the new deal s alphabet soup n.
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The New Deal’s Alphabet Soup PowerPoint Presentation
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The New Deal’s Alphabet Soup

The New Deal’s Alphabet Soup

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The New Deal’s Alphabet Soup

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  1. The New Deal’s Alphabet Soup On each slide where will be an acronym. Be the first team to name what it stands for and the purpose of each group and get 1 point for your team.

  2. Hoover • President during the Great Depression. He believed that the economy would bounce back on it’s own and that there was no need for the government to interfere. • He gets blamed for many of the problems of the Great Depression.

  3. FDR (Franklin Delano Roosevelt) • President during the Great Depression that started the New Deal. • He thought that the Government was responsible for helping the people get out of the economic depression. • He suffered from polio and was always in a wheelchair, he was also president during Pearl Harbor. Considered one of our best presidents.

  4. New Deal • President Roosevelt’s plan to give the American public a “New Deal” by implementing programs that would help the country get back on it’s feet. • Many of these programs such as FDIC, SEC and SSA are still active today are are suppose to prevent the GD from happening again.

  5. Fireside Chats • Radio programs broadcast by FDR to encourage the American public and make them feel better. • Restored American’s faith in the economy and convinced them to reinvest.

  6. FERA • Federal Emergency Relief Act • Helped states to provide aid for the unemployed.

  7. EBRA • Emergency Banking Relief Act • Regulated bank transactions in credit, currency, gold and silver, and foreign exchange.

  8. FDIC • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation • Protected bank deposits up to $5,000. Today most accounts are protected up to $100,000

  9. SEC • Security and Exchange Commission • They regulate the stock market and prevent people with inside information from “rigging” the market by causing prices to go up or down.

  10. CCC • Civilian Conservation Corps • Provided jobs for single males on conservation projects

  11. SSA • Social Security Act • Provided assistance and pension for retired workers and their spouses and aided people with disabilities.

  12. WPA • Works Progress Administration • Quickly created as many jobs as possible from construction projects to symphony orchestras.

  13. PWA • Public Works Administration • Created jobs on government projects that increased worker buying power and stimulated the economy.

  14. NYA • National Youth Administration • Created to help young people by providing training for youth and part-time jobs for needy students.

  15. FHA • Federal Housing Administration • Insured loans for building and repairing homes.

  16. National Labor Relations Act • Defined “unfair labor practices” and established a National Relations Labor Board (NLRB) to settle disputes between employers and employees.

  17. NIRA • National Industrial Recovery Act • Set codes for fair practice for individual industries and to promote industrial growth.