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SCT Banner Navigation & Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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SCT Banner Navigation & Overview

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SCT Banner Navigation & Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SCT Banner Navigation & Overview. Presented by: Information Technology. Why am I here?—I’m too busy!. Failure to attend proper training is not an option. Properly trained users reduce their time to perform specific procedures by as much as 80%.

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Presentation Transcript
sct banner navigation overview

SCT Banner Navigation & Overview

Presented by:

Information Technology

why am i here i m too busy
Why am I here?—I’m too busy!

Failure to attend proper training is not an option.

  • Properly trained users reduce their time to perform specific procedures by as much as 80%.
  • Without training, you will interrupt others from their work for one-on-one training and support, causing inefficiency for you and others.
  • Administrative System Project
  • Security/Privacy
  • Training Documentation
  • Definitions
  • Data Standards
  • Duplicate Records
  • Help/Support
  • Navigation
  • Southeast Implementation Schedule
    • Advancement: January 11, 2005
    • Admissions: May 17, 2005
    • Finance: June 28, 2005
    • Human Resources: January 3, 2006
    • Portal: Fall, 2004
  • Financial Aid: February 22, 2006
  • Student: January 10, 2006, (First Step: Feb. 24)
training plan
Training Plan
  • Navigation & Overview
  • Each module will provide subject specific training
  • Register On-line
administrative system
Administrative System
  • Improved Operations
  • Integrated & Relational Database
  • Must abide by Policies & Standards
  • Multiple databases


SCT Banner


Begins with granted Access

  • Types of Access
    • Query
    • Modify
  • Your Responsibility!!
    • Protect your Password
    • Unattended PCs are a liability
  • Misuse/Inappropriate use
  • Confidential Information
  • Inappropriate uses may be considered employee misconduct and may be subject to disciplinary action
training documents
Training Documents
  • Centralized Web Site
  • Contents
    • Manuals
    • Training Tip Sheets or Documentation
    • Definitions
  • Object: can be a form, job, menu, or Quickflow.
  • PIDM: the Person Identification Master may represent a student, vendor, alumnus, or other entity. All tables that contain person or entity data must store the PIDM.
  • Southeast ID
definitions cont d
Definitions Cont’d
  • Key Block: appears at the top of each Banner form and used as the query criteria required to access data.
  • Block: a section of a form containing related pieces of information—usually a single table. Blocks are usually separated by a solid line.
definitions cont d13
Definitions Cont’d
  • Field: a data element within a block. For example, an address block may contain the city and state fields.
  • LOV: List of Values. A list of possible field values which are displayed by pressing the Values (LOV) button next to the field.
definitions cont d14
Definitions Cont’d
  • Query: a question in Banner that looks at the data in the Banner database for an answer.
  • Wildcard: a character that is substituted for unknown character(s) in a Banner query. A percent sign (%) stands for any number of unknown characters.
banner forms
Banner Forms
  • Form: a screen used to query, enter, and/or update information.
  • Each Banner form has a 7-character name.
data standards
Data Standards
  • Data Standards Manual
    • Purpose
      • Document campus policies, standards, and guidelines
      • Ensure common practices regardless of module.
    • Content
      • General Person & Non-Person Information
  • Brief Referral Sheet
duplicate records
Duplicate Records
  • Problems
    • Multiple W2s
    • Multiple student bills
    • Incorrect 1099s
    • Inaccurate info provided to inquiries
  • Difficult and time consuming
  • What to do if found
  • How to avoid
data standards19
Data Standards
  • Ownership of data=Responsibility
  • Before creating a person ID in Banner, a thorough name and ID search must be performed to ensure the person does not already exist in Banner and prevent the creation of a “duplicate PIDM” or Southeast ID.
verifying duplicates
Verifying Duplicates
  • Possible Father/Son with same name/address
  • Possibly same name with no relation
  • Check:
    • Birthdates
    • SSN
    • Age
    • Addresses
    • Phone numbers
help support
Help & Support


Web: FAQs & Google Search

  • Resources

Other Admin. Staff

Module Support Staff

Year to associate with semester:

Remember: Fall BEGINS the Academic year

For all semesters, use the year in which the Academic year ENDS

New coding for semesters:

Fall = 10

Spring = 20

Summer = 30


Example: This Fall semester begins Academic Year 05-06

Code for this fall, if in Banner, would be 2006 (year) 10 (semester)

or 200610 for Fall; 200620 for Spring; and 200630 for Summer

possible viewing problems
Possible Viewing Problems
  • Pop-up Blockers
    • IE, Google, Yahoo, AOL, etc. tool bars
    • Prevents some Banner windows from opening
    • IE: Tools/Pop up Blocker/Pop up Blocker Settings. Choose Off or change settings
  • Choose the correct display

With others, you may need to

exit the program to make

necessary changes.

  • Acrobat Reader
  • required
possible problems
Possible Problems
  • Netscape is not Banner friendly.
  • One-time installation of J Initiator required.
  • Can not use Banner from home unless through Self-Service.
  • Do not use the following symbols: # or &
banner navigation
Banner Navigation
  • Once security access has been provided on the Production database, login using your Southeast Key & password
navigation training
Navigation Training
  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Use link from Information Technology web page or enter the following web address: