Leadership convention aug 1 3
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Leadership Convention Aug 1-3. David Graham Finance. Welcome. David Graham

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Leadership convention aug 1 3

Leadership Convention Aug 1-3

David GrahamFinance


  • David Graham

    • I am married with 4 children ranging from 5 to 15. I have been involved with Adventurers for 6 years. Starting out as a Instructor in 2008. By 2010 I took over a club of 50+ Adventurers. 2012 I had to relocate to Tampa area where I am currently serving as Zone Administrator & Tampa First Admin Director

    • Creator of www.fladv.com

    • I am passionate about Adventurers!



When you think of Finance what is the first thing you think of?

What we want vs what we need.

Camping Supplies


What are the basics?










Class Materials




Always have a club treasurer
Always have a club treasurer

  • Even if they do not do much other then take money and turn it in and then take it out.

  • Why you ask? Accountability! You do not want to be accused of stealing or misusing funds. Some people may disagree on this point and I would say this is not a Conference Position, it is simply my advice to you.

  • To many times things happen with money in a church and you want clear accountability so you are protected from these types of situations.

  • If you have someone organized enough to do all the money, let them! You do not need to be bogged down with it. Even if you want to be a control freak, “I know you are out there.”

  • Example: I have heard situations where people have been accused of taking club money to buy a new laptop or other things. If you have a clear In / out ledger you are protected from this type of criticism. Also by having another person doing money in and out and you adhere to the next point you will be completely protected if the church would be audited.

Track everything and
Track Everything!  and 

  • This means if you get money and you need to take some out that you turn it all in, and then take out what you need…

    • Did you hear me?

    • Do not take some cash and some checks and then keep some of the cash to cover another expense and consider it even. It may be even but you have done 2 things when you do not turn it all in and then take it back out as reimbursement.

      • #1 You have take income, why? Because there is no record of the expense on the church books.

      • #2 If you where to leave and someone else was to take over the club the new director and the church will not see / understand the full cost of the club.

Keep it up to 1 year
Keep it up to 1 Year!

  • Even when you are not the director anymore?

  • Why do this?

    • If the church is audited or you are accused of inappropriate use of money you are backed up and have proof.

    • Don’t paint yourself into a corner without tracking.


  • Offer receipts for people they keep it for years end when doing taxes. This is why you NEED documentation, if they claim it and church tax records do not match the individual they could trigger an audit.

  • Don’t Hold Checks

  • *This can be a huge issue if you do…* People get upset because some live paycheck to paycheck and than they think they have more money than they do when you hold checks. Turn them into treasure right away.

So how do i fund a club
So how do I Fund A Club??

  • There is no 100% correct answer. Each church is different just like each child we work with.

  • However I want to purpose 3 options for you to consider.

    • Sources:

      • Registration

      • Fundraising

      • Church

  • Director

 Don’t do it!

Funding targets
Funding Targets










So how much money do i need
So how Much Money Do I need?

  • Play with the numbers!


Payment options
Payment Options?

Credit Cards


For those of you that are interested in an alternative there is Square, it is a free application / attachment that will allow you to take CC payments.

What is the down side? Well they are going to collect 2.75% off your payments.

But that is not a bunch, you can offer it to people as a alternative and just adjust your pricing. For example:

Lets say that you are charging $65 bucks for registration. If they give you cash or check then you have to worry about going to the bank often because you do not want to hold onto checks right?

Anyway back to what I was saying, that is $1.78 off $65 bucks… some people would gladly pay $67 on CC.

And for fundraisers! Oh! This is a god sent! Cause the percentage is so minimal and you do not need change!!!!

Plus, you can send them a receipt via email!

Anyway this is “An” alternative. To consider and there are other services out there like this.

Club ledger
Club Ledger


Reimbursement form
Reimbursement form


Club at a glance
Club at a Glance