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PREV ’AIR : An operational system for air quality monitoring and forecasting prevair - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PREV ’AIR : An operational system for air quality monitoring and forecasting presented by Laurence Rouïl. Builds up and hosts the prev ’air system AQ expertise for the Ministry. Public organization under the supervision of the Ministry of Ecology. INERIS.

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PREV ’AIR :An operational system for air quality monitoring and forecasting

presented by Laurence Rouïl

Builds up and hosts the prev ’air systemAQ expertise for the Ministry

Public organization under the supervision of the Ministry of Ecology


Builds up and hosts the NRT databaseAQ expertise for the Ministry


National Agency of Environment


National Research Centre

Model development : CHIMERE

Météo France

Model development : MOCAGE +meteorological forecasts

National Meteorological services


A cooperative system for large scale air quality forecasting and mapping over Western Europe and France ; developed in 2003 upon an initiative of the Ministry of Ecology

Operational purposes : in France, since 2004, public information related to pollution episodes (threshold exceedances) can be driven by forecasts (not only observations)

Low and high resolution meteorological forecasts

Chemical forecasts

Forecasts (maps)

Numerical AQ forecast data

Analysis (maps)

Observations (maps)


Emilia Romagna (ARPA-EMR) Swiss (NABEL/SAEFL) Germany (UBA)







Architecture of the PREV’AIR Modelling System

  • 3D Chemistry Transport Models...


  • MOCAGE / METEO-France

  • open system to other models...

  • … Driven by meteorological forecasts

  • AVN / NCEP global data (+ MM5 higher resolution forecasts)


  • Other input data

  • Emissions inventory (EMEP)


  • Land-use (GLCF data base)

  • NRT observations data from local AQ monitoring organizations (AASQA) ; bilateral cooperation with other countries

The chimere model set up in prev air


Over Europe Over France

Horizontal resolution: 0.5°x 0.5° 0.15° x 0.1°

Vertical resolution: 8 levels from surface pressure up to 500 hPa

Meteorological forecast data

AVN / NCEP for initialisation and boundary conditions

MM5 higher resolution forecasts


Chemical scheme

MELCHIOR (47 species, 125 reactions)

Aerosol module

7 species (PPM, SOA, nitrate, sulphate,

ammonium, Water Contents, dust)

25 reactions (aqueous and heterogeneous phase)



The mocage model set up in prev air


Global Model / Over Europe / Over France

Horizontal resolution: 4°x 4° 0.5° x 0.5° 0.1° x 0.1°

Vertical resolution: 47 levels from surface pressure up to 5hPa

Meteorological forecast data


Chemical scheme

RACMOBUS (118 species, 381 reactions)

No aerosol module

The MOCAGE Model Set-Upin PREV’AIR

Prev air outputs daily forecasts

O3, peak forecast(µg/m3)

20040729 D+0

  • Available at D+0, 00 h LT

  • Daily peak and averaged concentration maps

    • D+0, D+1, D+2

  • Pollutants: O3, NO2 (France and Europe)particulate matter (Europe)

PREV’AIR Outputs : Daily Forecasts

O3, peak forecast(µg/m3)

20040729 D+1

O3, peak forecast(µg/m3)

20040729 D+2

PREV ’AIR Outputs : Ozone Analyses for the Day Before and the Current Day

03 simulation corrected by observations (µg/m3)

  • Modelled concentrations corrected with observations:

    • Observations collected in real-time for 150 stations

    • Statistical adaptation using a kriging method

    • Available at J+0 with updates if near real time observations available

    • Feasibility study for the PM

O3 simulation (µg/m3)

O3 corrective field (µg/m3)

July 31, 2004

PREV ’AIR Outputs : French maps of near real time observations

maps of daily max and mean measured concentrations :

for O3, NO2, PM2.5 and PM10

using observations made between 0h and t

hour by hour updating if data available (pollution events)

for J and the 6 previous days

Daily mean concentrations of PM10 at surface measured on the 12 of September 2004

PREV’AIR Outputs : Scores

PM10 scores

PREV ’AIR Outputs : Annual Budgets

Ozone, averaged peak (µg/m3) during summer 2003

Ozone, # of hours of exceedance of the 180 µg/m3 threshold during summer 2003

Ozone, # of hours of exceedance of the 240 µg/m3 threshold during summer 2003

PREV ’AIR Outputs : Numerical Forecast Data

  • PREV’AIR numerical data

    • Extraction over user-defined domains

    • Available through the Internet for AQ related institutions (user accounts)

  • Applications

    • 3D data: BC for local AQ simulations : ESMERALDA (Ile-de-France area), AERES (PACA region), …

    • 2D data: for local AQ monitoring and forecasting (interpolation, statistical modelling)

  • Feed-back from PREV’AIR users

    • Meetings with AQ networks for system improvement

    • Day-by-day debriefing about forecasts

Towards a european framework
Towards a european framework….

  • Bilateral cooperation for data exchange (NRT) and simulated results evaluation

  • Involvement in the GMES programs:

    • PROMOTE (ESA) : demonstrator (phase 1), definition of air quality services related to forecasting and mapping (phase 2), definition of a cooperative framework (with other european AQ teams)

    • GEMS (UE) : Contribution to the Air Quality part

Developments planned (1)

  • July 2005 : Implementation of data assimilation methods of ozone ground level measurements in the PREV’AIR system  Improvement of forecasts and mapping.

  • August 2005-2006 :  feasibility study related to the operational acquisition of ozone data from LIDARs or of satellite data in the PREV’AIR system.  Improvement of the whole system taking into account 3D information

  • End 2005 : Feasibility of a cooperative exchange network related to near real time AQ data as this is done for France in the PREV’AIR system Near real time air quality maps in other countries?

Developments planned (2)

  • Implementation of nested methods to couple the models MOCAGE (applied over the whole Europe) and CHIMERE (applied over the western part of Europe) in order to obtain more realistic boundary conditions for PREV’AIR forecasts.

  • Case study to generate « ensemble » forecasts over France and Europe issued from the results given by MOCAGE and CHIMERE (multi-models approach)

  • Conclusions on the possibility, relevance, and feasibility of the implementation of a common and european air quality forecasting system in cooperation with the other PROMOTE partners

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