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Celebrity Rumor Mill

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Celebrity Rumor Mill - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Gossip Cop debunks the most ridiculous rumors of the week, from Brad Pitt's new crush to Snooki's crazy diet.

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<p class=\"MsoPlainText\">Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are \u201csecretly\nengaged,\u201d reports Perez Hilton, who says the actress was recently spotted\n\u201csporting a gynormo sparkling gem on that tell-tale left hand finger.\u201d For why\nthey\u2019ve been keeping their engagement under wraps, and when the couple plans to\ntie the knot, click over to <a target=\"_blank\" href=\"\">Gossip Cop</a>.</p>


Justin Bieber just turned down a huge payday to play a \u201cbald guy\u201d on \u201cHow I Met Your Mother,\u201d reports the National Enquirer. The mag reveals he wasn\u2019t even asked to shave his trademark locks, but instead \u201cwear a skullcap.\u201d For the crazy reason he wouldn\u2019t even pretend to be bald, see what a Bieber confidante admits to <a target=\"_blank\" href=\"\">Gossip Cop</a>.


<p class=\"MsoPlainText\">Jon Hamm and his longtime girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt\nare secretly engaged, reveals In Touch. The mag says the couple was recently\n\u201ctoasting their engagement\u201d and being \u201ccongratulated\u201d by friends at L.A.\u2019s\nChateau Marmont. For details about the \u201cMad Men\u201d star\u2019s over-the-top proposal,\nand when and where they plan to wed, see what a Hamm insider spills to <a target=\"_blank\" href=\"\">Gossip\nCop</a>. </p>


<p class=\"MsoPlainText\">Katie Holmes is \u201crebelling\u201d against Tom Cruise, reveals\nIn Touch, because he\u2019s now demanding she \u201cnever leave the house unless she\nlooks perfect.\u201d The mag says she\u2019s recently \u201cdressed casually and sans makeup,\u201d\nbut it\u2019s infuriating Cruise. For why Holmes no longer cares how she looks in\npublic, and what Cruise plans to do about it, click over to <a target=\"_blank\" href=\"\">Gossip Cop</a>. </p>


<p class=\"MsoPlainText\">Jessica Simpson is spending $2 million on the birth of\nher baby, reveals In Touch, which notes that she\u2019s shelling out $1.3 million\n\u201cto hire 30 armed guards\u201d to protect the newborn around-the-clock and $500,000\nto rent out an entire hospital wing as a \u201cbirthing suite.\u201d For her other\noutrageous baby expenditures, log on to <a target=\"_blank\" href=\"\">Gossip Cop</a>. </p>


<p class=\"MsoPlainText\">Kim Kardashian is \u201cbetraying\u201d her best friend Eva\nLongoria, reports In Touch. The mag explains Kardashian is now having a \u201csteamy\nsecret romance\u201d with the \u201cDesperate Housewives\u201d star\u2019s ex-boyfriend Eduardo\nCruz, even though Longoria wants him back. For how crushed Longoria is, and why\nthe reality star is still throwing herself at Cruz, see what Kardashian herself\nreveals on <a target=\"_blank\" href=\"\">Gossip Cop</a>. </p>


<p class=\"MsoPlainText\">Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom\u2019s marriage has reached\n\u201cthe end,\u201d reports Star. The mag says Odom is \u201cgetting tired\u201d of his wife\nobsessing about her \u201cinfertility,\u201d and has been seeking comfort in the arms of\nanother woman. For how Kardashian caught him \u201ccheating,\u201d and when she\u2019s going\nto file for divorce, see what a family insider confides to <a target=\"_blank\" href=\"\">Gossip Cop</a>.</p>


<p class=\"MsoPlainText\">Brad Pitt has developed a \u201chuge crush\u201d on The Artist star\nBerenice Bejo, reveals The National Enquirer. The magazine notes Pitt is now\n\u201cdetermined\u201d for them to star in a film together, while Angelina Jolie is\n\u201cfurious over his roving eye.\u201d For how \u201cenchanted\u201d Pitt is with Bejo, and what\nJolie\u2019s doing to keep them apart, go to <a target=\"_blank\" href=\"\">Gossip Cop</a>. </p>


<p class=\"MsoPlainText\">Chris Brown and Rihanna will perform together in\nAustralia next month for what will be their first public reunion since he\nassaulted her years ago, reports The Daily Telegraph. The paper says the\n\u201ccontroversial duet\u201d will take place in Brisbane. For more details about their\nperformance, and why they chose to reunite onstage outside the U.S., log on to\n<a target=\"_blank\" href=\"\">Gossip Cop</a>.</p>


<p class=\"MsoPlainText\">Snooki is \u201cfreaking out\u201d so much about gaining weight\nduring her pregnancy, she\u2019s \u201cactually still dieting,\u201d reveals Reality Weekly.\nThe mag says that when no one\u2019s looking, she secretly throws her meals in the\ntrash. For how scary a situation it\u2019s become, and what her friends plan to do\nabout it, see what a Snooki friend exclusively tells <a target=\"_blank\" href=\"\">Gossip Cop</a>. </p>