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Senior Advising Session 2013-2014

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Senior Advising Session 2013-2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Senior Advising Session 2013-2014. Senior Advising Agenda. Review Advising Materials Important: Download the e-version of the Sr. Advising booklet and Power Point from the GBHS Counseling website Presentation Graduation Status & Transcript Review

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senior advising agenda
Senior Advising Agenda
  • Review Advising Materials
  • Important: Download the e-version of the Sr. Advising booklet and Power Point from the GBHS Counseling website
  • Presentation
    • Graduation Status & Transcript Review
    • A-G (4 yr. college course requirements) Analysis
    • Post-secondary Options
    • College Timelines & Requirements
    • College Application Tips
    • UC/CSU Application and Personal Statement Support
    • Financial Aid
post secondary options
Post-secondary Options
  • Workforce
  • Military
  • Trade/Tech Schools
  • 2-year community college
  • 4-year college
  • Enlisting? Contact recruiter / liaison through Career Center
  • Be sure to have a parent present before you sign anything.
  • Consider ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Core)
community college
Community College
  • Applications online – recommended to apply by Feb.
      • Sierra College
      • American River
      • Watch for Sierra and American River College reps in the Career Ctr. (Dates TBD)
      • Assessment required for placement in English and Math and need to be taken prior to registration
  • Transfer agreements
    • UC Transfer Agreement Guarantee (TAG) is available online at
  • Transfer requirements – differ by major
    • Use for California colleges
  • Keep in contact with counselor at Community College and make sure they are aware of plans
university bound what colleges are looking for
University BoundWhat colleges are looking for:
  • Strength of curriculum (maintain thru Sr. yr.)
    • Must complete Algebra 2 minimally
  • Grades/GPA: “C” or better minimally required
  • Test Scores (SAT/ACT)
  • Activities
  • Leadership
  • Community Service
  • Essays (if required)
  • Interviews (some private schools)
csu california state university
CSU (California State University)
  • Are you eligible?
    • Satisfy a-g requirements
    • If your “a-g” GPA is 3.0 or higher, ANY SAT/ACT score will qualify you
    • If your “a-g” GPA is below 3.0, you still could qualify (see CSU Eligibility Index at
      • Example: a 2.5 GPA with a 900 SAT score (out of 1600) would qualify!
  • What do they look for?
    • GPA
    • Test Scores: ACT or SAT (1600)
    • Exception: Cal Poly SLO
  • Application
    • Application is available online beginning Oct. 1 but submission period is from Nov. 1 through November 30th
    • Application available at
    • Print a copy of online applications prior to sending. Make sure you print out the instant electronic receipt and summary sheet.
csu application assistance
CSU Application Assistance
  • CSU application tutorial
  • CSU Mentor support:
    • phone: 800-468-6927
uc university of california
UC (University of California)
  • Are you eligible?
    • Satisfy “a-g” requirements
    • Minimum “a-g” GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • What do they look for?
    • Comprehensive Review of application
    • GPA
    • Strength of Curriculum
    • Test Scores: ACT w/ Writing or SAT 1 (out of 2400)
    • Personal Statement
    • Extracurricular
  • Application
    • Online Application window is from November 1 through November 30th
    • Application available at
    • Print a copy of online applications prior to sending. Make sure you print out the instant electronic receipt and summary sheet.
uc application assistance
UC Application Assistance
  • UC Personal Statement tutorial
  • UC application tutorial
    • Take the Pathways Virtual Tour (available Oct. 1) of the application which allows you to walk through each step BEFORE you start your official application at
  • UC Outside Support
    • Online Application:
    • Online Application Tour:
    • UC Application Center: phone: 800-207-1710
on campus application assistance
On-campus Application Assistance

Support for UC and CSU application:

  • Thursday, Oct. 24th during both lunches in the Library
  • Tuesday, Nov. 5th during both lunches in the Library
  • Thursday, Nov. 21st: 2:45-3:30 in the Library
private schools
Private Schools
  • Requirements vary – if you fulfill “a-g” requirements, you likely will meet most private school admission requirements.
  • Deadlines are specific to each school
    • Make sure you pay attention to separate Financial Aid deadlines also
  • Carefully read all directions prior to completing application and essays
  • Many schools have similar profiles so don’t apply “just because.” Be sure to research and pay attention to those features or programs that separate schools apart from one another.
  • If applying through Common Application, be aware that many schools have additional “supplemental” documents that need to be completed.
handling letters of recommendation
Handling Letters of Recommendation
  • Be sure to download important instructions on the counseling website or through Naviance
  • Access the Personal Profile/Resume Template on the GBHS Counseling website or through Naviance (click “About Me” tab)
  • Allow a minimum of two weeks for person to write it AFTER submitting a personal profile/resume – a month is preferred! (minimum of 10 school days)
  • If you are applying through Common Application or SENDedu, you will need a letter from your counselor and two teachers. You will be prompted to enter our contact information and then we receive an email prompt from them.
  • PLEASE connect with your counselor in person or via email to provide us your personal profile. Do not assume that just because you enter our info. on Common App/SENDedu that everything is taken care of!
tips for filling out application
Tips for filling out application
  • Be honest and accurate (random verification).
  • Be sure to print out the electronic receipt and summary page.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to apply!
  • If essay is required, begin early and edit multiple times and seek feedback from others.
  • Only grades earned in “a-g” approved courses taken in 10th-12th grade are used to calculate your GPA for UC/CSU’s
tips continued
Tips continued…
  • Consult with college admissions office if considering an academic course change
  • Any academic class changes made (after submission of application) should be reported to colleges in writing (email works well for this)

