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Flexible Tubular Heater Installation – Nextflex PowerPoint Presentation
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Flexible Tubular Heater Installation – Nextflex

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Flexible Tubular Heater Installation – Nextflex - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Nextflex tubular heaters are flexible heaters that are user formable, simple to install. These flexible heaters have an external sheath made of nickel braid and can be bent into virtually any shape. Nextflex tubular heaters are true to size heaters that do not expand when installed, eliminating risk of heated section outside of the manifold. Nexthermal can also assist you in selection, installation advice and improving application performance.

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Presentation Transcript

Nextflex Tubular heaters

Next Generation

Flexible Tubular Heaters


Introducing the Nextflex

  • Flexible tubular heater
  • External sheath made of nickel braid
  • External sheath fits into surface groove without any air gaps
  • Bendable into nearly all shapes
  • Bending tool as bending aid available
  • Wide range of stock heaters (diameter, length and wattage)

Types of Nextflex

  • Nextflex
    • standard stocked item in 8.0mm and 8.5mm
  • Nextflex – hermetic -- Special order
    • sealed against gases and liquids
  • Nextflex -- hermetic vario -- Special order
    • sealed, one sided connection


8.0mm available in Round and D-shape



8.0mm Nextflex

  • Availablelengths ex stock :
    • 300 mm – 2100 mm in increments of 50 mm
  • Availablewattage ex stock:
    • 450 W to 3600 W (@230 V) depending on diameter andlength
  • Availableuponrequest:
    • Otherlengths
    • Otherwattages
    • Otherconnectiontypes


8.5mm Nextflex

  • Available lengths ex stock:
    • 300 mm – 1500 mm in increments of 50 mm
  • Availablewattage ex stock:
    • 450 W to 3300 W (@230 V) depending on diameter andlength
  • Availableuponrequest:
    • Otherlengths
    • Otherwattages
    • Otherconnectiontypes


Availablediameter ex stock /connectiontype / bendingradiusfromthemiddle:

  • □ (6 x 6) mm / M3 / 12 mm
  • ○ 6.5 mm / M3 / 12 mm
  • ○ 8.0 mm / M4 / 14 mm Stockedround and D shaped
  • ○ 8.5 mm / M4 / 14 mm Stocked in roundshape
  • □ (8 x 8) mm / M4 / 14 mm
  • Available on request: □ (4 x 4) mm

Nextflex Hermetic

Nextflex Hermetic

  • Hermeticallysealed
  • No intrusion of gases, liquidsorhumidity
  • Temperatureresistant up to 450°C
  • Special order item—6 weeklead time

Nextflex Hermetic

Availablediameter / bendingradiusfromthemiddle, connectiontype:

  • □ (6 x 6) mm / 12 mm
  • ○ 6.5 mm / 12 mm
  • ○ 8.0 mm / 14 mm
  • ○ 8.5 mm / 14 mm
  • □ (8 x 8) mm / 14 mm
  • All types M4 thread
  • Availableuponrequest: variouslength / wattage

Nextflex-Hermetic Vario

Nextflex-Hermetic Vario

  • One-sidedconnectionhead
  • Hermeticallysealed
  • No intrusion of gases, liquidsorhumidity
  • Optional integratedthermocouple
  • Special order item 6 week delivery

Nextflex-Hermetic Vario

Available Selections:

  • □ (4 x 4) mm
  • □ (6 x 6) mm
  • ○ 6.5 mm
  • ○ 8.5 mm
  • □ (8 x 8) mm
  • Availableuponrequest: variouslength / wattage

Nextflex Shapes

square shape

contact surface 75%

round shape

contact surface 50%

square + round shape

contact surface 72%


- greater circumference than round shape

- improved heat transfer


Nextflex D-Shape

  • The new heater for 8.0mm grooves
  • Optimal heat transfer (above 72% and beyond)

Nextflex Round vs. D-shape

Note: Forming and stakingtoolsrequired to properlyinstall D Shape heater

Traditional Round Shape

Contact surface 50%


Ease of installation

Innovative D-shape

contact surface 72%


Improved heat transfer/energy efficiency

Staking reduces need for holding mechanism


Nextflex compelling advantage

Excellent Heat Transfer

Nexflex D-shape heaters proven to be faster and more efficient than our previous generation flexible heater in side by side test. Ask your Nexthermal representative to show you the video.

User formable — Shipped in simple to install straight lengths

Availability — Nextflex heaters ship same day from stock for orders placed before 2:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

Eliminate guesswork — Nextflex true to size heaters do not expand when installed, eliminating risk of heated section outside of the manifold

Supporting tools — Reduce installation time and improve performance with Nexthermal installation tools

Technical support — Nexthermal can assist you in selection, installation advice and improving application performance

Nexthermal Tubular Heaters…

the next generation flexible tubular heater.

Heat Test: Previous generation flexible tubular heater (left) vs. the Nextflex (right). With Nextflex you are the clear winner.

Side by side test data demonstrates that Nextflex heaters transfer more heat to your tool. The chart shows that the Nextflex heater is very close to the tool temperature when our previous flexible heater shows a differential of more then 100Cº.

Nextflex D-shape in

square groove

Nextflex round

Nextflex D-shape


Nextflex toolsFormingtoolrecommended for round NextflexForming and stakingtoolrequired for Nextflex D Shape

Nextflex Formingtool

  • Designed for Nextflex
  • Helpful bending aid
  • No damage of Nextflex

Nextflex Stakingtool

  • Designed for Nextflex
  • Helpful assembly aid
  • Optimized compressing

Nextflex heaters are simple and efficient

Best Practices

Efficient to Install

Nextflex tools reduce installation time and eliminate the need for additional retention methods.

Making sure heater is

directly above the groove,

strike with Teflon® side of

Nextflex forming tool.

One hard strike is better

than two soft ones.

Strike the Nextflex staking

tool hard every 20mm

(~.75"). This creates a

Firmly seated heater with

excellent heat transfer.

The first 10mm (~.40") after the connection area should always be straight.

For bending the Nextflex we recommend our Nextflex toolset. This will allow the Nextflex to be seated optimally into the groove, resulting in maximum heat transfer.

Form the first bend at

center location prior to


When bending, make sure the Nextflex tool handle is parallel with the uninstalled Nextflex. This puts the minimum bending radius protection in the correct position.

For optimal heat transfer, it is best to stake the Nextflex after assembly approximately every 20mm (~.75") into the groove.

Pneumatic hammer attachment.


Customer Benefits

Benefits of External Sheath made of Nickel Braid

  • 3x better heat transfer than stainless steel
  • Flexible nickel braid adapts to the form of the groove
  • Minimum air gap of nickel braid compared to stainless steel versions

Customer Benefits

  • No stretching during installation process
  • Hermetically sealed connection head temperature resistant up to 450°C (Nextflex Hermetic)
  • Hermetically sealed connection head temperature resistant up to 260°C (Nextflex Hermetic Vario)
  • Dimension (4x4) mm available
  • One sided connection heads available

Customer Benefits

  • Also available with integrated Thermocouple
    • 4x4 and Hermetic Vario
  • M3 and M4 thread available instead of M2.5
  • Not bendable area 30/30 mm instead of 35/35 mm

Nextflex heaters are stocked in 8mm and 8.5mm diameters








8.5mm ø


300mm Length


650W @ 230V