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Introduction to News Production PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction to News Production

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Introduction to News Production - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction to News Production. . Verity Green & Jen Bell Heads of News What we are looking for . Good news story: Bad news story:. The structure of news pieces . Intro (bed) “This is NAME with the news” ‘This is Burst’ (bed)

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introduction to news production
Introduction to News Production

Verity Green & Jen Bell

Heads of News

what we are looking for
What we are looking for
  • Good news story:
  • Bad news story:
the structure of news pieces
The structure of news pieces
  • Intro (bed)
  • “This is NAME with the news”
  • ‘This is Burst’ (bed)
  • News piece – spoken audio & vox pops
  • ‘Burst News’ (bed)
  • “For up to date news stories visit, or follow us on twitter @BurstRadio”
  • Outro (bed)
step 1 recording
Step 1: Recording
  • The better the recording the less editing you have to do!
  • Follow Jen’s speaking tips
step 2 save copies
Step 2: Save copies
  • Get into the habit of saving, and well labelling all audio, in case something goes wrong in editing.
  • I label mine pre-edit (raw audio), edit and final.
step 3 chopping
Step 3: Chopping
  • Taking only the audio you want to include.
  • Zoom in to make sure you don’t cut out the end of words.
step 4 changing
Step 4: Changing
  • Change audio around to the order you want – what is most effective?
  • Use either the move tool or normal cut and paste shortcuts (ctrl/cmd x and v)
step 5 compress normalisation
Step 5: Compress & Normalisation
  • Reduces volume variation – takes away random loud/ quiet parts to improve overall sound of the piece.
step 6 add the news bed
Step 6: Add the News Bed
  • Place the bed on the top track
  • Move the spoken audio to match up with the bed structure.
step 7 auto duck
Step 7: Auto-Duck
  • This lowers the bed where there is spoken audio underneath.
  • Experiment with the ‘duck amount’, but we usually go for 19dbs on news.
step 8 listen back
Step 8: Listen back
  • Make sure the auto-ducking has worked, and that the bed isn’t too loud.
  • Check you are happy with how the story sounds.
step 9 export
Step 9: Export
  • We upload news stories as mp3 so it is important finished news stories are exported.
step 10 listen to yourself on the radio
Step 10: Listen to yourself on the radio!
  • If you follow all these tips you should be creating amazing news stories from start to finish.
  • Now lets see you have a go!