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MEMS for Adaptive Optics

Movable Mirror Elements. Scale ~10s to 100s m m. MEMS for Adaptive Optics. Adaptable-Mirror Section. Array of Elevating Mirrors. Mirror Substrate. Scale ~ mm to cm. Current-Driver Electronics. Solder-Bump Electrical Connections. How Can We Elevate the Mirror Elements?.

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MEMS for Adaptive Optics

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  1. Movable Mirror Elements Scale ~10s to 100s mm MEMS for Adaptive Optics Adaptable-Mirror Section Array of Elevating Mirrors Mirror Substrate Scale ~ mm to cm Current-Driver Electronics Solder-Bump Electrical Connections

  2. How Can We Elevate the Mirror Elements? • Magnetic Actuation • Solenoidal structures • Electrostatic Actuation • Vertical comb-drives • Thermal Actuation • Thermal-bimorph structures • Our initial design approach

  3. Berkeley Bimorph Process • Single-mask process • Low-stress nitride (SixNy) and aluminum bimorph • Other processes under consideration • Hidden actuators • Electrostatic actuators • Bonded mirrors Currentpath Mirror • Mirror Die photo - actuated, released mirrors

  4. Conclusions • Bimorph actuator is small and can be fabricated under the mirror • Fill factor > 98% • Bimorph actuators can be tiled in an arrays to actuate large numbers of mirrors • Bimorph actuator provides large tip deflection (h = 10 mm) • Models show frequency requirements are met (f>1 kHz) • Bimorph actuators have been fabricated • Testing is underway

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