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Introduction to SVP

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Introduction to SVP - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction to SVP. Limor Nadav-Greenberg| Solution Specialist January 2011. Today’s discussion. Animation if needed Is “Fade - very fast”. 4 points to remember Targeting Re-Targeting Optimization Beta and pricing Questions. 4 points to remember after this session. Animation if needed

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introduction to svp
Introduction to SVP

Limor Nadav-Greenberg| Solution SpecialistJanuary 2011

today s discussion
Today’s discussion

Animation if needed

Is “Fade - very fast”

  • 4 points to remember
  • Targeting
  • Re-Targeting
  • Optimization
  • Beta and pricing
  • Questions

4 points to remember after this session

Animation if needed

Is “Fade - very fast”

  • SVP is a stronger version of SV and can be used in its place
  • It enables clients to do targeting, re-targeting and optimization
  • We can support all client types including retail and direct response
  • It's really cool.

like it.

No other ad server has anything


smart versioning vs smart versioning pro
Smart Versioning vs. Smart Versioning Pro
  • Smart Versioning Pro is part of the Smart Versioning suite
  • We will refer to both products as “Smart Versioning”
  • Once SVP is released, we will be gradually transitioning most clients to SVP and the old SV will only be used in specific cases where it is needed (e.g. localization, low-spend markets, creative shops that need production tool).
s mart versioning
Smart Versioning
  • To geo-location
  • To publisher keyword
  • To demographics
  • To site visits
  • To ad engagement
  • To ad exposure
  • By click/conversion
  • By engagement
  • By geo-location
  • By demographics
  • By publisher keyword




Creative Production Tools

1 mass targeting
1. Mass Targeting
  • The client would say: “We have regional campaigns”, “we use XML or Excel to manage offers”
  • The client is running regional campaigns
  • Every region gets different offer
  • Those offers change over time
  • A small amount of products but large amount of versions because each version targets a different audience and thus includes different prices and different mini sites, etc'.
  • The client challenge: operational complexity

Local APR rates

Albany, NY

Portland, OR

managing local offers dealership mass versioning

Manage 100s - 1000s of ads for dynamic creative

Assist in set-up strategy

Monitor campaign for potential errors (before they happen)

Managing Local Offers - Dealership Mass Versioning
personalize local messages
Personalize Local Messages
  • Local store information and contacts
  • Local weather
  • Review on local store
  • Local store promotion
  • Local coupon
2 advanced re targeting
2. Advanced re-targeting
  • The client would say: “We want to retarget users that visited the site”,
  • The client have a retail web site with products on offer
  • The client would like to re-market to consumers that visited the site but didn’t buy
  • The client challenge: How do get site visitors to purchase my items?
recent site visits
Recent Site Visits

Consumer browses through the various products…



Product “A”

Product “B”

Product “C”

Product “D”


Consumer visits web property

Audience is tagged

Audience is found again, via exchange or premium

Message is retargeted incorporating the previously

viewed products






creative optimization
Creative optimization
  • The client would say: “We want to optimize product/offer to customer”, “Can you serve best performing version?”, “we use Tumri today”
  • The client Have a large catalog of products
  • Needs to push out inventory to the market
  • The client challenge: How can you be most efficient in matching the right product to the right consumer?

Group A

Group B

Group C

geo optimization multiple campaigns
Geo-Optimization Multiple Campaigns

Optimize to best performing products, offers or ad versionsPER geo-location

so what s svp again
So what’s SVP again?

Animation if needed

Is “Fade - very fast”

Super flexible input…


Excel, XML


Retail Data Feeds


beta and pricing
Beta and Pricing

Animation if needed

Is “Fade - very fast”

  • Beta:
    • AM Champion training in Mid Jan
    • Sales training in Jan
    • SVP available gradually throughout late Jan or early Feb
    • There will be a pipeline with priority to existing clients
  • Pricing:
    • Premium CPM + setup fees
    • Setup fees waived for large campaigns only