Believing and trusting the word of another over the Word of the LORD GOD. “Because you listened to what your wife said and ate from the tree about which I gave you the order, ‘You are not to eat from it,’ the ground is cursed on your account; you will work hard to eat from it as long as you live. It will produce thorns and thistles for you and you will eat field plants. *You will eat bread by the sweat of your forehead till you return to the ground* — for you were taken out of it: you are dust, and you will return to dust.” Gen. 3:17-19

The cross if we look at it with righteous eyes is a two-fold representation.

  • Shame
  • Glory
  • Shame because the cross reminds us to deny ourselves. Glory because the cross reminds us that to deny ourselves for JESUS is great glory for us to really live in HIM; as HE lives. So let’s take a look at just what the cross truly means to mankind.
  • The cross means life:
  • Before the cross judgment was passed and 3,000 people died who were not on the LORDs side. This was done in one day. Ex. 32:25-28
  • After the cross Forgiveness, Grace and Mercy was given and 3,000 people lived in JESUS; Acts 2:38-41. Now that was just in one day; that number continues to increase each second, minute, hour, day, week, month and year.
  • JESUS a sacrificial lamb according to the house of his father. Ex. 12:3 and John 1:29
  • Blood was placed above the door post; on both sides of the door post and on the entrance of the door post. Ex. 12:7 and Jhn 20:25

The blood served as a sign as to where GOD’s people were and that HE will pass over them not to execute judgment on them. Lev. 23; Pentecost is translated fifty; so if we were to count backwards from the day of firstfruits we will find ourselves back at the day of Passover. JESUS is the First fruit; the first to resurrect and come out of the tomb. But what about Lazarus; he was resurrected before JESUS was crucified. What about all those saints who were raised when their graves were opened? Yes, this is true; however, it is impossible to be resurrected without a resurrector. Jhn. 11:25. Lazarus was called out and the saints followed JESUS out of their graves. JESUS walked out first and the saints followed.


When reading Ex. 12; with our spiritual eyes we get a very clear picture of the cross. I suggest that we take note of some important words. Lamb; without defect or defects; slaughter; blood, smear, how and where the blood is to be seen. In verse thirteen it reads:The blood will serve you as a sign marking the houses where you are; when I see the blood, I will pass over you — when I strike the land of Egypt, the death blow will not strike you. Now read it this way; the blood will serve as a sign; when I see the blood, I will Passover you and the death blow will not strike you. Ah glory! What a promise to mankind; to know that when we accept and believe in the lamb of GOD who is JESUS the Son of the FATHER GOD who was slaughtered for mankind on the cross and HIS precious blood is smeared on the house in which we dwell in [flesh] that the death blow will not strike us. Because of the blood of JESUS which HE shed for you and me and because we have faith in HIM; HIS blood is all over us; keeping us from the revenging angel; the death angel whose blow of death is eternal.


I will like to take this time to magnify what JEUS did for you and me through shame and how we are recipients of HIS glory.

  • All over America and I'm certain other countries as well; there are reminders of the crucifixion. Unfortunately; they do not come close as to what JESUS endured for mankind.
  • JESUS was betrayed by Judas Iscariot; one of HIS twelve disciples and the treasurer; Jhn. 12:4-6.
  • JESUS was led away in the night from Caiaphas the high priest in his courtyard where HE was questioned; falsely accused; had HIS face spat in; beaten with rods and slapped with the palm of their hands. In the morning JESUS was then bound and led away to Pontius Pilate the governor all without rest or sleep. There JESUS was again questioned and falsely accused. It is here that JESUS great torment began. Being flogged; stripped of HIS clothes in front of the Roman military troops; a scarlet robe was placed on HIM as a mockery of HIS Royalty. A twisted crown of thorns was placed on HIS head; a reed also known as a stalk of tall grass was placed in HIS right hand to be HIS scepter. Why is it noted that the reed was placed in the right hand? Because the right hand of JESUS is HIS glorious power; saving strength; righteousness; mighty arm, strong and high; victory and is exalted. [Ex. 15:6; Ps. 20:6, 48:10, 89:13, 98:1 and 118:16] JESUS was made fun of /ridiculed; beaten upside the head; the robe was taken off and HIS clothes returned back to HIM when HE walked to Golgotha. JESUS was given sour wine mixed will gall. The explanation of sour wine is vinegar mixed with urine and excrement more widely known as bowel/feces; Ps. 69:21. At some point before JESUS was nailed to the cross; HIS clothes were removed again and gambled for.
  • After JESUS was severely beaten; HE was nothing beautiful to look at after they had beaten HIM the way they had; Is. 53:2.

Okay, to make it perfectly clear because it’s important that we don’t miss anything regarding the torment of JESUS for us. And my suggestion is that you read all four gospels and close your eyes to imagine the pain that JESUS took on to HIMself for us.

  • Betrayed
  • Unjustly tried
  • Falsely accused and questioned without rest.
  • Exhausted
  • Bound
  • Crown of thorns placed on HIS head
  • Blindfolded

**Beaten with a whip which had metal at the ends of the lashes of the whip. {Widely known for use as a corporate punishment by the Roman soldiers} A whip when used on flesh that has not been doctored with sharp instruments and cut into strands has the ability to tear into flesh already. However, the whip used on JESUS was doctored; it had metal on the strands and with each lash of the whip it tore into the flesh of JESUS. So much so that HIS flesh flung from HIS bones; HE was hit forty times because by law no one was to be hit more than forty times. Imagine seeing flesh sail through the air and some of it possibly landing on the on lookers. The wounds of JESUS were not superficial; forty times HIS flesh was hit; HIS flesh flung from HIS body which means that HIS back was one huge gaping hole. We know that JESUS received forty lashes; we know that HIS flesh flung from HIS body; now understand that forty stripes could not be counted on HIS flesh that no longer remained. Those forty lashes and bruises HE received left one huge stripe by which we have been healed.


