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Code of ethics PowerPoint Presentation
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Code of ethics

Code of ethics

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Code of ethics

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  1. Code of ethics Peer reviewed by: Mr.Anand Assistant.Professor Community Health Nursing • Ms. Savitha • Assistant professor • Community Health Nursing • Yenepoya College of Nursing • Date :15/02/2019

  2. Ethics definition • Ethics are rules or principles that govern conduct and are designed to protect the rights of human being.

  3. Definition.... Code of ethics • A code of ethics is a set of ethical principles that are accepted by all member of a profession.

  4. Nursing ethics • It is branch of applied ethics that concerns itself with activities in the field of nursing.

  5. Needs of code of ethics • Helps professional practice ethically • Helps identify ethical issues • Protect the patient rights and dignity • Guide for a professional behaviour • Helps planning the education

  6. Principles of code of ethics • Autonomy :Right to health care decision • Justice : fair with all people • Fidelity: duty of an individual to be faithful to the commitment made to himself.

  7. Principles ....cont • Veracity: The duty tell the truth • Beneficence: Doing good for the client • Malaeficence: Do not harm to the client

  8. International Code Of Nursing Ethics (The ICN Code Of Ethics For Nurses) • Adopted in 1953 (ICN) • Nurses have four fundamental responsibilities • The need for nursing is universal. • Respect for human rights • Nurses render coordinated health services

  9. The ICN Code of Ethics for Nurses • 1. NURSES AND PEOPLE : • Primary responsibility is to provide nursing care • Ensures that client receives sufficient information. • Protect vulnerable populations • Protect the natural environment 

  10. The ICN Code of Ethics for Nurses......cont • Nurse and practice: • Responsibility and accountability for nursing practice • Competence by continual learning. • Maintains standards of personal conduct • Provide technology and scientific advances • Participate in research.

  11. The ICN Code of Ethics for Nurses......cont • Nurses and the profession :The major role in determining and implementing acceptable standards. • developing a core of research- based professional knowledge

  12. The ICN Code of Ethics for Nurses......cont • NURSES AND CO-WORKERS : • The nurse sustains a co-operative relationship with co-workers. • The nurse takes appropriate action to safeguard individuals, families and communities

  13. The ICN Code of Ethics for Nurses......cont • NURSES AND SOCIETY: Participate and share responsibility with other citizens & other health professionals • Aware of laws and regulations which affect the practice of medicine and nursing.

  14. The INC Code of Ethics for Nurses • The nurse respects the uniqueness of individual in provision of care • The nurse respects the rights of individuals as partner in care and helps in making informed choices 

  15. The INC Code of Ethics for Nurses • The nurse respects individual’s right to privacy, maintains confidentiality, and shares information judiciously. • Nurse maintains competence in order to render Quality Nursing Care • The nurse is obliged to practice within the framework of ethical, professional and legal boundaries

  16. The INC Code of Ethics for Nurses • Nurse is obliged to work harmoniously with the members of the health team. • Nurse commits to reciprocate the trust invested in nursing profession by society

  17. Conclusion • A code of ethics is a business document outlining professional standards expected of all workers and representatives. • Although it may address internal conduct, it primarily centers on what is expected of employees when engaged in customer-centric activities.