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Code of Ethics PowerPoint Presentation
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Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

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Code of Ethics

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  1. Code of Ethics Robson Ranch I agree to conduct myself as a gentleman or lady both on and off the field, and that when playing I will: Article 1: Abide by the current “official Senior Softball Guide and Playing Rules” to the best of my ability Article 2: Accept the decision of the umpires and my team manager in good sportsmanship Article 3: Neither taunt nor degrade my opponent. Article 4: Avoid bodily contact that may cause injury to others or myself Article 5: Never direct abusive or profane language at officials or opponents Article 6: Exercise control over my family members and friends to the extent of Article 3 and 5 above. Article 7: Not commit any act that could be considered unsportsmanlike conduct.

  2. Robson Ranch Robson Ranch Softball Association2013 Spring Registration Meeting24 July 2013Keith Daly, President 262-3373Mike Conley, Vice Pres 262-3473Ed Hoerner, Treasurer 262-0307Alana Bingiel, Secretary aaalanab9490@yahoo.com262-0874Bob Collins, Commissioner 262-3087

  3. Managers Meeting Agenda Robson Ranch • 2013 Softball Calendar • Tournament Schedule/FREE Picnic • Input from Spring Season • Softball Financial Report • Field Changes/Update/Status • Proposed Rule Changes for FALL Season • Open Discussion

  4. Proposed 2013 Fall Calendar Robson Ranch • Meeting with Managers/Umpires9 Jul (Tues) • SB Association Registration Meeting 24 Jul (Wed) • Sign Up/Registration Complete 14 Aug • Team Rosters Distributed (NLT) 16 Aug • Umpire Meeting Late Aug • Fall League (Mon-Wed Nights) 9 Sep – 23 Oct • Tournament/Picnic 26-27 Oct • Softball Reception 10 Dec (Tues) Dates posted on Quickscores

  5. Input from Mid Season Robson Ranch • Tournament was too long and difficult to schedule with rain outs • Injuries Resulted in A Lot of Substitutions • Still Have Same Two Dominate Teams • Calling of Balls came up again • Pros: Reduce the number of walks More Fun to hit then walk • Cons: Pitchers Will Throw only High Balls Poor Pitchers will Make Game Longer

  6. Fall Season Schedule Robson Ranch • During the Season All Teams Play Each Other Once • This determines the season champion • 2 Day Fall Tournament (26-27 October) • Round Robin tournament for the FUN of it ONLY • Identify all that wish to play and are available • All names are re-distributed to a tournament team • Pitchers, Ladies, Men • Free Picnic on Saturday

  7. Imbalance on Teams Robson Ranch • Email Made it Clear Softball Association Wished to Retain Basic Team Makeups • White Sox and Red Hots Have Agreed to Move Very Selective A & B Players to Teams in Need • Softball Board will distribute NEW players based on skill level for team balance • Player Movement will Be Part of Registration Process

  8. Softball Financials Robson Ranch

  9. Manager’s Etiquette Emphasize Robson Ranch • Focus on the Spirit of the Game instead of Gaming the Rules to Win • Encourage Batters to Hit the Ball verses Walk – No Mandate or Rule Change – Just a Philosophy to have Fun • Pinch Runners Should Only be Used for Injured Players – NOT Because the Batter is Slow • Continue to Work on Shifting of Players During the Three Touch Rule

  10. Registration Robson Ranch • Several Options on the Registration form to Stay with your Team, Transfer to Another Team, Sign up if You are a New Player • We need Umpires and Announcers • Some Experience Preferred, but Will Provide Training for both

  11. Status of RR Softball Field Robson Ranch • Completed Since Last Meeting: • All of the Sponsor Banners are Up • PA System is Up and Operational • Addition of Announcers (Work in Progress) • Shade Cover for Scorer’s Table has been purchased • What is Proposed to Come • Flag Pole • RR would like a 3 pole installation behind back stop • Possibly Lighted Poles at a later date • Purchase Order in to RR for Installation • Leveling of the Outfield (Apply sand) • De-fibulatorfor the field in Maintenance Building • Means to Reduce the Wind Load on Outfield Banners

  12. Proposed Rule ChangesRRSA Rules of Play (Rev 7) Robson Ranch • Mercy Rule – 15 runs after 5 innings. Losing manager can request the end of the game. • For 3 Touch Rule – All defensive (verses non-designated) players stay in there respective positions • For 3 Touch Rule – Defensive Players will be Designated Once the batter enters the Batter’s Box • Game cancellation/reschedule procedures – Managers responsible for rescheduling as soon as possible • Responsibility to call “Strikes Only” will be made by umpire with input from both managers • Full Swing Rule Definition – Intention to drive the ball • Change of League Championship to Board Designed Process

  13. Open Discussion Robson Ranch • Work Day on the Ball Field on 31 July at 8:30 • Should be Thinking about New 2014 Softball Officers • Would like to announce at Dec 10 Reception Dinner • Let a current board member know if you are interested to be passed on to the nominating committee • Want the board to solve a problem? Send us an email • Will provide response to ALL

  14. Questions Robson Ranch