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Socio economic issues

Socio economic issues . Grade 10 HIV/Aids. HIV/Aids. What is HIV/Aids?. HIV( human immunodeficiency virus) is the virus which causes Aids in the human body.

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Socio economic issues

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  1. Socio economic issues Grade 10 HIV/Aids

  2. HIV/Aids

  3. What is HIV/Aids? • HIV( human immunodeficiency virus) is the virus which causes Aids in the human body. • Aids( Acquired immune deficiency syndrome) is a serious disease which is caused by a virus which destroys the body’s natural protection from infection, and it usually causes death. • HIV/Aids pandemic is a very serious issue in our country which has left many families broken and without hope.

  4. How does HIV/Aids affect the economy • There is a decline in the total labour supply and total population due to HIV/Aids related mortality. This means that people who are infected with this virus are not strong enough to work which means that fewer people work, and as more people get infected it means that more people die which decreases the population of the country. • If more workers are infected then this means that businesses are running at a loss because they are losing employees and have to hire more people which is another cost on its own.

  5. Effects of HIV/Aids cont… • Households experience high expenditure. It is expensive to take care of a infected family member. Families are faced with high medical bills and unexpected funeral costs. • Families lose breadwinners because of this disease which ends up leaving them in poverty. • HIV/Aids claims the lives of people especially parents. This becomes a serious problem because it increases the rate of child-headed households

  6. Effects of HIV/Aids cont… • As stated that HIV/Aids increases child-headed families, it deprives those children from education because they have to take care of their siblings • These children who receive little or no education often end up facing the risk of contracting the disease as well. • If more children do not receive any education then this builds a lost generation. This means that there will be a shortage in the work force because people did not receive education.

  7. How can HIV/Aids be solved? • Promote sex education in schools. Children should be taught about the dangers of this disease and how they need to protect themselves. • Have workshops in the workplace so that adults can also be taught about the dangers of this disease. • Have more condoms in public toilets and work environment. • Another solution to prevent the spread of this disease is for people to abstain.

  8. Prevention is better than cure!!!! Let us have a positive mind so we can fight this war we are in…. Get tested and be on the safe side of life.

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