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NAUI and LACO Forms

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NAUI and LACO Forms. By Jay Canfield UICC # 5410 What Do I Do After UICC?. This presentation will show you how to navigate the forms and requirements necessary for your individual membership with NAUI and LA County.

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naui and laco forms

NAUI and LACO Forms

By Jay Canfield

UICC # 5410

what do i do after uicc
What Do I Do After UICC?

This presentation will show you how to navigate the forms and requirements necessary for your individual membership with NAUI and LA County.

It will also outline what is involved to register the students you end up teaching with both organizations.

  • Leadership Level Certifications
  • Instructor Liability Insurance
  • Remaining UICC Tasks for Certification
  • NAUI Crossover Process
  • What’s Needed to Teach Classes
  • Navigating NAUI’s and LA County’s Websites
leadership level certifications have shelf lives
Leadership Level Certifications Have Shelf Lives

Professional SCUBA Certification from any Agency (NAUI, LACO, PADI, SSI, etc.) have expirations.

This includes Instructor, Assistant Instructor, DiveMaster, etc.

Typically they have an annual renewal period, annual fee and other additional requirements.

leadership level certifications have shelf lives cont d
Leadership Level Certifications Have Shelf Lives (cont’d)

Most Agencies use a calendar year renewal system and offer no proration.

NAUI and LA County Leadership level certifications expire on December 31st of each calendar year.

Leadership Level Certifications can be renewed as Active or Inactive/Sustaining.

typical active status requirements for all agencies
Typical Active Status Requirements for All Agencies
  • Completed Annual Renewal Application
  • Annual Renewal Fee
  • Proof of Instructor Liability Insurance
  • Proof of Current First Aid/CPR Certification
  • Professional Development Units (PDU’s)
  • Proof of Prior Classes Taught

If you have a break in active status, you may be required to provide medical clearance and take and pass a written recertification exam.

instructor liability insurance
Instructor Liability Insurance
  • First Flight is NAUI’s Preferred Provider
  • Other Insurance is permissible providing it meets the Agency’s requirements
  • Insurance runs from June to June Each Year
  • Comes in Two Flavors / One Price
    • Instructor In Training - $ 554.67 per Year
    • Instructor - $ 554.67 per Year
  • Can be Prorated
  • Extra Endorsements and Excess Coverage Available
laco instructor certification
LACO Instructor Certification
  • Pass this Course!
  • Complete Class Audit and Submit Form
  • Complete Class Internship and Submit Form
  • Complete Instructor Requalification Form
    • Provide Current Copies of First Aid & CPR
    • Provide Proof of Instructor Liability Insurance
    • Including Rider for LA County
    • Pay Annual Fee of $45.00

UICC Graduates get their first year dues complimentary from the Department.

naui leadership cards
NAUI Leadership Cards

Unlike all NAUI recreational courses in which the Instructor of Record issues certification cards to each of their students, Leadership Levels are very different.

NAUI HQ is actually responsible for issuing Leadership cards (AI, DM, SDI, and Instructor).

You as the successful graduate of a leadership course are responsible for establishing your personal relationship with NAUI as a member.

2010 naui membership fees
2010 NAUI Membership Fees

You can be set up on Automatic Renewal by credit card each November providing annual renewal dues do not increase more than 6% each year.

Proof of Liability Insurance still required.

naui instructor crossover
NAUI Instructor Crossover
  • Complete the NAUI Membership Application
  • Make sure it is signed off by the Course Director
  • Fax it into NAUI HQ at (813) 628-8253
    • Include Application
    • Proof of Liability Insurance
    • Copy of Instructor Wall Certificate (optional)
    • Include Form of Payment (credit card preferred)

Call NAUI HQ at (813) 628-6284 to verify receipt of fax

naui active instructor membership benefits
NAUI Active Instructor Membership Benefits
  • Login ID at
  • Purchase Student Kits
  • Purchase Student C-Cards
  • Purchase Student Materials
  • Purchase Instructor Materials
  • Register Students Online
  • Print Forms / Fax or Mail to HQ
  • Subscription to SOURCES and Dive Biz Today
teaching naui courses
Teaching NAUI Courses
  • Student Kits
    • Keep a few on hand, they ship from FL
    • Student Gray Folders / Waivers
  • Order C-Cards ASAP
    • Cards are Approx $15.00 per student
    • You have them ready, students don’t wait
    • Don’t give them out at the end of the last dive
    • If a student doesn’t complete course, you can contact NAUI and have the card voided
teaching la county courses
Teaching LA County Courses
  • Student Kits
    • You can use the NAUI Kits
  • Certification Cards
    • “Green Sheet” is used for Registration
    • Scuba File Cards are also required
    • Cards are only $10.00 per student
teach once certify twice
Teach Once – Certify Twice

NAUI will more than likely be your primary certification agency since it is a nationally recognized organization.

Why not issue a County certification as well? Show your pride in the history of LA County and issue your students an optional LA County Certification.

The programs are close enough in the standards that you can do that. You can sell the LA County Certification as a value add for $25.00 per card.

something to keep in mind
Something To Keep In Mind…

LA County Active Recertification now requires that you must teach or assist with one (1) LACO SCUBA course each year in order to remain an active teaching Instructor with the Underwater Unit.

Another option for active recertification is that you staff or assist one (1) complete ADP or UICC Course.

Bottom line? Issue County Cards!!!

navigating naui s website
Navigating NAUI’s Website
  • Go To
  • Go To Members Area  Member Login
  • Login with your User ID and Password
  • For Online Student Registration:
    • Go To Stores  Student Registration or
    • Go to Member’s Area  Student Registration
    • GO To Register a Course  Enter information
    • Add Students to Shopping Cart, Checkout
navigating naui s website cont d
Navigating NAUI’s Website (cont’d)
  • For Manual Student Registration:
    • Go To Member’s Area  Commonly Used Forms
    • Click on NAUI Student Registration Form
      • You will need Adobe Reader
      • It’s a HOT form, you can type on and print
      • Fax or Mail to HQ, along with Payment
navigating naui s website cont d19
Navigating NAUI’s Website (cont’d)
  • E-Business Center
  • Go To Shop  E-Business Center
    • Student Materials
    • Instructor Materials
    • Education Systems
    • Promotional Materials
    • Recognition Materials
navigating laco s website
Navigating LACO’s Website
  • Go To
  • Instructors
    • Go To Instructor Forms (requires login)
    • Scroll Down to LA County Underwater Inst. Forms
      • LACO Student Registration Form “Green Sheets”
      • LACO Scuba File Card
      • LA County Medical History Form
navigating laco s website cont d
Navigating LACO’s Website (cont’d)
  • Instructor Renewals
    • Go To Instructors  Instructor Renewals
      • Membership Overview
      • Active or Alumni Status
        • Lists Requirements for Renewal
        • Links for Application, Insurance and Medical
active status benefits
Active Status Benefits
  • Access to Instructor’s Only Area on Website
  • Ability to Issue LA County Certifications
  • Ability to Staff/Assist LA County Programs
  • Email Address
  • Postini SPAM Protection for your Email Acct
  • Ability to be Listed in Find an Instructor
  • Leadership Cards
    • Expire and have renewal requirements
  • Active Status Requirements
    • Liability Insurance
  • Teaching
    • Keep Student Kits on hand
    • Register Students Immediately