how to use crash barrier and wire mesh n.
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How to Use Metal Beam Crash Barrier PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Use Metal Beam Crash Barrier

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How to Use Metal Beam Crash Barrier - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Om Wire & Wire Products Industries is reckoned as metal beam crash barrier manufacturers, w metal beam crash barriers suppliers and exporters from India.

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how to use crash barrier and wire mesh

How to Use Crash Barrier and Wire Mesh for Protection

Fencing and barriers are standard protection for property and highways. We use them to

keep the vehicle and people inside the safety zone. Here is the method we use to protect

the property and people using crash barrier and wire mesh.

Choose the right size

Crash barriers come in different sizes and dimensions. You must choose the right size

according to the road. If the road is an interstate highway, you use big electro-galvanized W

beam barriers. The thickness of these is 4318 mm. For the secondary roads, you can use the

same size but a smaller size is also permissible.

Pick the natural hazards from which you want


You can get protection from the natural hazards such as

ditches, utilities, signs, and trees. Leave the smallest

needed clearance from the road and then plant the crash

barriers. You can use professionals to install the barriers as

they will do a good job. You can get more information from

the ​Metal

government manuals.

Manufacturer or from the

Metal Beam

Beam Crash

Crash Barrier

Barrier Manufacturer

At the bridges

The guard rails will provide safety when installed at both ends of the bridges. The area

below the bridge may be a road, a railway line, or a river. Use guardrails of enough


For parking lots

The parking lots need protection from auto theft. If the wire meshes fail, the guardrail will

help prevent theft. It also provides a shield against hazards such as light poles, ditches, and

buildings in the vicinity.

usefulness of the guardrail the guardrail

Usefulness of the guardrail

The guardrail is useful because it is versatile. You can use it in many places without having to

alter the structure of the rail. You get it as standard lengths but you can also get it in

customized sizes. You have two kinds of options. One is the flared end guardrail and the

other is the question mark guardrail. This gives protection to the guardrail.

Use of wire meshes

One can use the wire mesh for protecting the house, office, or garden. Many people use it

for protecting livestock such as chicken, goat, and sheep.

Types of wire meshes

You have hexagonal wire mesh, welded wire mesh, and shading net. If you have a garden

and need protection from the birds, you can use the shading net. You can make it out of

thick wire if there are wild animals around the place.

Use of the welded wire meshes

This is a strong mesh useful on the shop floor or other utility areas. It comes in different

sizes. Check all the specifications from the ​Welded

you order. It may vary from supplier to supplier.

Fence Manufacturer

Manufacturer before

Welded Wire

Wire Mesh

Mesh Fence

Use of hexagonal wire meshes

The hexagonal wire mesh is useful for protecting

property. It is durable, easy to install, and provides an

excellent view of the property. This is useful for

properties which extend over a vast area and you do

not have enough men to keep watch all the time.

Keep your workplace and property protected at all

times. The wire mesh is light and handles with ease. For

heavy-duty protection, use the guard rails.

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