Ms moore s classroom procedures
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Ms. Moore’s Classroom Procedures. 7th Grade Math Room 245. WELCOME!!!!!.

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Ms moore s classroom procedures l.jpg

Ms. Moore’s Classroom Procedures

7th Grade Math

Room 245

Welcome l.jpg

I am so honored to be your math teacher this year. I look forward to learning with each and every one of you. In order for our class to run as efficiently as possible, we will adapt the following classroom procedures.

Entering the classroom l.jpg
Entering the Classroom

  • Enter the classroom quietly

  • Prepare learning area

  • Begin Bellwork

  • Transition to Break It Down

  • What is Break It Down? I’m happy you asked, because I am here to share.

Correct heading on papers l.jpg
Correct Heading on Papers

  • Example located on wall

  • Include Student #

  • Points deducted for incorrectly headed papers

Turning in homework class work l.jpg
Turning In Homework/Class Work

  • Baskets are on the shelves.

  • Pass papers to the left. (Demo)

  • Class star duties (Demo)

  • NO HOMEWORK???? DID NOT DO sheet (Details)

While you were out l.jpg

  • Students are responsible for completing all missed assignments.

  • Missed assignments are located in the While You Were Out folder.

Ms moore s desk l.jpg
Ms. Moore’s Desk

  • Please respect my personal area. If you have correspondence from home, please place in the NOTES from HOME basket.

  • Raise your hand and be acknowledged before approaching Ms. Moore’s workspace.

Red yellow green l.jpg

  • RED- Silent Work

  • Yellow- Quietly consult with closest neighbors

  • Green- Students can temporarily change seat location and work with others

Star of the week l.jpg

  • Each week a student will be selected in each class to be “This Week’s Star”

  • “Star” will handle several duties.

  • Please show our stars the utmost respect.

Quieting the class hallway procedures emergencies l.jpg
Quieting the Class/Hallway Procedures/Emergencies

  • Universal Hand Signal (DEMO)

  • Quiet in Hallways

  • Walk on right side.


  • EMERGENCY In the event of an emergency schoolwide procedures will be followed. Students please grasp the seriousness of these drills/situations. We are responsible for the safety of each other.

End of class dismissal l.jpg
End of Class Dismissal

  • Complete Daily Reflection in Math Journal.

  • Ms. Moore dismisses the class.

  • Student areas are to be cleaned properly.

  • Quietly await dismissal.

Classroom rules l.jpg
Classroom Rules

  • Come to class prepared.

  • Respect others.

  • Raise your hand.

  • Follow all school and district rules.

Consequences l.jpg

  • Name on Board (warning)

  • 15 minutes after school

  • 30 minutes after school

  • 45 minutes after school/Phone call home

  • 60 minutes after school/Office Referral

    Severe Disruptions-Immediate Office Referral

Classroom incentives l.jpg
Classroom Incentives

  • Water

  • Snacks

  • Treats

  • Music

  • Green Zones

Hallway cafeteria study hall l.jpg

Elite Scholars Universals

Hallway/Cafeteria/Study Hall

Hallway procedures l.jpg
Hallway Procedures

  • C

    Conversation that only the person next to you could hear.

  • H

    Help can be obtained by asking your peers for assistance or find a teacher in the hallway.

  • A

    Activity during this period is transitioning from class to class, transitioning from class to lunch.

  • M

    Movement as long as steady progress is being made to your point of destination.

  • P

    Performance is arriving in your designated area on time and prepared with all materials.

Cafeteria expectations l.jpg
Cafeteria Expectations

  • C

    Conversation that only the person next to you could hear.

  • H

    Help can be obtained by asking your peers first, then find a teacher or administrator in the cafeteria.

  • A

    Activity during this period is to enjoy your lunch, listen to the music being played, engage in academic games played.

  • M

    Movement should be limited between the lunch line and the table you choose.

  • P

    Performance during this period is to relax and enjoy lunch and recharge so that

    you will be able to be productive throughout the day.

Study hall expectations l.jpg
Study Hall Expectations

  • C

    Conversation should be limited to preserve the academic environment.

  • H

    Help can be obtained by raising your hand and asking a teaching.

  • A

    Activity during this period is to study for the coming day, completing assignments, and eating breakfast.

  • M

    Movement should be limited to finding a table and obtaining breakfast.

  • P

    Performance will be evaluated by readiness to begin the day, participation in academic activities.