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10 mma workouts to achieve fitness n.
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10 MMA Workouts to Achieve Fitness10 MMA Workouts to Achieve PowerPoint Presentation
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10 MMA Workouts to Achieve Fitness10 MMA Workouts to Achieve

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10 MMA Workouts to Achieve Fitness10 MMA Workouts to Achieve

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  1. 10 MMA Workouts to Achieve Fitness

  2. There are many exercises that can be done easily and do not need to exert a huge effort to perform them, while there are other exercises that are known for being tough and tiring. MMA workouts are among the tough and high impact exercises. They are very essential for MMA fighters to increase their fitness and flexibility. If you want to train like a MMA fighter, then take a look at the following MMA workouts and try to perform them

  3. Prepare your body: • Before starting doing exercises whether they are MMA workouts or other types of exercises that you do, you have first to prepare your body which means that you must do some exercises or moves that help you to increase heart rate and to prepare the muscles of the body for the strong and tough moves that you are going to perform.

  4. Preparing muscles which is known as warming up takes from 5 to 10 minutes and this will help the body to be flexible and the muscles will respond easily to the fast and sudden moves without causing injuries. Sprints, squats, stretching, walking, jumping rope and arm circles are examples for warm-up exercises

  5. - Running: It is a cardiovascular exercise that is useful and substantial for raising your heart rate which in return helps you to burn fat and lose weight

  6. Some people are capable of running  from 3 to 6 miles in just 20 or 30 minutes, so try to exceed this limit and run the same distance in a shorter period of time.

  7. - Shadowboxing: It depends on imagining that you are fighting someone who is not really there, so all of your punches will be in the air and not directed to a specific person or object.

  8. - Push-ups: It is a major exercise for those who want to strengthen their arms. This workout targets the muscles of your arms, shoulders and chest

  9. -Jumping jacks:This exercise is performed to ensure continuous endurance. It requires jumping  through widening the space between your legs and raising your hands to touch each other over your head

  10. - Bench press: It is one of the MMA workouts in which you lie on a bench and lift weights. This exercise targets many muscles such as triceps, chest muscles, scapulae fixers, trapezii, coracobrachialis and serratus anterior

  11. In order to increase the intensity of the workout on the arms, then you need to make your hands close to each other while the wide grip bench press will increase the intensity of the exercise on the chest.

  12. - Hitting objects: You can work the muscles of your arms through hitting objects such as using a sledgehammer to hit a tire or you can instead of that use an axe to chop wood

  13. - Bench dips: The exercise requires two benches as you put your hands on one of them while your legs are placed on the other one.

  14. - Dumbbell lunges: Lunge exercise depends on bending one leg in front of you while the other one is placed behind you and you can also stretch it but without touching the floor.

  15. - Pull-ups: It is one of the most challenging exercises that cannot be easily performed. The exercise targets many muscles in different parts of your body such as the trunk, arms, shoulders, abdomen, pelvic floor and your hands

  16. - Kettlebell snatches: This exercise is ideal for increasing strength, heart rate and the flexibility of your body. It features using an iron ball with a handle that differs in its weight and it can be easily carried.

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