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Teen Living Objective 11.03. Suggest specific techniques for care of clothing. How do you know how to launder your clothes?. By reading the care label inside the garment. How do you whiten white clothes?. With Bleach, but be careful!. Stain Removal. The most successful launderers have

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Teen Living Objective 11.03

Suggest specific techniques for care of clothing

How do you know how to launder your clothes?

  • By reading the care label inside the garment

How do you whiten white clothes?

  • With Bleach, but be careful!

Stain Removal

  • The most successful launderers have

    learned the secret of the pre-treat.

    There’s no need to be intimidated by this step…

  • The sooner you get to the stain, the more

    likely you are to get rid of it.

  • When blotting out stains, use a white cloth

    to prevent dye from transferring to the item

    you’re treating, and blot from the edges of

    the stain, to keep the stain from spreading.

  • The pre-treat is just the first step. Always

    follow it by laundering immediately as directed

    on the care label, in the warmest water


How can chewing gum be removed?

  • Harden the gum with an ice cube, then remove it with a knife

How do you repair a snag?

  • Use a crochet hook


  • Wool clothing needs special protection from moths

  • Since clothes moths are

    attracted to the soiled woolens,

    items should be

    thoroughly cleaned before

    storing them away

Drying clothes

  • The most energy efficient way to dry clothing is to hang clothes to dry

  • Hanging clothes saves

    money (more than

    $100/year off electric bill

    for most households).


  • Damp fabrics cause mildew in clothing

Fabric Softener

  • Fabric softener reduces static electricity in clothes