JESUS carried HIS own cross; HIS execution stake. This was not the norm; Jhn. 19:17. Now I personally myself think; (it’s not a belief); just a thought. That since John the disciple was the only one who had not run away but remained close to JESUS doing this ordeal that he will have a better account of what happened. However, because Mark and Luke being a couple of the disciples who did run away yet remained close enough to see what was happening from afar; their witness account has placed Simon of Cyrene into history. Now John wrote that JESUS, HIMself carried HIS cross and Mark and Luke wrote that Simon carried the cross for JESUS following HIM. In all three gospels it is written that Simon of Cyrene who was minding his own business and coming into Jerusalem from the country; was made to follow behind JESUS as HE was being led away to be crucified. The only way I can explain the two very different accounts of who carried the cross is this. Because Matthew, Mark and Luke have it recorded forever that Simon of Cyrene carried the cross for JESUS following behind HIM. And yet; none of these three remained close to JESUS, then this account had to have been; as they saw it as being apart of the crowd who followed JESUS as HE was leaving the Praetorium. Simon of Cyrene was charged with carrying the cross before JESUS got to Golgotha. Then the cross was handed over to JESUS to walk up the hill where HE was to be crucified. I believe that the cross on which JESUS was crucified on was never used by another before HIS execution. I believe that the cross was taller than all the other crosses. Why do I believe this? Numbers chapter 21 regarding the bronze snake and the pole. The snake was poisonous and when bitten death occurred. The poison; sin and the penalty of sin; death. GOD used a poisonous snake made of bronze as judgment of sin and a pole as redemption of HIS people. The poisonous snake is a representation of satan who is poisonous and has bitten us and infected us with his sin. The bronze snake is a representation of judgment which was lifted up for all to see.


JESUS is the bronze snake placed on the pole; HE was lifted up for all to see all over the planet and HE takes the poison of sin on HIMSELF. Notice I wrote on HIMself not in HIMself. Once we look on JESUS then we will live in HIM. We have been given the antidote from the poison of sin.

  • I don’t believe that because JESUS was placed on a cross that had been used; I believe that HIS was never used and that it was not smooth. No, I believe that the torment continued with a rugged cross; which means that the cross was jagged, rough, and splintered. I believe that when Simon of Cyrene carried the cross for JESUS that he received many splinters. I believe that when JESUS carried HIS own cross that the weight and rough surface dug into HIS already tortured and fatigued body.
  • JESUS was naked for all to see.
  • JESUS was nailed; arms stretched out wide on both sides of HIM and feet nailed together. Do you see the picture of the cross and Passover which was given to us back in the scriptures of Ex. 12:7? I believe that the blood over the door post was our banner as the banner which was written “The KING of the Jews.” The blood on both sides of the door post; JESUS arms were stretched out wide on both sides of the cross. JESUS feet were nailed together on the cross. The blood was placed on the entrance of the door posts; JESUS is the door.

JESUS was lifted up on the highest point of Golgotha for all to see and dropped into place which sent HIS body into shock.


JESUS was placed between two robbers.

  • JESUS will always place HIMself inbetween you and sin. It was true then and it’s true today; JESUS will be accepted by one and denied by the other. One will hear, see, accept and believe in JESUS and live with HIM in eternity. The other will not hear, will not see, will not accept, will not believe in JESUS and will live without HIM in eternity. Observe your family; friends; community. One will acknowledge guilt the other will blame another or circumstances for guilt. Even in this most critical moment JESUS forgave and forgives.
  • And when all HIS earthly work was completed JESUS then yielded up HIS own Spirit. Everyone else who was crucified along with HIM had already died. They died by the hand of man; not JESUS, HE surrendered HIS Spirit into the hands of HIS FATHER. No man could or can take the life of JESUS.

So this Easter season while we are enjoying dressing in our best and hunting for eggs. Let’s remember JESUS and how it is HE that made today possible. Remember that on this day we observe HIS resurrection from that borrowed tomb. Yes, with a shout I scream JESUS Is Not dead; JESUS Is Alive and because JESUS is alive I can live. Easter is so much more than a bunny, eggs and dressing up. Easter is the day I celebrate the rising of the SON! By all means continue to have fun and enjoy the day with your bunny, eggs and dressing up but please don’t forget what the true meaning of this day is. JESUS is no longer on the cross and JESUS is no longer in the tomb but JESUS is seated at the right hand of HIS FATHER.


Ref. Scriptures: Mat. 10:1, 38; 16:24; 26:2-4; 14-16; 25, 47-49; 57, 59-68; 27: 1-2, 12, 26-31; 34, 38.

  • *eating bread does not mean that we are to eat only bread; it means that our sustenance will come from our hard work. For ex. Don’t work-don’t eat.
  • **the type of whip used to beat JESUS is not noted in the scriptures. However, when or if you were to research the type of whip used by the garrison; we will find the whip of choice with pictures.
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