Early Action vs. Early Decision

  • Early Action is non-binding (you don’t have to go if you are accepted)
  • Early Decision is binding (you are committed to going if you are accepted – you should thus never apply to more than one campus under ED)
  • Application timeline is early for both options (usually during Oct.) and decisions are typically rendered by Dec.
essay personal statement required for uc s and some private colleges
Essay/ Personal StatementRequired for UC’s and some private colleges
  • Gives you a voice – goes beyond grades and test scores
  • Enables applicant to make the best case possible for admission
  • Gives an opportunity to provide information that supports and augments the review process
  • Part of the UC comprehensive review process
  • Start early!! You will go through multiple revisions.
financial aid
Financial Aid
  • Workshop for parents and students on Jan. 22nd at 6:30 pm at GBHS
  • Local Scholarship Program is available late Jan./Feb. (see Career Center for more info)
  • College and Career Center a good resource
  • Use online scholarship searches (info in Senior Advising Guide and on counseling website)
  • Check parent’s place of employment as they may offer scholarships
  • Check Naviance account “College” tab for updated scholarship information
  • NCAA (for Division 1 and 2 sports)
  • Students planning on playing college-level athletics MUST register with the NCAA Eligibility Center
  • If you have not already done so, registeronline at
  • NCAA has specific academic requirements so be sure to check that you are on track.
undecided about majors careers
Undecided about Majors / Careers?
  • ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test)
    • Given on January 28th at 7:45 am in Library
    • Sign up in Career Center
    • Be sure to attend the session after the test to review your results
  • Use “Do What You Are” on Naviance (info in Sr. Advising Guide)
  • Use online career research tools (info in Sr. Advising Guide and on counseling website)
  • See Career Center for resources
  • Occupational Handbook
what you should be doing now
What you should be doing now?
  • Utilize Naviance to research colleges and refine your application list
  • Narrow list to 4-6 potential colleges:
    • Reach school
    • Safe school
    • Fall back school
  • Visit campuses (or take virtual tours). UC System Day is October 1st at College Week Live:
  • Create master list of all application and financial aid deadlines
  • Take or re-take ACT/SAT
  • Send ACT/SAT scores to colleges you are applying to that require them
  • Fill out “Personal Profile” if requesting letters of recommendation from counselor or teachers
  • Start draft of personal essay if applying to UC’s or private schools
sat act
  • Fees
    • SAT I = $51
      • Register for SAT I or II
    • ACT (No Writing) = $36.50
    • ACT (Plus Writing)…required for UC’s = $52.50
      • Register for ACT
  • Dates
    • SAT 1, SAT 2, ACT can test in Oct., Nov., Dec. with the following exceptions: San Diego St., Cal Poly SLO, Long Beach St., Fullerton St., San Jose St. and Cal Poly Pomona prefer completion in October or November.
    • If testing in Dec. be sure to rush scores
    • For non UC/CSU colleges, contact individually to verify testing deadlines.
sat act cont d
SAT/ACT Cont’d
  • SAT II Subject Tests
    • Some private schools require; NOT REQUIRED for UC’s, NOT for CSU’s
    • Some UC’s majors recommend taking subject tests – check with each campus
  • Sending scores to 4-year schools
    • 4 scores sent for free (but only if utilized by test day)
    • Extra scores sent for fee (complete on-line)
    • CSU code = 3594 (Save $)
    • You only need to send scores to one UC - all UC’s will then have access
    • Send scores to NCAA Eligibility Center for Div. 1 and 2 sports – eligibility code = 9999
requesting transcripts
Requesting Transcripts
  • Be sure to carefully review your transcript for accuracy and alert counselor if errors
  • Both official and unofficial transcripts may be obtained by filling out the appropriate form available at the front desk
  • ** If you apply through Common Application or SENDedu, counselors will submit an initial official transcript on your behalf at no cost
  • Please allow 3-5 business days for processing
  • $3 fee per transcript paid in Student Services
  • Unofficial record of grades my be downloaded through Homelink for free
final steps in college application process
Final Steps in College Application Process

1. If necessary, update your counselor on private school decisions and/or changes so that mid-year and final reports can be handled accordingly.

2. Update college admissions acceptances in Naviance 

3. Request final transcript to be sent to your college of choice at the end of the year (process will be advertised and forms provided at the front desk in May). 

4. If a final college report is needed, be sure to notify your counselor

  • College Applications
    • CSU/UC deadline Nov. 30th
  • Complete Testing
    • No later than December (earlier for some campuses)
  • Visit Colleges (or take virtual tour)
  • Utilize Senior Advising Guide
  • Pick up NCAA info on your way out
  • Don’t wait until the last minute!
  • Visit College Week Live
Be sure and share your good news of

admission with your counselor!!!