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Teen Living Thursday 9/12/13. Obj. 3.02: Critique the consequences and risks of youth parenting. Question of the Day:. How would you handle pregnancy?. Scenarios.

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Teen living thursday 9 12 13

Teen Living Thursday 9/12/13

Obj. 3.02: Critique the consequences and risks of youth parenting.

Question of the Day:

  • How would you handle pregnancy?


Directions: Fill in the definitions of the three components of relationships and for each scenario identify the components present in each relationship.




Use the graphic organizer provided

Scenario 1
Scenario 1

Jason and Heather have been going out for about three months. They tell each other things that they find hard to tell just anyone. Heather hasn't kissed any other boy but Jason, and she is madly in love with him. Jason doesn't tell Heather, but he is seeing another girl.

Scenario 2
Scenario 2

My grandparents have been married for about 45 years. Grandpa does his thing and grandma does hers. They live in the same house but lead separate lives.


Mark and I have been "going out" for about six months. I can tell him things that I can't tell even my best friend, Tiffany. I don't see any other guys and feel a loyalty to Mark, but I don't feel comfortable enough to let him kiss me.

Break ups

  • What would you say some of the main emotions are that people feel when they break up with someone?

  • Describe how people act when they are feeling the following emotions:a. Depression:b. Loneliness:c. Living in the Past:d. Anger:e. Out of Control Feelings and Actions:f. Hurting Yourself or Another:


Read Chapter 22

On page 331 Applying Your Knowledge work with the person sitting next to you to and pick one of the 4 questions to answer.

Analyzing viewpoints
Analyzing Viewpoints

If you were a parent of a teen who was starting to date what rules would you set for your son or daughter?

List 6 rules

Ticket out the Door