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News from the Digital Library. The Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard; the Open Archival Information System. Merrilee Proffitt e(X)literature / Digital Cultures Project April 2003. A Telling Example. Goals of the Digital Library . Collection Access Preservation.

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News from the digital library

News from the Digital Library

The Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard; the Open Archival Information System

Merrilee Proffitt

e(X)literature / Digital Cultures Project

April 2003

Goals of the digital library
Goals of the Digital Library

  • Collection

  • Access

  • Preservation

Problems with digital preservation

Unlike books (or papyrus) “bits …. don’t do well with benign neglect”

Problems with digital preservation

Open archival information system reference model
Open Archival Information System Reference Model benign neglect”

  • Framework for understanding and applying concepts needed for long-term preservation of digital information

  • Model targeted to several categories of user

  • Already widely adopted as starting point in digital preservation efforts

News from the digital library

OAIS Functional Entities benign neglect”

SIP = Submission Information Package

AIP = Archival Information Package

DIP = Dissemination Information Package

Information package variants
Information Package Variants benign neglect”

  • Submission Information Package

    • Negotiated between Producer and OAIS

    • Sent to OAIS by a Producer

  • Archival Information Package

    • Information Package used for preservation

    • Includes complete set of Preservation Description Information for the Content Information

  • Dissemination Information Package

    • Includes part or all of one or more Archival Information Packages

    • Sent to a Consumer by the OAIS

Relevance of the oais
Relevance of the OAIS benign neglect”

  • Offers common ground for discussion

    • Provides common terminology and concepts

  • Conceptual framework for building repository systems for digital content

  • Two components of Reference model

    • Functional model

    • Information model: model for packages of information

Digital library objects

Reformatted to digital benign neglect”

“Born digital”



Digital (Library) Objects

Digital Library Objects can be…

Structural metadata
Structural metadata benign neglect”

  • Maps physical files (digital assets) to logical items (complex digital objects)

    • Scanned print material

    • A/V material

    • Multimedia presentations

Other metadata
Other Metadata benign neglect”

  • All types of digital objects have other (non-structural) metadata

    • descriptive

      • MARC, Dublin Core, etc.

    • administrative

      • rights

    • technical

      • format details

    • Standards exist or emerging for these

Mets scope
METS Scope benign neglect”

  • Supports

    • Structural metadata

      • complex reformatted or born digital objects

    • Metadata wrapper framework

      • descriptive, administrative, structural, etc.

      • structural required

      • others use namespaces to reference “extension schemas”

Mets scope1
METS Scope benign neglect”

  • Data transfer syntax

    • between applications

    • between institutions

  • Driver for applications

    • page turner

    • audio player

    • multimedia presentation

Mets history
METS History benign neglect”

  • Making Of America II project 1997-2000

  • METS “born” February 2001

  • METS 1.0 July 2002

  • Current version is METS 1.2

Mets metadata buckets
METS metadata “buckets” benign neglect”



















Mets and oais framework
METS and OAIS framework benign neglect”

  • Submission Information Package (SIP)

    • METS as transfer syntax

  • Dissemination Information Package (DIP)

    • METS as transfer syntax

    • METS as input to display applications

  • Archival Information Package (AIP)

    • METS stored internally in an archive

  • Mets initiative
    METS Initiative benign neglect”

    • Establishment of an editorial board with an editor-in-chief

    • Complete work on schema, ensure support for other digital library work

    • Encourage field testing of METS and gather feedback

    • Encourage tools development

    • Identification of “best practice” extension schemas

    Current users
    Current users benign neglect”

    • Current users include

      • UC Berkeley

      • California Digital Library

      • NYU (digital archive)

      • Florida Center for Library Automation

      • Oxford University

      • British Library

      • National Library of New Zealand

      • Bibliothèque nationale de France

      • Harvard

      • Library of Congress

      • EU MetaE project

      • Michigan State

      • University of Virginia

      • MIT

      • RLG

      • more daily...

    Mets summary
    METS summary benign neglect”

    • Closely related to OAIS information package

    • Large and growing community of digital library implementers

    • Very flexible

    • Flexibility means that profiles are necessary for interoperability

    For more information

    METS homepage: benign neglect”

    OAIS Reference Model:


    Merrilee Proffitt

    For More Information…