ref2 barrier to effective federation use n.
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REF2 Barrier to Effective Federation Use

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REF2 Barrier to Effective Federation Use - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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REF2 Barrier to Effective Federation Use. Rod & Nicole 10:50 – 11:30. Discovery Project. Define standardised practises for logo sizes and error pages / messages used by Service Providers.

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ref2 barrier to effective federation use

REF2 Barrier to Effective Federation Use

Rod & Nicole

10:50 – 11:30

discovery project
Discovery Project.
  • Define standardised practises for logo sizes and error pages /messages used by Service Providers.
  • Design a toolkit for publishers that clearly lays out the business model for embedded discovery and supporting materials for the current technical implementations available.
  • Establish an editorial board for the toolkit.
mdui recommendations
MDUI recommendations.
  • At Arlington it was decided that it is too soon to develop a standard.
  • Rather we are to develop guidance for federations:
    • Explicitly check & defend against inter federation clashes.
    • Careful use of normative language.
    • Some “statements of the obvious”
      • So obvious that it took us some time to notice!
mdui recommendations normative and other language
MDUI recommendations:Normative and other language.
  • Distinguish between:
    • Absolutely required to function.
    • Aesthetics.
    • Functional but ignorable.
  • Section 6 of RFC2119

“Imperatives of the type defined in this memo must be used with care and sparingly. In particular, they MUST only be used where it is actually required for interoperation”

mdui recommendations the obvious
MDUI recommendations:The obvious...
  • Doing the work yourself is often easier than getting others to do it.
  • Do what the specifications (particularly MDUI) say.
  • Do not serve images from a Java Container.
discovery the toolkit for publishers
Discovery:The toolkit for publishers.
  • Commissioned the toolkit for publisher.
  • Easy way to use the ESPRESSO standard.
  • Non threatening, but descriptive.
  • One website, multiple audiences, carefully & simply presented.
  • Supporting material (references).
  • Demo site[s?].
toolkit progress
Toolkit: Progress.
  • This had been planned for completion this month.
    • Delayed but aiming for June.
  • We get a chance to close on some issue which are still open.
toolkit the five steps
Toolkit:The five steps
  • Locate the login button top right.
  • Manage local login.
  • Chose and install a DS.
  • Configure for your site & users.
  • Done.
toolkit demo site s
Toolkit:Demo site(s).
  • The motivation here is similar to
  • A site “done properly”:
    • Suggestions for content type?
    • Offers of a site we can borrow?
  • Do we need a site “done wrong”?
to summarise
To Summarise:
  • MDUI Recommendations.
  • Toolkit:
    • Watch this space.
  • Editorial board:
    • We are still seeking volunteers.