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foundation production planning zenaide dias paulo n.
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Foundation Production Planning Zenaide Dias-Paulo PowerPoint Presentation
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Foundation Production Planning Zenaide Dias-Paulo

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Foundation Production Planning Zenaide Dias-Paulo
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Foundation Production Planning Zenaide Dias-Paulo

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  1. Foundation Production Planning Zenaide Dias-Paulo

  2. proposal • My music magazine genre will be neo-soul, neo meaning new, contemporary, modernized. The genre is a huge; niche market it is a sub-genre of R&B, & Jazz. Often called poetry with music. It is associated with a variety of artists and a broad style. Neo soul is described by radical critics as a Caucasian style of soul music. Besides from the debate that neo sole falls under the genre of R&B and therefore cannot form its own identity there is the theory. Critics always say that neo soul is another example of the Caucasian music industry taking black music and making it more main stream watered down and technical. Others argue that it is just an expansion of soul music making it accessible to a larger market and a broader audience. • The known neo-soul artists are huge in terms of mainstream music; Amy Winehouse ,Joss Stone, Alicia keys, Paulo Nutini etc, however they are not recognized as neo-soul artist because the sub-genre rests on a few largely mainstream artist and a boatload of underground, unknown, one hit wonder artists making neo-soul a niche genre with a naïve audience, I say naïve because they are not aware what sub-genre their favorite artists are under. • The genre was put together by; KedarMassenburg of Motown records to represent the contemporary soul artists at the current time (late 1990’s) neo soul music tends toward lyrical substance, real instrumentation and emotional integrity as opposed to mainstream pop sensibilities. Some artists choose to disassociate themselves from the tag neo-soul because of its buzzword capacity. Most of the artists are unfamiliar to pop audiences due to their exclusive style of soul music. • Neo-soul artists tend to be very well informed of world, spirit, music and politic culture. • The neo soul audience has a very similar outlook on the world. They have a interest in raw music but not so raw that live and real.





  7. photos

  8. Neo-soul • want to create a therapeutic, relaxing engaging mood throughout my magazine. Neutral colours are very relaxing, I want to have a colour scheme of browns, nudes, and salmons. I want to make my magazine accessible to all races, by having three models of different races. A strong feeling of comfort and personality is what I am trying to achieve throughout my magazine

  9. Similar solo artists • My Model: Tenika Barton was influenced by singer soul artists, Alicia keys and Laura Izibor I want her to be sensual and have a sort of meditating peaceful aura • My Model Camila Marin was influenced by singer soul artists, Amy winehouse Joss Stone. I want her to give the magazine an element of rebellion, independent uniqueness. • My ,model Zenaide Dias-Paulo was influenced by Dionne Bromfield and Melodie Fiona. Photos as shown above I want to give the magazine an element of spirituality, simplicity & happiness.

  10. Target audience • Neo-soul’s American audience consists of 74%Caucasian 15% African American. 2% Asian 7% Hispanic 45% have no children, which explains why 57% are over 35 years of age. 56% are males, 64% are educated in a middle class atmosphere and all are open minded and enjoy the music because it unifies by crossing racial, economic, religious, ethnic and cultural barriers through positive creative music. • My target audience will be 18+ and the magazine will be distributed through, specialist record shops, by subscription, in jazz café’s, in concerts associated with (neo) soul artists, clubs, and specialist record shops.