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OBJECTIVES and GUIDING PRINCIPLES Face-to-Face Fellows’ Orientation PowerPoint Presentation
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OBJECTIVES and GUIDING PRINCIPLES Face-to-Face Fellows’ Orientation

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OBJECTIVES and GUIDING PRINCIPLES Face-to-Face Fellows’ Orientation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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OBJECTIVES and GUIDING PRINCIPLES Face-to-Face Fellows’ Orientation
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  1. OBJECTIVES and GUIDING PRINCIPLES Face-to-Face Fellows’ Orientation Kathleen Mary Huebner, NLCSD Director John Killoran, NLCSD Liaison Deafblind Community Brenda Schick, NLCSD Liaison Deaf Community Brooke Smith, NLCSD Coordinator NLCSD 11.10

  2. NLCSD is: National Leadership Consortium in Sensory Disabilities NLCSD 11.10

  3. NLCSD MISSION STATEMENT2.1.2010 • To increase, through specialized doctoral training, the number [30] and quality of leadership personnel competent in the areas of  higher education and research to improve education services for infants, children and youth who have sensory disabilities  (deafness/hard of hearing, blindness/low vision, and deafblindness) including those with multiple disabilities. NLCSD 11.10

  4. NLCSD is a : Multidisciplinary Collaborative Effort NLCSD 11.10


  6. OBJECTIVE 1 Increase the number of doctoral leadership personnel in sensory disabilities by 30 within 5 years Cohort 1 = 12 Fellows Cohort 2 = 18 Fellows NLCSD 11.10

  7. OBJECTIVE 1 •  30 NLCSD Fellows  (contingent upon quality of applicants, finances) • Range of distribution of fellows among disciplines: • 12-14 D/HH      10-12 B/VI      6-8 DB • Minimum of 3 in each area contingent upon meeting the application criteria NLCSD 11.10

  8. OBJECTIVE 2 Create and utilize the NLCSD Consortium of 24 IHEs to strengthen doctoral leadership personnel's preparation in sensory disability research NLCSD 11.10

  9. OBJECTIVE 2 • University Consortium Members • Must have doctoral level active programs in Special Education focusing at a minimum of one of the identified sensory disabilities • Will have one representative for each of the sensory disabilities for which they offer special education doctoral programs • Must be committed and assist their NLCSD Fellows in completing their doctoral programs within 4 years • Must actively participate in NLCSD Committee and attend required meetings. NLCSD 11.10

  10. OBJECTIVE 3 Develop and implement a core curriculum (enrichment program) “Research Based Conceptual Model” using an on-line and face-to-face delivery methods. NLCSD 11.10

  11. OBJECTIVE 3 • The primary foci of the NLCSD Enrichment program will be to: • Strengthen the research abilitiesand confidenceamong the NLCSD Fellows • Provide face-to-face training, guided discussion forums, externships, and other opportunities to work with accomplished researchers among the NLCSD University Consortium and greater community of learners • Both summative and formative evaluations will be conducted related to the NLCSD Enrichment Program NLCSD 11.10

  12. OBJECTIVE 4 Establish inclusive and collaborative “Community of Learners” to “grow” the knowledge base of “what works” to enhance academic performance of students with sensory disabilities and to improve the process, collaboration, and efficiency with which research informs practice NLCSD 11.10

  13. OBJECTIVE 4 • Community of Learners is all inclusive beginning with Fellows, OSEP, NLCSD University Consortium, PAC, and Salus and expanding to all potential contributors and participants involved in the 3 Low Incidence Disability areas. • The focus on research is to increase our knowledge base and produce outcome measures for our students with disabilities through greater collaboration and more regional and/or national research efforts. NLCSD 11.10

  14. DRAFT Guiding Principles of the NLCSD Fellows We are in agreement that the purposes of the NLCSD consortium are worthy of our commitment to the following: • If we disagree, we will do so respectfully. • We will listen and consider all perspectives expressed by other Fellows. • We will keep, foremost in our minds, the long-range objectives of increasing the quantity and quality of leadership personnel who will ultimately influence improved services for individuals with B/VI, D/HH and DB birth through 21 including those with multiple disabilities.  NLCSD 11.10

  15. DRAFT Guiding Principles of the NLCSD Fellows • We will implement and follow the NLCSD communication systems that will be uniform across participants. • We understand that different universities and organizations operate differently and we will respect these differences.  • We agree to give priority to research based outcome-oriented agenda items and if we fail to reach consensus, we agree to place the issue in the “parking lot” to revisit at a future time. • We will respect and promote diversity in all its many forms and at all times. NLCSD 11.10

  16. DRAFT Guiding Principles of the NLCSD Fellows • Once we have reached consensus on an item, the full group must be present in order to change that decision, or if someone is absent they must give their proxy to another Fellow. • The consensus process will be presented both orally and visually during face-to-face meetings and described through written communications when not-face-to-face, as to make it accessible to all meeting participants. • We commit to completing all evaluations and other requests by OSEP, NLCSD Leadership and the outside evaluators within the required timelines. NLCSD 11.10

  17. DRAFT Guiding Principles of the NLCSD Fellows • We commit to participating in a full time on campus doctoral program and working toward completion within the 4 years of NLCSD funding. • We commit to the OSEP service obligation requirements. • We commit to the spirit of collaboration. NLCSD 11.10