ECareer Candidate Overview and Navigation
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eCareer Candidate Overview and Navigation. Learning Objectives. You will be able to: Define new terms related to the eCareer system Understand the roles and responsibilities of the Candidate during the eCareer application process Navigate within the eCareer system

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Learning objectives
Learning Objectives

You will be able to:

  • Define new terms related to the eCareer system

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of the Candidate during the eCareer application process

  • Navigate within the eCareer system

  • If needed, change your personal settings

What is ecareer
What is eCareer?

  • eCareer is the process within USPS where an EAS vacancy/future vacancy is identified

  • A Posting is created for candidates to submit applications

  • Candidates submit their application for the posting

  • Candidates go through the selection process

  • A candidate is selected at the end of the selection process

How is ecareer different
How is eCareer Different?

  • The new process allows for paperless processing

  • Candidates can create profiles once and update their profile as needed in a secure environment

  • Candidates can then use their profiles and apply to various positions making the application process faster

Ecareer candidate terminology
eCareer Candidate Terminology

  • eCareer

  • Applicant/Candidate

  • Position

  • Job Posting

  • Start Page

  • Candidate Profile

Ecareer candidate terminology continued
eCareer Candidate Terminology (continued)

  • Application

  • Application Close

  • Status

  • Process Step

  • Favorite

Ecareer candidate overview and navigation

Candidate Process

Creates Candidate Profile

in eCareer system (created

once and updated as needed)

Applies to Job Postings as desired using Candidate Profile

Candidate roles and responsibilities
Candidate Roles and Responsibilities

  • Creates and Maintains their Candidate Profile

    • Completes their candidate profile in eCareer

    • Finalizes their profile

    • Maintains their profile as needed

  • Searches for Jobs

    • Searches for vacancies in eCareer

    • Saves job postings to Favorites list

  • Applies to Jobs

    • Submits application for desired postings

    • As needed, checks the status of their applications

Navigation within ecareer
Navigation within eCareer

  • Navigation within eCareer includes:

    • Entry from the USPS Blue page

    • Navigating using eCareer links

    • Navigating using tabs

    • Displaying items using links

    • Saving information

Ecareer candidate overview and navigation

Navigating to the eCareer system

  • All eCareer processing will be from the USPS liteBlue Page

  • Web address for liteBlue:


Ecareer candidate overview and navigation

Navigating Using eCareer Links

  • This system will require you to use links from within eCareer

    • Using the links are crucial to navigating within eCareer

    • Internet Explorer links can not be used to move between pages

    • The navigation bar is automatically hidden by the system

Using links to navigate
Using Linksto Navigate

The system displays the menu path as you move throughout the system. If you want to go back one screen, click the previous link to where you are currently located.

Selecting items within ecareer
Selecting Items within eCareer

  • Items within eCareer need to be selected to work with that item once that item has been created

  • Items are selected by the selecting the box to the left of the line item

    • The line item will change to orange when selected

    • Once selected, you would chose an appropriate action below the line item

Selecting items within ecareer1
Selecting Items within eCareer

2. Once the job posting is selected, click Apply/Display Application to makechanges

1. To select a job posting, click the box to the left of the line

Navigating using ecareer tabs
Navigating using eCareer Tabs

  • Within transactions, the eCareer system is broken down by tabs

  • Each tab focuses on a certain aspect of the task or process to be displayed/performed

  • Sample tab names (Candidate Profile):

    • Communication Data

    • Work Experience

    • Education

    • Training

    • Special Skills/Associations

    • References

    • Data Overview

Navigating using ecareer tabs1
Navigating using eCareer Tabs

  • To navigate between the tabs, select the name of the tab at the top

  • The system displays which tab follows or precedes other tabs and uses arrows to indicate their location within the transaction

All Tabs

The current screen displayed is the Work Experience. The previous tab would be Communication Data. The next tab would be Education.

Next Tab

Previous Tab

Navigating using ecareer tabs2
Navigating using eCareer Tabs

  • You can also use the arrows to navigate between tabs

  • The buttons are located all the way to the right of the tabs

First Entry(takes you to the very first tab)

Previous Record (takes you to the previous tab)

Next Record(takes you to the next tab)

Last Entry(takes you to the very last tab)

All Tabs(displays all tabs in a list format allowing you to select the one you want to display

Searching feature
Searching Feature

  • You can perform searches for job postings in the eCareer system

3. Click “Start Search” to view postings

1. Enter search terms

2. Enter categories from the dropdown that apply

Displaying items within ecareer
Displaying Items within eCareer

  • Throughout the entire eCareer system, you can click on links to display various items throughout the process

  • For Example:

    • Job Posting

    • Candidate Profile

Displaying items within ecareer1
Displaying Items within eCareer

This screen displays the job posting search results. From this screen, you can display a job posting by clicking on a link.

Job Posting list

Click on hyperlinks as they appear in the system to display the item for more information.

Saving information
Saving Information

  • You will have to save information in the eCareer system to save your profile/application

  • Some items that require saving in the system include:

    • Applications to job postings

    • Candidate Profiles

  • To save, enter information as needed on the screen and look for the Save button at the bottom of the screen

Saving information1
Saving Information

These two screens represent different tabs but all have the Save button in the same location.

Changing personal settings
Changing Personal Settings

  • Personal Settings allows you to tailor your pages to suit your personal requirements

  • This includes defining your preferred date format, decimal display, the correspondence language, and the display format for data overviews

  • For the most part, you will leave your Personal Settings as they appear

  • Personal Setting are available to all eCareer users

Personal settings screen
Personal Settings Screen

Personal Settings (this box will appear in a different location for each user depending on their role)

Personal Settings Screen

Learning objectives review
Learning Objectives Review

You should now be able to:

  • Define new terms related to the eCareer system

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of the Candidate during the eCareer application process

  • Navigate within the eCareer system

  • If needed, change your personal settings